Why US Medical System so Advanced Yet Could'nt Stop Virus Outbreak?

As a superpower, the US medical system is so advanced, why can’t it stop the virus outbreak?

 As of March 27, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Italy was 71854, compared with 29948 weekly average in the United States. The United States had over 17498 new cases for five consecutive days, and yesterday it reached 12023, surpassing India and China as the country with the most new crown virus infections in the world.

Under the severe situation, the United States finally started to take action. The White House announced the opening of 12 square cabin hospitals, but it was questioned because of the simple configuration of camp beds and folding chairs.

In addition, it is speculated that the United States is likely to usher in a more severe virus outbreak in two weeks and become another "heavy disaster area". Americans are very depressed. They can’t figure out how their country is the most powerful in the world of medical technology. They also have the most P3 and P4 laboratories in the world, and P3 is several times that of China. But why didn’t they stop the virus? The big outbreak in the United States?

Being able to control and not wanting to control are two different things

Early in the development of the virus, the US health department and the media paid attention to everything that happened in China, but their defense measures against the virus had serious problems. 
On the one hand, it is not actively propagating to the public, and even some politicians have deliberately reduced the danger of the virus, causing the public to make wrong judgments and causing the virus to rag.

The purpose of doing so is to protect the US economy. The economy is the US President Life-span; on the other hand, there was a problem in the testing process. Earlier the United States had limited reagents, but the US president did not accept imported test reagents, and even somehow gave the reagents produced by other countries a variety of problems.

Control Virus Outbreak in USA

The control center (CDC) developed it by itself, which delayed a lot of time and missed major events. It will be too late when the United States produces its own reagents in large quantities, because those diagnosed patients are holding on to luck while they are waiting for testing, and are still engaged in normal social activities, which has led to a large number of people reacting and the continuous circulation of personnel.
Under the infection, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has skyrocketed. Recently, more than 10,000 people have been diagnosed every day.

However, this pot cannot be carried by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After all, the disease control staff initially wanted to test as soon as possible, and they did not care whether the reagent came from China or other countries.

Confirmed patients will not increase as long as they are not tested

All this was a decision made by high-level Washington officials, and they just used the “no trust in foreign reagents” as an excuse to delay time because the number of confirmed patients will not increase as long as they are not tested, so the outbreak of the new virus in the United States is not because there is a problem with medical technology, but it is because of the "accident" of politicians!

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