Which is the Safest Place to Hide if Global Virus Breaks and End of World comes?


If the global virus breaks out and the end of the world comes, where is the safest place to hide?

Doomsday rumors have always been a hot topic, from the prediction of Nostradamus's 1999 terror king falling from the sky to the Maya's 2012 doomsday prediction to the Martian boy 2020 catastrophe. My nerves have been tense all the time. If the end is really coming, can there be a hiding place for the earth? Of course we will have to follow rules and regulations and the law of land when we need to find a place accordingly.

An article by Matt Boyd and Nick Wilson, The Prioritization of Island Nations as Refuges from Extreme Pandemics, was recently published in Risk Analysis magazine. Priority order)

Where is the safest place to go if a deadly virus outbreak occurs globally?

A common person believes that everyone is more curious, why do you choose an island country when the virus breaks out? 
In fact, this is relatively easy to understand, because island countries are surrounded by the sea, and natural barriers isolate it from the mainland, which has unique natural advantages.

So can all islands and countries serve as refuge paradise?

Based on whether a country or region can be a potential refuge place, the author rated more than 20 islands in the world from multiple aspects such as geographical location and natural resources, as well as political stability.

The first place is Australia, with a score of 0.71, followed by New Zealand with a score of 0.68, and Iceland ranks third with 0.64. 
These three countries are large, politically stable, and rich in resources. They are most likely to undergo large-scale reconstruction to restore civilized order.

Doomsday Best Safe Destination

In addition, the other 16 island countries and regions are not suitable for ensuring large-scale reconstruction, for several reasons:

The fourth place in Malta is not large enough. This is a lack of resources!

Fifth place in Japan is not suitable because of the super volcanic earthquake

The tenth place Madagascar is under-resourced, although it is relatively large.

There are other deficiencies that are not suitable for large-scale settlements, such as the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Madagascar, Cuba, Mauritius and Fiji.

Zombie virus outbreak has been a concern for everyone

Nick Wilson, a public health doctor at the University of Otago in New Zealand, believes that virus carriers can easily bypass land borders, but an enclosed island that is self-sufficient is most appropriate.
 However, maintaining a sufficient population can the world will be rebuilt after the disaster!
Virus Outbreak Disaster

Where do you hide when you encounter other types of doomsday?

The authors just gave the options in the event of a virus outbreak. What if we encounter other disasters?
After all, there have been many disasters in the history of geology, not all of them have fled to the island.
Of course, different disasters require different difficulties. Here is a simple list of where these disasters should go when they come!

Greenhouse effect Yellowstone Park volcano eruption Earth enters glacial period Geomagnetic reversal Asteroid impacts Earth encounters supernova Gamma-ray burst What might be impossible to predict, but it is certain that a continuous temperature increase is occurring:

A report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) confirmed that the average global temperature in 2019 was 1.1 ° C higher than pre-industrial levels.

Temperature increase curve

Although it seems to be lower than 2016, a big direction seems inevitable! Ecological changes caused by temperature rise are very complicated, such as the melting of ice caps at the poles, rising sea levels, disappearing permafrost, and glaciers, which will greatly reduce the area of ​​fertile land facing human beings.

Infographics on WHO Guidelines on COVID-19 for Home care
Home care for COVID Suspects, Source: WHO

Methane release from permafrost will cause more severe greenhouses. The effect, coupled with the temperature rise of water vapor, will aggravate this result. The Amazon rainforest is being cut down and moving towards the savannah. 
Simply speaking, the global ecological critical point is coming fast. This method is gradual and everyone has nowhere to hide.

The volcanic eruption of Yellowstone Park and the Earth's glacial period can be merged together. 
The last eruption of this volcano was 640,000 years ago. Looking at the probability of three eruptions of 2 million years, the next time is almost time. 
About 8 kilometers below Yellowstone, there is a magma reservoir with a diameter of 70 kilometers and a thickness of about 10 kilometers. 
Once it erupts, it is estimated that one-third of the United States will be gone, and the rising volcanic ash will block the sun after entering the atmosphere. May cause a small ice age.

Under this condition, low-latitude areas will be relatively better. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, even Guangzhou had heavy snow in winter. 
It is said that the eruption of Mount Enaptina in 1600 was affected, including the entire Northern Hemisphere.

The glacial period is a phenomenon of temperature drop that occurs periodically on the earth. It is generally believed that this is due to the combined effect of the earth's movement in space. 
The current interglacial period is the Quaternary glacial period!

Geomagnetic reversal will gradually decrease and increase the geomagnetism for a period of time. It takes thousands of years to complete a flip, and the last flip was about 780,000 years ago, but the latest research indicates that it may be completed in a few years.
The disappearance of the geomagnetism will lead to a large increase in radiation, which is no longer suitable for outdoor activities.

Animals and plants may die in large numbers

In this state, there is no safe place, and even if you hide underground, you will encounter food shortages, unless you develop underground agriculture like The Wandering Earth however, if the latest research can complete the flip in a few years, retaining some humans is still very promising. This is a headache.

Gamma-ray bursts are mostly caused by supernova explosions or neutron star mergers. High-energy gamma rays sweep across the earth, the ozone layer disappears, and radiation increases.
 The days that humans encounter are similar to geomagnetic inversions, but they are different, but neither is Good day.

Finally, the asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs. If it is hit on a small scale, then most parts of the world may be preserved. 
If it is large-scale, only the plateau and the hinterland of the mainland may survive the powerful tsunami, but there is no safe place to be precise. 
Because large-scale collisions may trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, most of the mountains are at the plate junction, so they may be more dangerous. Everyone ask for blessing, nowhere to hide.

Of course, it will be safer in low-Earth orbit and the moon. Would you hurry to buy a ticket?
 Noah's Ark on the earth is no longer useful, and it needs to be in the universe!

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