What is the Significance of Vibrant and Festive Colors in Indian Festivals?

Vibrant and festive colors, that auspicious red green and yellow palette

The colorful, long-awaited Indian festival is coming soon. A series of lovely holiday moments like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dusshera, Karwa Chauth, dhan Teras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, etc. are waiting for us.


We also celebrate many other festivals, such as Durga Puja, Ramnavimi, the main festival of the Jaen community Payou Mountain, Teej, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Guru Prab, etc. -During this time, in addition to countless fasts, rituals, and lunar events like Katik Pornima.


It's time to start preparing for the festival

With such a string of awesome celebrations and sacred occasions, it pays to be prepared for this fun and busy time. 

In addition, the annual wedding frenzy will also break out completely at this time of the year. Therefore, you have to prepare your holiday wardrobe-the choice of clothes, as well as gifts, accessories, things you need for pouga/worship, etc.


Indian Festival Colors
Festive Colors

Do you have any plans?

 Are you buying new dresses, suits and Salwar suits for the holiday, or are you going to buy upgraded and redesigned Lehengas and Kurtis clothes from your existing wardrobe?

 What gift would you give to your mother-in-law for Karwa Chauth? 

What are you going to wear to participate in Garba and Navratri events? 

Well, we all have a large list of options and plans, but it would help if we categorized some common aspects-such as color.


What is the right color for the festive holiday?

Choosing the right clothing for holidays and gifts is a difficult task-but if you know some basic knowledge-such as which colors are auspicious. Which colors are suitable for such festive occasions. What Indian colors are considered sacred or sacred And so on.


Let's talk about these colors, they not only make you radiant and cheerful, but also pass the test of Indian Auspiciousness or Shubh


Wedding Favorite-Red

One of the most popular colors in India because it is associated with Madurga or the Supreme Goddess Shakti-red is a variety of positive conditions considered to be Shubu or sacred.

 Red is considered a hue that symbolizes passion, enthusiasm and passion-red is closely related to Indian weddings-it is used as or in combination with cream/white (popular in Bengal and Gujarat communities), green (in Rajasthan) Gharchola Sree from Bang and Gujarat) and other bright colors.


The entire palette of red-including pink, magenta, red wine, and vermilion (a symbol of marriage for Hindus), including peaches, oranges and orange-is considered suitable for festivals and weddings.


Therefore, it is safe and useful to choose any color or shade of red for such events-or as gifts for brides, guests, etc. 

Hue is also known to invite good luck and happy atmosphere-so it can also be chosen in the selection of home decoration and worship items.


What is Fertility color-green?

One of the most important colors in the Indian festival armory is green-vivid, bright and soothing. 

This cool color tone is auspicious because it symbolizes growth, fertility, joy, success and more. Of course, in the context of India, the general color of jealousy is not so bad.


Green is used in combination with red and other wedding/festival favorites, and is also used alone-especially during Eid al-Fitr and Ganesh Chatuchi. Most harvest festivals-for obvious reasons-like green and its entire charming palette.


In many Maharashtra weddings and ceremonies, people wear green top hats-and they are also a popular choice of clothing on festivals and festivals before the wedding, such as Karw Chauth (KarwChauth) .


How is red and green combination important in Indian festivals?

This color combination is considered very auspicious and a favorite of many brides across India. 

Gharchola sree uses this color pair, as do many popular South Indian Surreys. The red and green Kanjivaram Sarees are also very popular.


How are Mustard yellow, orange and related colors in Indian Festivals?

Other favorite festivals in India include turmeric, which is considered the epitome of Hindu symbolism. 

Fiery colors are also earth and ground-saffron, yellow and orange represent courage, bravery, growth, rebellion-and an important element of earth and fire.


From Haldi rituals to mehendi, you will also see these colors embodied in various wedding functions of Indian Saree.

 And, needless to say, they are indispensable in all Indian festivals on the gorgeous Silk Border or the Great Nafratri Lehenga, or the typical Red Surrey for the newlyweds, for her the husband fasted.

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