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Review of 'RRR' Film: Telugu Cinema Superstars N.T. They are Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan shine in an incredibly interesting epic

Roaring tigers, flaming arrows and revolutionary enthusiasm can be seen in the bold action adventure of director S.S. Rajamouli.


Author: Joe Leydon


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Average Rating: 4.7


Right to Tollywood: "RRR", spectacular and bolder than the mainstream action adventure epic, is rapidly entering the international market as viewers marvel at their landscape, receiving their emotions and singing music while having fun. times involved in his unlimited courage. 

Telugu Cinema Triumvirate of Superstars N.T. Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan and director SS Rajamouli whose combined names are the reason for the title with three consonants. The film is an unstoppable and intoxicating celebration of film excess even after 187 minutes (including intermittent or, as the name card announces, "InterRRRval"), will leave you happy, not tired. What, to be honest, is wrong to say about some comic book movies from the two great universes.

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 2 Main Heroes of the RRR Film

Remember, the two main heroes here don't have to be superheroes. They are, in fact, flesh and blood people from Indian history: Komaram Bheem, a revolutionary leader and guerrilla warrior from the Gond tribe during the British Raj. Alluri Sitarama Raju, a similarly rebellious rebel who regularly leads his unprivileged followers to attack police stations to obtain weapons. Since then, there has been no record of these two men meeting in real life. But hey, when did the filmmakers let the facts interfere with the exciting story? There is no record that they have superhuman abilities other than cunning and charisma. But Rajamouli didn't care. In the 1920s, according to "RRR" - which also means "Rise, Roar, Rebellion", when the entire title finally appeared on its first screen - Raju, referred to here as Ram, was a very clear firearm for Andhra Pradesh, who He hid as a member of the British army in the hope of arming his countrymen. 

He had previously shown his false loyalty to the crown - and more or less built his superiority over man by beating, beating, beating and otherwise manipulating thousands of protesters to capture the man holding the stone in the photo washed away. . police base. In most action movies, this sequence meets as a much higher climax. In "RRR", however, it is nothing more than a lifting sling.

 How RRR Story and Screenplay Goes On

In the Adilabad forest, the working hero Bheem builds his own supernatural bona fides, while overcoming the wolf to trap the beast. Unfortunately, the wolf eliminates the tiger from the equation, which continues to hunt Bheem. 

RRR movie poster

Fortunately, Bheem is more suitable for a big cat, even though the stairs don't work well. The tiger shouted. Bheem groaned. And if you're lucky enough to see "RRR" in the theater as it should be, the next roar you'll hear is a cheering audience. 

The detonator ignites for an explosive gathering of these remarkable men when British Governor Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson) and his more brutal than his cruel wife, Catherine (Alison Doody), sneak into the village of Gond accompanied, of course, by a contingent. to armed soldiers. 

Catherine attracts a little girl named Malli (Twinkle Sharma) and admits that the child is a fun game that entertains guests at their beautiful house in Delhi. It's not good for the baby's mother or for anyone in the village when it comes down to it. But Buxton has enough muscular strength to force his wife's iron grill. He didn't get shot just because he didn't want to waste expensive bullets on "brown waste."


RRR film scene

At this point, you may be asked to bring up rude things on the screen. But don't worry: Bheem promises to travel to Delhi and capture Malli with the help of local supporters. It won't be long before the news of Bheem's impending arrival reaches the British authorities and Ram will take less time to voluntarily find and arrest a potential troublemaker. But fate (along with the shamelessly contrived script of Rajamouli and fellow writers Sai Madhav Burra and KV Vijayendra Prasad) threw both men into a turn when they both saw a boy caught in the Delhi River and the burning railroad fell into the water. 

The two men rush to the well-placed bridge, Ram on horseback, Bheem on a motorcycle and improvise on the rescue with details of another series of actions that fall off the jaws.

And it all takes place in the first 40 minutes of the film.


It's unfair to shake too many seeds and ruin all the fun by providing more details about the plot or the description of the scenes. (Just wait until you see what Bheem is doing in a truck full of inhuman troublemakers.)

Suffice it to say, Bheem and Ram have made a deep friendship without knowing the truth. birth or big plans of each other and they were very happy together until they were gone. and then they will do it again. 

There are two enthusiastic sequences of singing and dancing, where the boys rejoice in their bromance and play like the feverish dreams of Stanley Donen, who directs the remake of the action movie "Singin' in. The Rain."


Effectiveness of Jr. NTR, N.T. Rama Rao Jr in RRR

Known to many as Jr. NTR, N.T. Rama Rao Jr. is effective. and pathetic like an ordinary person who achieves the extraordinary and at the same time turns into a hero. (He also laughs, especially Bheem's shy but mysterious romance with the British beauty, played sweetly by Olivia Morris.) Even better, he has the sensational chemistry of the more conventional spirited Ram Charan. 

The case may be too serious to suggest that Charan came in with the authority and certainty of God unless he was physically or emotionally hurt. But if Ram "bowed" to the bow and arrow of Lord Rama's statue. , does not seem more like an act of sin as an example of professional good manners.


John Woo's echoes abound in the "RRR" as the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and identity change are repeated, giving the most strong anchor for the serious and deadly commitment of this era. Sometimes your mind can tell you, "That's not fair!" But every time that happens, your heart will answer, “What? I'll take more!.."


British Raj in RRR Film

RRR runs on a relatively simple starting point. There is a "fire" - an angry young Ramaraj police officer (Ram Charan), whom the British respect and at the same time fear. Over the years, he's done everything, he's the one who kicks them the one they want to catch, and yet he's the one who doesn't have enough respect because of the color of his skin. Then there's 'water' - a sweet, simple, innocent Bheem (Jr. NTR) with brutal energy, but using it only when it serves its purpose. 

Movie banner of RRR

It's a tribe of Gondo who comes to town to rescue a young woman named Malli, who is kidnapped by Lady Scott (Alison Doody) to become a singer and songwriter "on (her) mantelpiece." But that's just the beginning of the story.

Rajamouli's new phone cards seem to be building a whole new world. Because, although it is based on two revolutionaries in history, the RRR has a story that is completely untrue. 

Bheem and Nizams Fighting

Delhi in 1920 became its new canvas. Bheem may have been fighting the Nizams, so one of them considered it necessary to warn the British not to despise him. But he also found refuge for Muslims in Delhi. 

Ramaraju looks like a well-trained soldier who blindly follows instructions, but he also seems to have a past that no one but his uncle (Samuthirakani) knows about. Scott (Ray Stevenson) may think that 'brown junk' even deserves a bullet that would ruin them, but Jennifer (Olivia Morris) seems prettier. It's not a movement of freedom where you shoot the other face, it's about using your hands as weapons.

1st Half of RRR

The first half of the RRR runs like a watch. There's the emotional core of Malli, there's a song and a dance with Naatu Naatu (that makes you laugh) and the friendship that Enough explores, there's even some laughter every time Bheem tries to make friends with Jennifer. Film freedoms are removed, but it's not as striking as later works, half of which delay the film. Some scenes seem frustrating because we already know what the protagonist doesn't know. 

The way in which Ramaraju's fiancée Sita (Alia Bhatt) is woven into the story is, in addition to transforming Char Charan into another appearance, also forced into a smooth, colorful story. 

After the way Bheem was addressed effortlessly, though he didn't say much, Ramaraju's way of opening the story seemed overwhelming. The climax leaves many wishes. But the good thing is that the film can surprise you. Rajamouli also managed to use some tropes wisely in the first parts of the film in later parts.

No little Rajamouli has managed to prepare what people have dreamed of - a commercial action drama that will make you very happy. Height also seems to be an obstacle, thanks to the tight scenario. 


VFX could be better in some ways. Jr. NTR showed the best performance of its career. She is as beautiful as Bheem, especially in the emotional aspects and her despair to see that Malli come in handy, as well as her love for Ramaraj.

 Ram Charan was also doing well and going soulfully into the changes his character was going through. The roles of Tarak and Charan require some chemistry, whatever they do. Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Samuthirakani, Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and others play their roles well. Olivia in particular can win your heart. 

Alison and Ray hurried to their work. Keeravani's OST for the film may not be for everyone, but he is good at BGM. Senthil's work with the camera is also great. 

Scenes shot for RRR

RRR is by no means perfect, because after Rajamouli shot some scenes, you wonder if he could have done a better job with others. But if you want a good game full of action, watch it this weekend. Especially if you are a fan of the main characters.

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