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Holy Jihad, Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad of Love

Love Jihad Meaning: Since 2009, there has been a so called conspiracy theory called “Holy Jihad” or “Romeo Jihad” among many religious groups in India, that is, Muslim men “organize” “non-Muslim women” in an organized manner, using love and marriage Muslim women converted to Islam. Same is true in Israel. It is an international concept but due to large population obviously such cases are more in India as China does not leave any scope for it being a communist nation. The vision of Chinese President judges it very clearly and does not give any foul to the Chinese people in the garb of misinformation and destroying China and yet claiming that there is no Jihad of Love.


What is Jihad of Love?

       India is known as the World Religious Museum. In addition to Hinduism (80%) and Islam (14%), there are Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Baha'i. The Chinese also built a small Taoist temple in Kolkata, and the ruins still exist. The diverse religious culture has provided India with a continuous spiritual and cultural drive, but it has also brought a lot of troubles and worries to India.

Especially between Islam as the main foreign religion and Hinduism, the main indigenous religion, although peaceful coexistence is the mainstream, contradictions, misunderstandings and conflicts also appear from time to time.

What is the connection of Tanishq Ad with Love Jihad?

Tanishq ad showed muslim family with Hindu bride as alwasys and could never show reverse. This people find as a ploy to brainwash Hindus or kafirs to turn Muslims. They believe on the basis of facts that Muslims targeting kafir women. Every where target is woman. 

Religious fanatics never respect women and take the hide of media who helps hiding this ugly Jihad in the name of love and thus the protective mechanism is nullified and now there is only way to humiliate women and their relatives.

Is Tanishq ad is a new jihadi love tactic?

Tanishq ad is not a new tactic. Same tactic is coming since all the past since the advent of Islam where the women won in war were treated as maal-e-ganimat.

This is a verdict of Islam and hence all Muslims must follow. Also, as all such hideous crimes must take a cover, this has the color of love. Hence Jihad of love..

What is the role of media in Tanishq loving Jihadi Lover ad?

It is only media which has such roles. Experts claim that by iterating and reiterating the bogus theory of love the media is trying to set narratives that it is the right of women to marry and have sex with Muslim women, but never of Muslim women with kafir men.

By giving this cover the protective mechanism in girls is defeated and they treat that hideous crime beyond rape as love. 

What is the role of politicians in Tanishq love Jihad ad?

Some politicos who are from the right wing are speaking against love jihad. The political leaders from the Left or inclined-left are pro-love jihad and aiding Muslims giving it a cover. For their own family greed of power they are destroying entire humanity. 

Such conduct is making Muslims not realize their crime and contrarily making them furious when anyone calls them. Thus making devil as divine.

What is maal-e-ganimat in Islam?

Experts claim that Islamic religious scriptures incite Muslim men to convert non-muslims or kafirs and punish them or execute them if they not-convert. They also should take their women as victory stuff an use them as they like. This is what is maal-e-ganeemat.

What is Islamic Holy Jihad of Lure and Passion?

       Since 2009, there has been a conspiracy theory called “Holy Jihad” or “Romeo Jihad” among many religious groups in India, that is, Muslim men “organize” “non-Muslim women” in an organized manner, using love and marriage Muslim women converted to Islam. This conspiracy theory first appeared in the Christian community of Kerala in southern India.

Holi Jihad of Love by Muslims Symbolization of Safety
Love Jihad Beware - Lady Wisdom and Dignity Symbol

At that time, the Kerala Catholic Bishops Committee published survey data, saying that as of October 2009, more than 4,500 women in Kerala had become the targets of the jihad of love. Subsequently, a Hindu organization claimed that in Karnataka alone, 30,000 women were forced to convert.

In 2014, the scope of influence of the concept of love jihad continued to expand. Similar statements have appeared in northern India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, which have a certain influence in the Hindu, Sikh and Christian groups.

What is Romeo Jihad?

Although the Indian government has conducted investigations in 2009, 2010, 2012 and this year, and found no evidence of organized romeo jihad, this does not reduce the panic of non-Muslim groups, especially Hindu groups.

What are some Love Jihad Cases?

       In some places, Hindus have taken some countermeasures. In August 2014, outside a police station in the capital Delhi, more than 200 people, including grassroots leaders and activists of the People’s Party of India (hereinafter referred to as the “Indian Party”), held demonstrations because a Hindu called him. The daughter was forced to change her religious belief by the Muslim male and was forced to marry him.

Hindu men kill Muslims claiming anti-jihad of love video triggers tension

A video of "Hindu men brutally killing an Islamist and setting fire to the dead" was circulated on social media, which aroused a violent response from the Internet and tension on the ground.

The man involved was dissatisfied with the victim's "affiliation with Hindu women" and used private acts to kill him in the name of "Anti-Love Jihad". He has been arrested by the Indian police. This clearly shows how fed up and victimized are these men by the Love Jihadis that calls forth such provocation.


Even more shocking is that the person who shot the video was the nephew who was only 14 years old. He was also taken to the police station for investigation.


Murder means Claims

The person involved was Shambhu Lal Raigar, a marble businessman in his 30s. On December 6, he lied about "introducing work" and asked the 48-year-old victim Afrajul to reach a deserted grove in Rajasthan, northern India. The latter is an Islamic worker from West Bengal, married and has three children.

It can be seen from the video that Legal arrived in the crime scene wearing a red shirt. After getting off the motorcycle, he immediately picked up a pickaxe and chased Avrazur. The beaten Islamists kept pleading on the ground, "Save me! I'm dying!"

But Legal still refused to be spared. When Avrazul fell to the ground and dying, Leghal returned to the motorcycle and took it out Choppers, kerosene, and other crime-killing tools brutally killed Avrazul, and ignited his body and walked away.


After stopping the killing, Lejar also looked at the camera, saying that he did so to protect his "Hindu sisters" and warned other Muslims pursuing Hindu women to face the same fate. "If you start a love" jihad "in this country, this is your end. Stop the love" jihad "!" Jihad "elements get out of this country!" Lejar added.


Documents of the deceased Afrazul from India Express

Back home, Legal "proudly" sent this video to his friend through the communication software WhatsApp. Once the situation went crazy, the situation was completely out of control: the video was uploaded to Twitter, Facebook and other major social networking sites, triggering a violent response from netizens.

According to the New York Times, the chairman of a local Indian non-governmental organization, Love Commandos, Sanjoy Sachdev, called for the Indian government to intervene immediately to stop the spread of such videos.


It's a pity that it's too late, and the major Indian media are scrambling to follow up, citing the original video to cover up the case, resulting in the popularity of this video. The New York Times revealed that the involved Lejar made multiple backups of the video, making it more difficult to monitor.


Lejar, who was hiding in the house of relatives, was arrested by the Indian police the next day (7th). According to the Indian police, Lejar confessed to what he did, but he did not feel that he had “violated the law”. He said in front of a Hindu deity, "(This matter) right or wrong, I did it anyway." In addition, according to the Times of India, on the way to the police station, Legal also felt that he did not "have not break the law".


The person making the video is only 14 years old

The person who shot the video was Lejaar's nephew who was only 14 years old. He was also taken to the police station for investigation. In the video, Lejar also claimed that he had "killed another Islamic believer" because he was shopping with a Hindu woman.


It is reported that "killing Islamists in the name of anti-love jihad" is a common tactic of Hindu extremists. The so-called "jihad of love" refers to the fact that Islamic believers, after marrying a Hindu woman, denominated it, thereby "seeking to change the Indian population structure and reduce the overwhelming majority of the Hindu population." This "love jihad" approach was also established in reverse.

There are also people in Hinduism who call on young women to find more followers of Islam in an attempt to change their faith through marriage. Even a group of Indian politicians used this as a reason to promote "love jihad" in their own communities, thereby achieving the goal of "social diversity".


One result of this is that the entire Indian society is particularly sensitive to such "cross-religious love" and has risen to the level of "homeland security". Not long ago (November 27), the Supreme Court of India ordered the National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India to investigate a similar civil marriage case.

Earlier, a 25-year-old female medical student converted from Islam to Islam, regardless of her parents ’opposition to marrying an Islamic man.

Eventually, their marriage was annulled by the Kerala High Court and the woman is now under the protective house arrest of her parents. Feminists claim that this deprives the woman of her fundamental freedom to choose her faith and partner.


The day when Legal killed Avrazul was December 6. On the day 25 years ago, thousands of Hindu “volunteers” forcibly stormed into and demolished the Babri mosque in the controversial holy city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, causing the worst national scale in India in nearly 20 years The religious riots caused more than 1,100 deaths and injured more than 4,000 people, causing strong resistance from Islamic countries. Legal also stated the "1992 incident" in the video.


The endless association of this "coincidence" makes the local (Rajasthan) social situation tense. According to the Times of India, there are already many Hindu-Islamic conflicts here-most of them are Hindus who spontaneously form a "cow guard" to attack (or even kill) Islamic businessmen who transport cattle along the way.



After the Lejar case, local Islamic people took to the streets to protest, calling for a reduction of murders in the name of religion


The video "out of control" caused the local residents of Islam to be more frightened. In this regard, the police have dispatched additional police forces to the local area on the 8th to prevent similar incidents of "imitation killing". In addition, Rajasthan Police Chief O.P. Galhotra said that the local has set up a special team to investigate the homicide and "control public sentiment".

"Holy War of Love" brainwashing? She was converted to religion and was put under house arrest by her father



An Indian woman sitting by the yard said she was a victim of Love Jihad. (Associated Press)


The Supreme Court of India rejected the verdict of the Kerala High Court on the 8th and restored the original marriage of 24-year-old Hadiya and her husband Shafin Jahan. Hadiya converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim. She was suspected of having "brainwashed" by her family. However, she told the court that she believed in religion out of her own will and decided to live with Jia Khan.


According to the Times of India, Hadia ’s father, KM Asokan, earlier told the Supreme Court that he tried to prevent his daughter from being treated as a sex slave or “human bomb” and he wanted to prevent Hadia from being sent Syria full of terrorists. He also mentioned that her daughter is a vulnerable adult, and that the other party has kept her in a lonely residence in order to promote her religious beliefs.


However, Hadiya refuted the family ’s claims that she said that she was embracing Islam out of intent and wanted to continue her life as a Muslim; in the affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court, she said that she was married to Jahan, and that To be able to legally live with each other in the name of wife. Hadiya also emphasized that Jahan was not the reason for her to convert her faith.


Many radical Hindus alleged that Muslims seduce Hindu women and forced them to convert to Islam. The picture shows the World Hindu Council explaining the definition of jihad in a school in 2014. (Picture)


Clera High Court previously ruled that Hadia ’s marriage with her husband was invalid, but it has now been overturned. According to the Supreme Court ’s order, the two will be considered legally married and will not be harassed by any state agency. The National Investigation Agency of India stated that they have the right to investigate any phenomenon that may be "love jihad", and there is a system of good transportation in Kerala that is to inculcate people in Islam thought of.


Asokan strongly accused her daughter ’s husband of being an activist and an assistant of ISIS, trying to use marriage as a guise to lure people who are easily shaken. When Hadia was restricted by her father's freedom in the past, she questioned her mother, "Is this my life?" She seemed quite unhappy.


Vrinda Grover, an attorney dedicated to women's rights, tactfully said that when Indian women show their will, they are often suspected of being brainwashed and cannot go anywhere.

Love Jihad in India

In Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim youth was arrested for dating a Hindu woman under the pseudonym of a Hindu. Some Hindu organizations launched an anti-love Jihad offensive. In the turbulent Saharanpur region of Uttar Pradesh, there are many slogans against inter-religious marriage. On the wall of the train station, the slogan "Don't commit the crime of conversion" is also written.

Hindu "sages" (monks) are also working hard to "save" Hindu women and prevent them from being abducted by Muslim men. Some Hindu saints have also set up some "love treatment" projects to help those Hindu women who have been tempted and deceived. One of the most "successful" is said to be Lija Kodás, who claimed to have "cured" more than 700 Hindu women who had gone astray.

Love Jihad Conspiracy

       But in fact, the conspirators claim the concept of love jihad is deceptive. Because if Indian women have the right to freely choose love and marriage, there is no problem of being "jihad of love" without being forced. Therefore, Islamist agents posing as Indian feminists believe that the concept of love jihad is to deprive women of some natural rights. But the problem is not so simple. The concept of love jihad is repeated, reflecting the following factors and trends:

       One is the change in Indian political and cultural trends. The Bhartiya Janta Party has always maintained the core values ​​of Hinduism and its dominant position in India. After the victory of the general election this year, the Indian government and society began to emphasize the color of Hindu nationalism.

Prime Minister Modi generally only speaks Hindi in public, and Indian government ministers have also begun to increase the frequency of using Hindi. To this end, the official language bureau of the Indian Ministry of the Interior issued a 12-point plan to "remind" all central ministries to use both English and Hindi.

As the status of Hindi rises, the color of Hinduism in the education system begins to increase. Gujarat has included books promoting Hindu nationalism in its textbook catalog.

At the same time, Prime Minister Modi also changed the traditional practice of the Indian Prime Minister and did not attend the celebration of Eid al-Fitr this year.

Giving Cover to Love Jihad

The Deputy Chief Minister of Goa further publicly emphasized that all Indians are Hindus, "India used to be a Hindu nation in the past, present and future."

In this case, the conspirators are trying to portray taking undue references that the Jihad of Love is not just a conspiracy theory, but a manifestation of India's new political ideology.

The Indo-President Uttar Pradesh President Laxmi Kent Jajipai publicly claimed, "If the victims who helped the Jihad are sectarians, then we are sectarians."

Hiding Love Jihad

       The second is that the imbalance between men and women is the underlying background of the love jihad theory. India is one of the most severely imbalanced men and women in the world, with a national male to female ratio of 1.08. In contrast, according to the sixth census, the ratio of men to women in China is 1.05. The world average is basically 1: 1.

The gender imbalance in the traditional Hindu region of northern India is more serious. In the Maywart district of Haryana, a two-hour drive from New Delhi, the ratio of men to women is 1.14. More than 30% of 15-44 year old men in Haryana are unmarried.

In this case, the conspirators claim that coupled with the tradition of Muslim women not allowing inter-religious marriages, the abstract concept of jihad of love is easily linked to the personal life problems of non-Muslim youth, and conspiracy theories can easily resonate widely. This way they are hiding all facts by bogus poor logic which is purely unrealistic.

Love Jihad Conflict

       The third is the conflict between the tradition of arranged marriage and the concept of free marriage. Arranged marriages have a long tradition in India.

According to statistics, in 2000, 90% of marriages in India were arranged marriages, and intermarriage was mainly within the sex and denomination.

In the past decade, the rate of love and marriage has been increasing, but Hindu women who fall in love with other religious groups and low-sex males often face strong pressure from families and society. The maintenance of the tradition of arranged marriage also promoted the formation of the love jihad theory.

Love Jihad News

       Fourth, there are concerns about the international jihadist movement. In recent years, the international jihadist movement has continued to rise in some countries in the Middle East and South Asia. India has also continuously cracked down on attacks by terrorist organizations such as Indian jihadists.

Especially since the establishment of the Islamic State (IS) recently, some Indian territories are also included in their own territory.

Al Qaeda was also unwilling to be lonely, and announced the establishment of the South Asian branch, which caused deep concern among the Indian people. Such concerns have worsened the sectarian relations within India.

Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh

Since 2014, the sectarian conflict in northern India, especially Uttar Pradesh, has deteriorated, and has resulted in hundreds of casualties.

       A big country is no small matter. Although the holy war of love is just a conspiracy theory, it has attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, involving all aspects, complex, sensitive and very delicate. It is for this reason that Indian politicians, including Prime Minister Modi, are reluctant to publicly express their views on this issue, so as not to affect their support base.

What is Love Jihad Tiktok?

There are several videos getting viral on the popular Chinese app Tiktok where the video  makers are trying to portray that a non Muslim girl should change her religion and fall in love with Muslim men with no reference to the men of other religions. The videos show that girls do not find their religion and men in their religion attractive and love and marry only Muslim men.

The claims are also that petro-dollars have been distributed to female creators also to create and post such videos in order to create environment in favour of Romeo Jihad so that love jihadis can easily make their way in to the hearts of girls and and girls get the tendency of quitting their religion and converting to Islam.

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How secure is the Aadhar biometrics project in India?

E Security January 21st India has been implementing a biometrics project called "Aadhar" since 2009. In recent years, it has implemented biometric data collection (including photos, ten-finger fingerprints and iris scans) for approximately 1.2 billion people across India, Provided a unique 12-digit identification number for each resident. As a result, the government can provide subsidies, medical care, social security, training, employment and other services directly to each citizen. However, as one of the largest biometrics projects of its kind in the world, the disputes over privacy, security and other aspects of the project can be described as one after another.


Can such a huge project really guarantee safety?

Prior to this, Edward Snowden, a former employee of the US Security Agency, and Troy Hunt, an Australian security expert, had questioned the security of Indian databases. A 2017 study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Assocham showed that the number of attacks on Indian websites has increased fivefold over the past four years, with cybercriminals occurring every 10 minutes in the Indian capital. This also shows that the "Digital India" program actually costs very little in terms of security.


Printing various databases at risk

The implementation of the "Digital India" program has spawned many important databases covering a large amount of sensitive personal information for each resident, including bank transaction records, tax files, passport details, property ownership, birth certificates, photos, etc. Data across systems and institutions continues to grow rapidly in this form. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people in India apply for Aadhaar accounts or update and correct personal information.

While the amount of data has exploded, the security of the database has obviously become a hot topic. Simply put, if there are not enough protective measures, the connection with the Aadhaar system will inevitably pose a risk to the security of the data.

Who uses the data and who keeps it? How do these organizations use the data?

The use of data is mixed, but we find it difficult to find malicious users. After the Indian government implemented the Aadhaar project, it gained a lot of convenience.

The identification number provided by the Aadhaar project is bound to a mobile phone number and a bank account. Indian citizens can access the database online for identification and mobile phone "real-time" verification, while also enjoying medical, social security, training, driver's license, employment and other services.

Government departments can also provide subsidies and benefits to residents in a targeted manner, monitor the health status of residents, effectively provide public services such as medical and epidemic prevention, and achieve real-time improvement of administrative processes.

However, because India's network infrastructure is not stable, the issue of security risks is still relatively acute. In addition, many related databases are updated in real time, and there are various access users, which also increases the challenges in this regard.


It is difficult to regulate the use of data

The Indian Identity Card Authority (abbreviated UIDAI, the executive arm of the Aadhaar project) has recently provided all users with the option of masking the true identification number by creating a virtual identity.

Safety and Security of Aadhar biometrics project in India

A bank’s chief technology officer, who asked not to be named, believes that although the measure is very important to protect identity, users must understand how to use this function reasonably, otherwise only ulterior motivated people will take advantage of the opportunity, such as human factors will also affect the database Security has an impact, and perhaps disgruntled employees have decided to abuse their authority to steal sensitive information.


The Aadhaar project has now been widely entered into the daily lives of Indian citizens, but not all institutions are using data with strict control standards. For example, users read their own information under public WiFi, but the WiFi environment here has been hacked in advance by hackers, and related information is easily obtained by hackers.


There is a gap in investment in security

Most companies still do not spend enough funds to protect network assets. For example, JPMorgan Chase’s IT budget and security spending ratio is 10: 1. The Indian Ministry of Electronics Industry and Information Technology authorized all government departments in September 2017 to use 10% of the technology budget for security.


After an attack like WannaCry, India ranked 23rd in the United Nations in the 2017 Global Cybersecurity Index. Although India's performance in security is better than in the past, it does not completely eliminate risks.


Network security needs to keep pace with the times

The field of cybersecurity is a never-ending game of cats and mice. Hackers constantly try to attack and destroy the network. The biggest threat to the "Digital India" program may come from hackers anywhere in the world. Twenty years ago, 40-bit encryption was considered a high-tech encryption method, but this encryption can be cracked within a few minutes today.

Many companies have already switched to 128-bit and 256-bit encryption technologies.

Aadhaar's database uses 2048-bit encryption protection. Even so, with the rapid development of network technology, only by constantly adjusting and improving the protection methods can we adapt to the objective needs of the network era.


Cyber ​​security talent gap is difficult to fill


In fact, India does not have enough cyber security talents to protect its own cyber assets. The "Digital India" plan puts a lot of demand on top professionals, hoping to establish an anti-hacking system mechanism, using technologies such as blockchain and quantum computing, to ensure that it is not affected by cyber threats with a 24 hour × 7 day defense posture.

According to the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) in India, India is working to reduce the gap between the demand for cybersecurity professionals and the available talent pool, but the gap is still huge.

The lack of relevant professionals is also a global problem. Even by 2021, there will be 500,000 or more vacancies in cyber security in the United States.

Do you envy the comparison of "civil servants" treatment in various countries?

In China, "civil servants" has always been the most popular job in everyone's mouth. This job has always been a job that everyone envyed, jealous, and hated. Let's not mention the iron rice bowl. All kinds of paid holidays are everyone's envy. Every year, some people in Asia struggle for a position, but how about civil servants in some countries? In fact, according to the editors, civil servants in some countries are also quite ridiculous. Let's not talk too much nonsense, hurry and take a look at the civil servants of other countries.


    United States Civil Servants

There are relatively more civil servants in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about giving up your ideal job for a stable life. And civil servants are not the first choice of most people. Their salary level is divided into "multi-level and multi-grade", and two people in the same position also receive different amounts of money. However, the average annual salary of $ 61,000 is definitely higher than mid-level in the United States. Although not a lifetime appointment, the probability of being fired is very low. Even if you perform poorly, it will give you an adjustment period of about a year, and will not let you go directly.


    Russia Civil Servants

Putin's request for "severe penalties" for civil servants can be said to be commendable. In Russia, as long as you are in this team and have enough rules, you will definitely not worry about eating and drinking. The salary level of Russian civil servants has always remained above the average income of Russians, plus they are more or less a "gray income" that is not illegal, so it is a very good job to be there.


    India Civil Servants

Because of the existence of the "caste system", being admitted to the civil service is the fastest way for them to enter the upper class.

When the per capita annual income in India was only 460 US dollars, the annual income of civil servants had reached 7,000 US dollars, and various subsidies were numerous. Transportation subsidies, child eugenics fees, food subsidies, communication fees, special hardship areas, grassroots subsidies.

There are many types, and there are also a lot of money. The lowest level of transportation subsidies is 400 rupees, which is about 10 dollars.

Perhaps in order to stop their mad test of civil servants, India’s civil service exam is known as the most difficult in the world, with an admission rate of one-thousandth, and regulations stipulate that each qualified college student can only take the test four times in a lifetime.


    Germany Civil Servants

In a census in 2010, 20% of young people targeted for civil servants. Among them, the impact of the economic crisis on stability is the main reason for the fever of German civil servants. One characteristic of German civil servants is that the country is hired for life.

Why Envying Civil Servants of Other Countries

In addition, they will not arrange a unified examination, which positions are missing, they will temporarily arrange the examination and choose the best admission. You need to work for 40 years in a row, including college time, and then you can get a pension after graduation. Various allowances, benefits, and flexible working time settings have made the German civil servant position a sweet meal.


    Korea Civil Servants

The popularity of civil service examinations is comparable to that of China. Korean university graduates are very enthusiastic about civil service examinations. According to a survey report recently released by the Korean Statistics Department, 43% of South Korean youths most want to go to the work unit is a state agency.

Retired civil servants can receive an annuity based on 76% of the salary for the three years before retirement, while the general national annuity is only 50% of the salary for the three years before retirement.


    Norway Civil Servants

Norway is a welfare state. Employees in the public sector and employees in the private sector must participate in a unified and centralized universal insurance plan. The payment standards are exactly the same. Everyone must pay 8.2% of the salary income to the country as a social security payment.

No matter what industry you are employed in, as long as you participate in social security and pay according to regulations, the same standards apply to unemployment, medical care, maternity, and family welfare.


    Thailand Civil Servants

Former Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai of Thailand had stipulated that civil servants should be elected one day each year to work in national costumes, because this can promote the sales of local national costumes and boost employment.


    Brazil Civil Servants

In Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, civil servants may be fired for gossip. Gossip mainly refers to various unconfirmed rumors, such as rumours that wages are about to rise.

India worries about Aadhar's plan for MongoDB to follow controversy

1. Affected by the Prism Door, the question of Aadhar from all walks of life will threaten people’s privacy and security, instead focusing on Aadhar’s methods of collecting, storing and processing data, and the role of American startup MongoDB in the plan.


2. MongoDB is a NoSQL database. The company was funded by In-Q-Tel, an independent non-profit organization last year, and everyone ’s concern is that In-Q-Tel is an institution supported by the US CIA and other intelligence agencies.


3. Various Indian media cited the views of political parties and political movements, questioning how Aadhar, led by Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani, handled sensitive data. Some of the reports directly linked the dispute to MongoDB.


The big country of India has always been unable to fully log in to its domestic population data, but the Aadhar plan has brought the dawn:

India’s Unique Identification Project (Unique Identification Project) is also known as the Aadhar plan. The program recently accumulated more than 500 million people in population and biometric data, making it the largest biometric database of its kind in the world.


Since Aadhar was founded a few years ago, it has continued to move forward in criticism. People from all walks of life questioned whether it would threaten people’s privacy and security, while recent criticism of firepower focused on Aadhar’s methods of collecting, storing, and processing data, and many people also worried about the role of US startup MongoDB in the plan.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database. The company was funded by In-Q-Tel, an independent non-profit organization last year, and everyone’s concern is that In-Q-Tel is an institution supported by the US CIA and other intelligence agencies.


National Security Agency or intervention? Aadhar partner Mongo DB cited controversy

Various Indian media cited the views of political parties and political movements, questioning how Aadhar, led by Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani, handled sensitive data, and some of the reports directly linked the dispute to MongoDB.


After the exposure of the prism plan of the National Security Agency (NSA) to the global government, the global government is very dike for the US government's intelligence units, so the relationship between MongoDB and the intelligence units is bound to cause concern. In addition, due to the upcoming election next year, domestic political discussions are heated. Aadhar's challenges and allegations against these time and space backgrounds are extremely difficult.


According to the staff I spoke with, although some people think that the MongoDB contract with Aadhar includes shared data, in fact Aadhar only uses MongoDB's open source program code, and does not involve sensitive data.

India’s Unique Identification Bureau (UIDAI) also refuted the allegations, saying that it did not provide the Indian people ’s data to the US intelligence unit.


What Aadhar means for India: conducting a census to effectively subsidize the disadvantaged

What is the spatiotemporal background of Aadhar? In India, more than 500 million people do not have an official identity identifier (ID) or similar code, so these people cannot obtain government grants, open bank accounts, loans, obtain driver ’s licenses, and so on.


The Aadhar database has the opportunity to solve this problem: The program currently logs in more than 1 million Indians every day, and it is expected to reach a total of about 1.2 billion people by the end of next year. The huge number makes this database the world's largest biometric database.


For Indians, having a 12-digit Aadhar number has many benefits. One of them is that the government can connect with the bank accounts of the poor people in the country and transfer directly to cash benefits and other subsidies. There are already nearly 40 million bank accounts. Connect with Aadhar.


According to research company CLSA, the Indian government’s subsidies and benefits for the poor are a total of US $ 250 billion, and 40% of them will be corrupted in the next few years.

 But if Aadhar can assist the government to transfer money directly to the poor who need help, the plan can stop corruption.


However, many think tanks and social activists, such as the Bangalore-based Centre for Internet & Society headquartered in Bangalore, have some concerns about Aadhar. They worry about the privacy of the people and doubt the effectiveness of the entire plan.


The world's largest biometric database: the security system was operated by a former Intel engineer

Aadhar's headquarters is located in the southern suburbs of Bangalore, and the Indian headquarters of Intel and Cisco are also established here. The appearance of Aadhar's technology center is not like the building of a government agency. The center has all the data collected by it. The current number is 5 PB.


The atmosphere and installation of the entire Adhaar Office room are quite complex and sophisticated command rooms.

What is displayed on the screen is the overall process of processing datagrams about 5 MB in size.

These datagrams are logged in from about 30,000 registration centers across the country, and then processed after at least three verifications.

During verification, each piece of data is reviewed repeatedly to ensure that each person has only one set of Aadhar codes.


Therefore, each newly registered data has to be compared with the data in other databases, and the amount of existing data has exceeded 500 million.


Srikanth Nadhamuni is a former Intel engineer. In September 2010, he helped build Aadhar's technology platform. He said that these datagrams are protected by 2048-bit confidentiality technology, and if any unauthorized person attempts to invade, the datagrams will be destroyed automatically.


MongoDB storm: Aadhar said that MongoDB did not have access to core information

Why did Aadhar choose MongoDB in the first place, and will it continue to cooperate with this startup?

Sudhir Narayana, assistant director general of Aadhar Technology Center, told me that they chose MongoDB from many database products (including MySQL, Hadoop and HBase) to assist in database search. MySQL database can only store demographic data, but MongoDB can Save the picture, which is more in line with Aadhar's needs.


Social Security Privacy and Adhaar

However, Aadhar began to gradually transfer his database-related work to MySQL because they found that MongoDB could not cope with millions of datagrams. Aadhar has begun to split the database and store the data reports on different machines to ensure that the system will not be overloaded. This action allows Aadhar to reduce its dependence on MongoDB and instead use MySQL to store most of its data.


MongoDB could not obtain any biometric data

Ashok Dalwai, deputy director general of the technology center, stated that MongoDB cannot obtain any biometric data. Dalwai stated that Aadhar believes that the use of open source technology can prevent any vendor from monopolizing the field, but this does not mean that they do not value security.


Aa MongoDB spokesperson stated that the relationship between the company and its funding sources (including In-Q-Tel) was written in this statement for readers’ reference.


More importantly, when India’s only identity bureau began to use MongoDB’s open source software, In-Q-Tel had not yet funded MongoDB, and the interval between them was not short. From the statistics of Cruchbase, it can also be seen that MongoDB It was a total of 7.7 million venture capital investments from Red Hat, Intel Capital and In-Q-Tel in 2012.


What are the prospects for Aadhar?

Despite the controversy, the staff said that the number of Aadhar logins will exceed 1.2 billion by the end of 2014, when the database size will reach 15 PB.


At present, the plan logs in about 1 million people every day, Narayana said he is confident that from next year, the number of daily logins will grow to 2 million. If they follow this pace, they will successfully add the remaining 700 million people to the database in.


And will it be able to reform the Indian government’s corrupt practices and successfully relieve its poor population?

This remains to be seen. The only certainty is that the world’s largest biometric database still continues to swallow up endless data.

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