How Much does it Cost to Run for POTUS Election?

Expense to run for the president of the United States of America

Although running for the president of the United States is a way to spend money, it does not mean that you will win. I have to say that the US election is really turbulent. Although the U.S. election is not just about spending money, money is the threshold to enter the game.


The 2020 US presidential election has entered a white-hot stage 

As of September 20, Biden has raised US$990 million (approximately RMB 6.7 billion) for the campaign, while Trump has raised US$1.33 billion (approximately RMB 9 billion).


 On September 8, the Trump campaign team was exposed to a shortage of funds.

When asked by reporters, Trump stated that if necessary, he would pay for his re-election.

When asked how much money he was willing to spend on this, Trump declared: No matter how much money I spend, I must win re-election. This is the most important thing in our country's history.


When it comes to the US election, in addition to being a political event, it is also a large-scale money-burning project 

1, Although the Trump campaign has raised $1.33 billion, it is still exposed to a shortage of funds. Where will the money be spent? Why do you need so much?


In the US presidential campaign, it is normal to spend hundreds of millions or even billions. Because the US presidential campaign has drawn a long front, there are many places to spend money.


Take Trump as an example. As a presidential candidate, you first need a huge campaign team. Not only that, Trump also invested 500 million yuan to set up a data analysis company. His 1,800 employees collect and analyze various data for him.

During the campaign, the biggest expenditure is advertising.


Trump campaign advertisement 

Among them, the more expensive one is the cost of electronic media advertising, and the advertising of print media may be less than one-tenth of the cost of electronic media advertising.

In addition, in order to let more citizens understand their positions and opinions, candidates will give lectures in 50 states.

 The cost of airfare, car rental, gas, and room and board for commercial flights is a sum of money. Amazing cost.

In order to promote oneself during the campaign, some benefits are also given to the people. The publicity before the speech is another huge sum of money.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Pascal, boasted at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that more than 1 million people asked for tickets, but in fact the rally only attracted about 6,200 people. So he angered Trump and left.

Cost to run for the president of the United States

In an election campaign, it is no problem to kill billions

In 1860, Lincoln ran for President of the United States and spent $100,000.

In the 2004 general election, Bush Jr. faced Al Gore. Bush spent $360 million and Gore spent $330 million.

In the 2008 election, Obama spent 760 million U.S. dollars, while his opponent McCain spent 350 million. The total expenditure of the two parties on the election reached 5.3 billion U.S. dollars.

In the 2012 election, Obama faced Romney. Obama spent 1.2 billion, Romney spent 1 billion, and both parties spent more than 6 billion in the general election.

And these vain dollars are generally not paid by the candidates themselves.


2, Campaign funding for the US general election mainly comes from: public campaign funds, personal donations, corporate funding, political action committees, and you can also pay for it yourself like Trump.

Personal donations are an important source of funds for candidates in previous elections. 

In the 2008 presidential election, all candidates received a total of 1.68 billion US dollars in donations, of which 1.33 billion were personal donations.

 In the 2016 presidential election, of the 610 million US dollars received by all candidates, 560 million came from personal donations.


Due to the epidemic, fundraising this year has become extremely difficult

Compared with the general election four years ago, the amount of donations from Wall Street has been significantly reduced.

Schwarzman of the private equity giant Blackstone is the only funder who has increased donations to Trump. 

He has a close personal relationship with the president and donated more than US$18 million this year, far exceeding the US$5 million in the last election.


In this case, Trump began to make small calculations

In an event planned by Trump to teach the public "despair of defeating the new crown epidemic", the funds spent on advertising were actually "requisitioned" by the overwhelmed CDC.

 The amount was as high as $300 million, and the damage was far More than the CDC.

In August, the Trump administration also misappropriated US$15 million in funds from the US Food and Drug Administration for similar propaganda purposes. 

Earlier there was news that the campaign funds raised by Trump had long been spent. Trump responded decisively to this statement.

 He will continue to participate in the election at his own expense of 100 million US dollars.


But never expected that Trump would embezzle public funds to advertise for himself. This method is really disgusting.


Trump is really a cruel man who uses all means to achieve his goals. This fully exposes his selfishness.


3. But can you be the president of the United States by spending money?

The answer is negative.

Although running for the president of the United States is a way to spend money, it does not mean that you will win.

In 1992, the presidential candidate Ross Perot, he himself was a super rich. During the campaign, he did not hesitate to spend $6 million to wrap up the TV station and broadcast his own super-long commercial. Even so, he did not win a state and left the field sadly.


In 2016, Hillary Clinton raised 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, which was several times Trump's funding, but still lost to Trump.


In this year's general election, a local tyrant, Bloomberg, also appeared

He is the owner of Bloomberg, the world's largest fintech and financial news company. He is worth more than $60 billion and ranks 8th on the global rich list.

He once spent 250 million US dollars to successfully serve as the mayor of New York for three consecutive terms. 

Bloomberg wants to emulate Trump's success and become the second billionaire president. His campaign slogan has only one sentence: Do Trump.

Since he announced his candidacy for president, he has started a crazy money-spending model 

The main activity he participated in campaign canvassing was to madly place advertisements on television and radio.

The daily advertising expenses alone were as high as 4.2 million US dollars, which exceeded the total of other candidates.


In the American football finals, he threw $10 million to buy a 60-second TV commercial

In addition, he continued to expand his campaign team to 2,100 people, three times more than people who know Trump. And his employee salary is 3 times that of others.

In order to defeat Trump, he even invested $100 million in an advertising campaign against Trump. 

Bloomberg spent more than 500 million U.S. dollars, more than all the candidates, that is, the daily advertising expenses are as much as 4.2 million U.S. dollars.

Bloomberg spent a total of 900 million U.S. dollars from running for election to withdrawing from the election, but he never even had a Democratic primary. 

In the end, only one small island was won, which became a joke in American political history.

But Bloomberg still doesn’t give up. According to the American media, Bloomberg has raised 16 million dollars in order to oust the US President Trump he hates in this US election. 

Inmates who have served their sentences but have no money to pay fines pay these debts and intend to "buy" votes from prison inmates.

People have to say that the US election is really turbulent.

Although the U.S. election is not just about spending money, money is the threshold to enter the game.

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