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India gathers cow urine, claims to be resistant to new coronavirus, participants also bathe in cow dung

According to online media, an Indian organization hosted a party in Delhi to drink bovine urine to fight the new coronavirus. About 200 people drank cow urine at the party. Many Indians believe that cows are sacred animals. Cow urine can be used as medicine and may even cure cancer. But Indian experts stress that there is no evidence that bovine urine has a role in treating and preventing disease.

News Analysis: India's Outbreak Prevention and Control Capability Will Be Tested

The latest data released by the Indian Ministry of Health on the 15th showed that the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in India exceeded 100 that day, increasing to 107 cases. Indian experts believe that India is still in the early stages of the epidemic. The main goal is to strictly prevent epidemic input, which is less difficult than preventing and controlling community transmission. The next week to 10 days is a critical period, and India's epidemic prevention and control capabilities will face real tests.

Strictly prevent input and see results

India's response to the epidemic was earlier, and strict prevention of imported cases was taken as the main prevention and control target, which achieved certain results. India has stepped up health screening for inbound tourists since late January. A statement issued by the Indian government stated that as of 19:00 on March 13, India had screened more than 1.1 million inbound passengers at 30 airports, with land port and port passenger screenings of 140,000 and 25,000, respectively. During this period, more than 40,000 people were listed as objects of observation, and more than 4,000 people were tested for viruses, which had a certain effect on preventing epidemic import.

India also adopted strict travel restrictions in February to ban entry of people from the outbreak countries; it was escalated again on March 11th, and it was decided that except for some diplomatic personnel, temporary valid visas would not be allowed to enter April 15th.

Giridar Babu, an epidemiological professor at the Indian Public Health Foundation, told reporters that India must plan early to keep out risks that may occur. It looks good at present, and it will be a critical period in the future.

Corona Virus Detection capability is a challenge

Despite India's efforts to control the transmission and spread of the epidemic, Harvard professor Ashish Jeha said in an interview with Time magazine that more cases have not been confirmed in India. 
With the improvement of detection capabilities, the number of confirmed cases may increase significantly in the next two to three weeks.
Protection from Coronavirus by Indians

According to data from the World Health Organization, India has conducted nearly 5,000 new crown virus tests to date, while more than 40,000 people have been isolated for observation during the same period. Insufficient detection capacity is a major challenge for India's epidemic prevention and control.

India's "Times Now" TV station recently reported that the current maximum daily virus detection capacity in India is only 24 people. In other words, since March 2, the number of newly diagnosed cases in India daily can only reach a maximum of 24 cases, beyond which it will not be detected. There are also media reports that as of March 7, 34 laboratories were opened for virus detection in India, but did not specify the detection capabilities.

During the period when India stated that the country would maintain a zero-growth case, some countries and regions found imported cases from India. For example, an American tourist flew to Bhutan from India on the 2nd and became the country's first confirmed patient.

The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China announced on the 8th that Hong Kong had confirmed two imported cases of India and the total number of imported cases from India rose to five. The five patients participated in a group tour to India in February. During their trip, the information released by the Indian government showed that the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia has remained at 3, with no increase.

Some experts point out that there are not many confirmed cases in some countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia. On the one hand, the local temperature may be high, and more of them are asymptomatic hidden communicators; on the other hand, it may be related to the lack of local detection capacity.

The next week is critical due to Coronavirus

The number of confirmed cases in India has increased since March 2. The reporter combed and found that the confirmed cases reported in India are still mainly imported cases, mainly from the United States, Europe and the Middle East. The spread of the virus is limited to those with travel history and close contacts in the epidemic area, which is still in the early stages of the epidemic.
Corona Virus in IndiaExplanation

Nivedita Gupta of the Indian Medical Research Council says it's easier to keep the virus out of the door than it is to prevent outbreaks in the community. "The Indian government has done a good job so far, but it is too early to discuss the total number of confirmed cases. India has only begun to face serious challenges after entering the community transmission stage. The next week to 10 days will be a critical period for India's epidemic prevention and control."

Babu said India lacks infrastructure and professionals such as hospital beds, intensive care units, and ventilators. If the epidemic spreads domestically, it will be a very difficult battle.

At present, the Indian central government strictly controls the distribution channels of the epidemic to prevent the spread of rumors, and incorporates protective products such as masks and hand sanitizers into the "Basic Commodity Law" to ensure smooth production capacity and sales channels. Individual states and regions have declared local states of emergency, closed down entertainment venues including cinemas, restaurants and bars, gyms closed, schools closed, courts suspended, and international competitions have also been suspended.

India has a nationwide unified medical system epidemic reporting mechanism, which monitors epidemic information from the central, state and regional levels. Report on major changes on the same day, weekly summary report. At the same time, it is equipped with a media daily public health event information collection and verification mechanism, which uses media reports to collect information. However, the implementation of the mechanism also faces difficulties such as shortage of funds and poor professionalism of primary medical staff.

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Why do European Colonists like to Drink Gin? 

Because the wine contains quinine for malaria: After the discovery of the New World by Columbus, the Europeans began the colonization process, and the footprint of the hunter appeared on land that had never been involved before. One of the most important discoveries was a bark called Chinchona in the jungles of Bolivia and western Peru. Quechua indigenous people drink this bark tea to prevent malaria. 
Gin Drinking by Europeans
The Spanish conquerors quickly took the bark as their own. An Augustin monk wrote in 1633: "They called this tree an" antipyretic tree. "The bark is cinnamon-colored and ground into powder. Afterwards, the weight of about two silver coins was dissolved in water and used to treat fever and daytime fever. "
European Colonists Gin Drinking

Cinchona bark

In the 15th century, intersexual fever refers to recurrent recurrent fever, with body temperature rising and falling. This is the most common symptom of malaria. After getting malaria, the body temperature will rise and fall because the malaria parasite replicates itself in the host's red blood cells.

After a round of replication ends, the red blood cells rupture, and all parasites rush out of the cells to attack new cells at the same time. When chemical fragments that rupture cells enter the blood circulation, they cause fever (debris is a toxic substance produced during the degradation of hemoglobin).

When the parasite invades new cells, the symptoms of high fever ease, and a new round of infection begins. It is rumored that cinchona bark cured malaria of the Countess Anna del Chinchón in 1638, the wife of the then Governor of Peru.

"The father of contemporary taxonomy" Cal Linnaeus named this quinine-producing plant as Cinchona, in honor of the Governor's wife, because he believed the Governor's wife was the first European to be cured by Cinchona. After the miraculous recovery of the governor's wife, cinchona was introduced to Spain as a medicine for malaria in 1639. For a long time, everyone called this bark "Countess powder".

The governor did bring a lot of cinchona back to Spain, but whether his wife has ever had malaria and has not taken cinchona can not confirm, it may just be a marketing strategy devised by the governor in order to hurry the mountain of cinchona sell away. Jesuit missionaries in South America soon became European importers and distributors of Cinchona, which also became the most valuable commodity brought back from Peru to the old world. Yet this new world drug is not without controversy. At that time, traditional doctors, also known as dogmatism, did not believe in the efficacy of this bark, because it was not consistent with the "four body fluid theories" of the ancient Greek doctor Galen. According to Galin's theory, Malaria (ie, forced excretion) should be treated by purifying the intestines.

Empirical doctors believe that medical treatment should be improved through observation and experimentation. They oppose dogmatic doctors. This controversy has swept Europe for decades, and support for and opposition to tree bark continues.

Many rivers, lakes, and villagers have used this uncertainty to profit, most notably the British pharmacist Robert Talbor. Talbol has come up with his own malaria treatment. In 1672, he published a book entitled "Pyretologia: A Rational Accout of the Cause and Cure of Agues", which looked like a scientific work, but actually a marketing book Manual to sell your own medicine.

Showing European Colonists Penchant for Gin Drinking

He described in detail the method of taking medicine in the manual, but regarding the composition of the medicine, there was only a simple sentence "consisting of four plants, two from abroad and two from China". While marketing his medicine, he also warned everyone not to take cinchona bark: Be careful of those drugs that treat the symptoms but not the root cause, especially cinchona. Some quack doctors prescribe drugs in a random way. It is dangerous to take them incorrectly. .

Talbol is a profitable villain

When other doctors asked him to disclose the formula of the medicine, he asked for money to make it public: I plan to describe my medicine and treatment in more detail, and I don’t want to keep it confidential, but only if I had to get monetary compensation myself. I knew that I had to pay a lot for developing this treatment.

Later, Talbol healed the son of Louis XIV, and finally gained the wealth he dreamed of. The King of France gave him "3,000 gold crowns and a lifetime annuity." Despite repeated calls for him to disclose the formula of the medicine, he never did so. One year after Talbol's death, several pharmacists finally identified the main ingredient of the drug: cinchona bark.

More than two centuries later, in 1820, two French pharmacists successfully separated the effective chemical constituents from cinchona, which they called "Quinine".

Quinine has had a major impact on human civilization:

The land that was once malaria-ridden opened the door to Western colonists, including large lands in South America, North America, and Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, which were too dangerous to colonize.

Europeans often take quinine

Europeans often take quinine and even invent a gin supplement that is still very popular today, a mixture of gin and quinine. The following scenes were common in the 19th century: officials of the British Empire reclined on a balcony with mosquito nets in a remote colony, drinking gin tonic from a local servant, while watching the sunset Beautiful view. Gin supplements contain quinine water. To cover the bitter taste of quinine water, gin was added. Quinine is difficult to dissolve in water. After adding alcohol, the drug is more soluble.



Delicious Cakes to indulge into this Diwali Celebration or Send as Gift to India

Any celebrating event or party celebration sans lip smacking cakes seems incomplete. Cartoon cake for kids, Cakes on birthdays, weddings, pre-wedding events and anniversaries are so important that whole party evening gets centered around cake cutting ceremonies. They are the highlight of every prominent event be it a baby shower, a bachelorette, a hen party, welcome party, farewell party or a bridal shower. Cutting party cakes has become an indispensable part of any event celebration.  Thus, no big event is imaginable these days in India without cakes. Specially, in big  big cities like Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Dehradun, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Surat, etc. people are more fond of cakes rather than sweets.

Image of Diwali Celebration Cakes
Top Seller Online Cake in Diwali Season

People will be amazed to know the categories of Diwali cakes that are available in modern times. There are so many flavors to choose from and so many designs to decide from, and we can get whatever we can imagine. These are known as customized cakes. But there a few general categories they can be segmented into. 

Cakes for Diwali Festival
A Popular Cake on Diwali Festival of Hindus

Top 8 of the Cake types for Diwali to know as a consumer are as:

1. What are Condensed cakes?

Condensed bakery items are the regular round shaped cakes with one flavor and top icings. 

These are popular choices and have remained for quiet long as they are very appealing to your taste buds. 

You can whip these up at your home in no time with ready to make cake batters available in the market as DIY. 

Also, you may simply whip up the batter yourself by mixing together a few simple ingredients and the flavor of your own choices.

These are usable as fast cake, Navratri cake or Vrat Cakes


Image of Cake for Diwali Celebrations

2. What are Layer Cakes?

Layered cakes are the most popular type of cakes in the market these days and the number one choice for birthdays and weddings. 

This is a very experimental choice now. You can ascertain the number of layers you want on your piece. 

You can also determine if you want different flavors in different layers or the same flavor in all its layers. There is availability of a number of designs and toppers to grace the top layer surface.


Deepawali Cake
Diwali Cake Decorated with Dry Fruits

3. What are Fondant Cakes?

Fondant cakes are not only appealing to your tongue but also to your eyes. They have elegant look that can make your party grand with their grandeur. Using fondant, bakers can make a dream cake for you that you may remember.

 Fondant can be designed into any shape type and size and enables you to have life like cakes for real enjoyment. 

A Party Designer Cake of Fondant Material

You can get your kids their favorite super hero figurine shaped cakes and watch how their eyes light up when they see the cake that you got for them.

The cakes mentioned above are in segments or categories but if we make a proper study, there are a number of cakes all over the world which cannot be put into segments just for the purpose. 

People use these cakes as gifts idea for their loved ones. This is an easy and perfect idea as all people like to eat tasty food.

Cake for Diwali Party

4. What are Ice Cream Cakes?

This commonly desired form of cake is made with three layers, which has ice cream sandwiched between two layers of cake and a layer of ice cream at the top. 

Ice-cream lovers just cannot get enough of this cake and yearn for it whenever they think of cakes.

Image of Diwali and Christmas Cakes

5. What are Cartoon Cakes?

These cakes are for children or kids parties or celebrations. Generally, these are in the shape of cartoon or superhero characters. Parents and relatives gift them to children as they are very fond of it and get very happy on getting them.

Deepawali Parties Cake

6. What are Applesauce Cakes?

Composed of applesauce, raisins, walnuts and spices, this cake can be used as a good snack and can be dressed up with a penuche or brown sugar frosting.

 It melts in your mouth but the walnut adds a nutty crunch to it giving it a lusty composite affect.

Cherries cake forDiwali

7. What are Cheese Cakes?

This is ranked as one of the most comforting bakery food in several parts of the world. 

This cake is much desired which is hands down one of the fluffiest cake you can get in the market around.

 This cake is composed of a mixture of fresh and soft cheese, eggs and edible sugar. 

It can be topped with maple sauce butt you can also add a layer of icing to it according to your own choice. 

You may also just sprinkle a few nuts on its top and devour it.

Image of Diwali Cake

8. What are Anatomy Cakes?

These are in the shape of male or female anatomy like big boobs cake or dick cakes. These modern girls and boys use for pre-wedding parties like bachelor party or bachelorette parties. 

People also know them as private part or private organ cakes.

A Perfect Diwali Cake


There are different types of cases on the basis of different aspects. The consumer has to choose the one that suits them on the basis of interests and situations like availability, the budget or affordability, etc.

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Birthday Party Cakes in Delhi-NCR (Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon)

These delicious birthday cakes are available with online bakeries in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon including all India for any occasion like anniversary, birthday, company party, hit party and baby shower. Whether it's your friend's birthday, parents' anniversary or sister's birthday party, you can choose from the many flavorful cakes available at bakeries or on Delhi bakers’ cake delivery website online.


A popular Birthday Party Cake design in Delhi NCR

You can place an order for cake delivery online from anywhere in the work for delivery in Delhi Noida Gurgaon or at any place in India from sellers’ website that promise they we will provide you with the highest quality cake.

 You can instantly send cakes online from anywhere in the country to special cakes in India by simply browsing online website and choosing the best cake for your special. All in all, you can now send cakes online to Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. in India to wow your special guests and celebrate special occasions, no matter how far away you are.


Birthday Cake idea in Gurgaon bakery

You can also choose birthday cake order Delhi-NCR online to send a delicious birthday cake to your loved ones. The best way to surprise your loved ones with your birthday in Delhi is to order a beautiful cake from the bakers’ online store for delivery on your birth day or at midnight. 

What is the price of birthday cakes in Delhi-NCR (Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sahibabad, etc), India?

Ans. Prices of birthday cakes in Delhi-NCR (Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sahibabad, etc), India are as follows:


Price of Birthday Cake in Delhi and NCR Areas


Birthday Cake / Kg Price in INR


700-1700 (cream-fon'dant)


600-1600 (cream-fon'dant)


600-1600 (cream-fon'dant)


700-1700 (cream-fon'dant)


700-1700 (cream-fon'dant)


Birthday Cupcakes in Delhi 

Offer your loved ones a delicious selection of cakes and birthday cupcakes in Delhi with our same day cake delivery service in online gift shops to celebrate any occasion in a fantastic way. 

You can even organize a birthday, anniversary, farewell or any other party in a pinch with our Delhi midnight cake delivery for your loved ones and neighbors.

A Custom Design Birthday Cake Idea

Sellers cannot wait to make something special for your birthday this year, you can make the best midnight cake delivery in Delhi and celebrate it with the perfect hardcore party with your friends and loved ones. After all it is their business.

The Indian online gift shops can help you send cakes online to Delhi-NCR or at any Indian location for all those myriad celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, farewell, baby birth, Mother's Day and other important occasions or occasions.


Online Birthday Cake Seller Sites

On birthday cake sellers’ websites you can find cakes designed for all major special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and Valentine's Day.

Choose from a variety of custom cake templates available for birthdays, anniversaries, kids' parties with themes ranging from movies, cartoons, games, etc. There can be special themes like a smart phone cake for your boyfriend.


Birthday Cake for Girls

You can also order Delhi signature cakes, cartoon character cakes, two, three, four tier cakes and other beautiful decorations to make any event truly memorable.

Simply book your order on our website with your delivery date and time and enjoy our signature Delhi cake delivery services. You will get a huge variety of flavors in cakes such as blueberry, chocolate, caramel, coffee, mango, orange and so on. 

Indian bakers are expert at making fresh cream cakes and no one can resist eating and online cake delivery pieces in India is very easy.


Send Birthday Cakes to Delhi

Whether you're looking to send a birthday cake to Delhi, a healing gift, to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, or to congratulate your daughter on her success, bakers’ wide range of delicious cakes always has a special cake to choose from.

Whether you want to give a birthday gift to someone special or host a big party at home, you can order birthday cakes for your loved ones online in a variety of designs, sizes and flavors. 

Birthday Cake for Kids

If you live outside of Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon or entire India, for example in the US, you can conveniently send cakes to loved ones in Delhi by simply ordering them online from any online seller.


Online Bakery

With online bakery products sellers, you can enjoy the privilege of customizing your cake according to your choice of flavours, base, weight and ingredients to make your special day even more special.

You may use these online sellers’ delivery service to send your birthday cake to Delhi and these sellers will deliver it through our cake birthday cards delicious cake wraps along with your personal information to make your loved ones a more special moment.

A Birthday Cake Picture

These online Indian cake sellers offer a wide variety of cakes including:

    ·        Signature Cakes for Birthdays

    ·        Photo Birthday Cakes

    ·        Whipped Cream Cakes for Birthday

    ·        Eggless Birthday Cakes

    ·        Birthday Cheesecakes

    ·        Cartoon Birthday Cakes with stunning designs


Bakers get these cakes ready for all emergencies and will be responsible for delivering goods from Delhi to lay a solid foundation.

Online bakers guarantee freshly baked, mouth-watering cakes to make the celebration even more exciting.

You can get an in-depth look at the different types of cakes and make your choice, with guaranteed privileges to make your own personalized cake.

A chocolate birthday cake gift

Some online gift delivery services in Delhi include a wide range of birthday gifts as well as cakes such as personalized gifts, chocolates and sweets.

 Along with this, many online bakers also offer online flower delivery to Delhi and cake and flowers are also a great combination.

Some of the online gift shops in Delhi offer same day express cake delivery services to nearby areas of Delhi such as Dwarka, Punjabi Bagh, Tagore Garden, Nehru Place, Vasant Kunj, Malviya Nagar, New Friends Colony, Rohini, Lajpat Nagar, Patparganj, Karol Bagh, Sarojini Nagar, Rajuri Garden, Lakshmi Nagar and other nearby places. 

They also offer Delhi midnight cake delivery, making it an essential moment to send your favorite cake or bouquet of flowers to your loved one exactly at the time you want, hassle-free.


Designer Birthday Cake Ideas in Delhi Gurgaon Noida

Find beautifully baked designer birthday party cakes online at online portals catering to Delhi-NCR region according to your desire and make your love life stronger and happier.

Most online bakers believe that it is not enough to give you the opportunity to buy any birthday cake you want, so they mostly divide all the birthday cakes on one page to reduce your efforts and let you try out best Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon cake delivery services at one reasonable price.

As regarding price, you may choose the best cake according to your taste and order delicious birthday cake in Delhi online.


Birthday Party Cake Delivery in Delhi

These delicious cakes are available online and offline for any occasion like anniversary, birthday, company party, hit party and baby shower. 

Birthday cake for brother or sister

Whether it's your friend's birthday, parents' anniversary or sister's birthday party, you can choose from the many flavorful cakes available on Delhi online cake delivery websites.

You can place an order for cake delivery online in the national capital of India and online sellers promises that we will provide you with the highest quality cake. 

Send Birthday Cake to Delhi Noida Gurgaon

You can instantly send cakes online from anywhere in the country as in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida to special ones in the regions of India by simply browsing a website and choosing the best cake for your special.

All in all, you can now send birthday cakes online to Delhi to wow your special guests and celebrate special occasions, no matter how far away you are.

You can also choose birthday cake order Delhi online to send a delicious birthday cake to your loved ones. 

The best way to surprise your loved ones with your birthday in Delhi is to order a beautiful cake from online bakery store for delivery on your wedding day or at midnight.


A Beautiful birthday cake idea

Offer your loved ones a delicious selection of cakes and cupcakes in Delhi with same day cake delivery service in our online gift shop to celebrate any occasion in a fantastic way.

You can even organize a birthday, anniversary, farewell or any other party in a pinch with Delhi midnight cake delivery for your loved ones and neighbors.

As it is bakers’ business, they cannot wait to make something special for your birthday this year, you can make the best midnight cake delivery in Delhi and celebrate it with the perfect hardcore party with your friends and loved ones. 

Birthday cake at a local baker in Delhi NCR

There are many online gift shops which can help you send cakes online to Delhi for all those myriad celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, farewell, baby birth, Mother's Day and other important occasions or occasions.

What is Birthday Cake Recipe?

This is a recipe for a classic birthday cake that can be made at home. It is simple and easy to make, and it tastes amazing.


- 1 cup of butter

- 2 cups of sugar

- 3 eggs

- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

- 3 cups of flour

- 2 teaspoons baking powder

- 1/4 teaspoon salt

- 1 cup milk

- 1/2 cup water


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