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What is Bank of Baroda scam?

A duo of a father and son were arrested by the Enforcement Directorate because of a money laundering case in Bank of Baroda which is estimated to be a sum of Rs. 6,000 crores. Their names are Manmohan Singh Sehgal and Gagandeep Singh Sehgal. They were taken into custody on the grounds of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). They have been charged with the case that they were illegally routing approximately 245 crores as funds to enterprises and organizations that are based in Hong Kong, China. The medium to do this successfully has been the use of shell companies.

Reportedly, the father and son had used a very strategic approach in proceeding with their plan of action. They had hired two other people who had opened accounts in the Bank of Baroda, Ashok Vihar branch of Delhi. This was done under fake identity and they claimed to have no financial worth. All the documents that were produced before the bank officials to get the transactions done effectively were also fake. However, the bank officials failed to smell something fishy.
Bank of Baroda Scam Alert Text
Bank of Baroda Scam
In terms of dollars, the total amount comes to $37,826,899, that is 245 crores in INR. The main question that is also hitting the minds of the masses is that how then leaders can claim that our nation is poor when we actually lose so much to frauds under the disguise of loan. Also, such incidents create havoc in the minds of the public and they lose out all their faith and trust when it comes to the hands in which their life savings are. Although the companies abroad did not really send across any goods, it is being understood clearly that this step was taken to save up on the import duties.

You would be surprised to know that this is not the first arrest that is taking place with regard to this Bank of Baroda scam. Including the arrest of this duo, a total of 9 arrests have been made so far with regard to this case. It has actually been under scrutiny since the past year, that is 2017. Trade based money laundering has been on the rise because companies find it easy to make their way and get things the way they wish to.

But, it is obvious that this duo could not have done this totally on their own. That is why, the intelligence department has been able to put two and two together to make four. This means that they have also arrested the Bank of Baroda AGM S K Garg along with the head of the foreign exchange division, Jainish Dubey. They have been charged with an addition of corruption charges and shall be dealt with in a separate case.

Penalty charges on the Bank of Baroda

Recently, news came that the Bank of Baroda has been charged with a penalty of nothing less than a whopping 9 crore rupees. This was done by the Financial Intelligence Unit. This was done because the Bank of Baroda failed to adhere to norms that were pertaining to anti-money laundering. All this simply followed the scam of the bank where they lost out on a loan that they had given out, which was of Rs. 6,000 crores. The section under which this action has been taken is the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

BoB Scam

Central bodies which are charged with the responsibility of gathering intelligence regarding money matters and the finance minister of the nation have the power that if they feel certain banks are unable to meet the ground rules laid down by law, then they can impose penalties on the banks and other such organizations.
Money laundering needs to be reported and any such suspicious acts also need to be stated. However, failure to do implies that you are linked to it and that is the basis on which this step has been levied.

It is being said that at least five times have already been in count when the Bank of Baroda has failed in being able to detect and understand that a fraud is brewing up at their Ashok Vihar branch in India’s national capital, the bustling city of Delhi. Years of investigation have been going on but all of it has been of no avail to be able to put an end to this crime at this bank. What is also surprising is that Bank of Baroda is one of the largest public-sector banks that is operating actively in this nation and so many accounts have been opened in this bank.

Bank of Baroda Fraud

The Bank of Baroda has also been held guilty for not being able to successfully file 63 cash transactions that were connected to one another in seven of their accounts. To let the bank, know about this penalty that had been slapped on them, an order of around 48 pages was prepared which had all the necessary details regarding the case, the accusations and the deadline within which they were required to pay the money on rounds of penalty.In fact, there are several other reasons as well as to why such a drastic step had to be taken by the Financial Intelligence Unit.

Bank of Baroda Lacking

These include the failure to possess an efficient internal system that would be able to report and sent 8,962 alerts, inability to understand and make complaints regarding suspicious transactions, lack of success in carrying out proper customer care and delayed filing of approximately more than 8000 electronic transfer of funds. Well, it seems that the Bank of Baroda has a lot of explaining to do not just before the authorities but also to the masses. After all, the public has trusted them with their hard earned money and any such case can have a direct impact on the common man’s account which he actually runs by working dedicatedly all day.

Other Top banking scams of India

·       2011: It was found out that workers from particular banking organizations such as the Bank of Maharashtra, the Oriental Bank of Commerce and the IDBI had been able to successful make almost 10,000 fake accounts. In fact, loans of approximately Rs. 1,500 crores had been transferred.

·       2014: Though there were many scams reported in this year, the biggest one was of Vijay Mallya. It was declared that he was a defaulter. And, the worst fart was that several banks had this claim.
·       2015: The scam in this year included workers of Jain Infraprojects. They had been able to commit fraud at the Central Bank of India and the sum they had dealt with was over Rs. 2 billion. This was also the year when people from a number of other banks were found to be the part of a foreign exchange scam. This was with regard to a firm in Hong Kong. Approximately 60 billion rupees was involved again.

·       2016: You would be surprise to know that the top banking scam of India for the year 2016 was related to the Syndicate Bank. Reportedly, just 4 people had managed to open 380 new accounts. In fact, they had use fake cheques and insurance policies to churn out Rs. 10 billion from the bank. 

·       2017: As stated earlier, Vijay Mallya had been declared a defaulter in 2014. In 2017, he had to return Rs. 9,500 crores to IDBI and other banks that he had taken as loan for his Kingfisher Airlines which had suffered severe losses. However, he refused to pay up and in turn fled to the United Kingdom to seek shelter. 

-Secondly, Winsome Diamonds also came under the scanner when the CBI charged six cases against them. Their total debt has amounted to almost INR 7,000 crores.
-Third in this year, Deccan Chronicle Holdings had causes a loss of INR 11.61 billion.
-Next, Nilesh Parekh, a businessman based in Kolkata was arrested due to charges of taking INR 22.23 billion from around 20 banks at least. 

·       2018: Diamond merchant Nirav Modi left the nation shocked when his loans from the Punjab National Bank came to light. In fact, there are also reports that besides this one firm, several other banks have also been at the suffering end because of giving loans to him. Fraud LoUs has been reused by merchant and then issues to other banks illegally. Though he too fled from the country, he is presently in the United States of America according to news channels and sources. 
BoB babus took Public Money Away

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Patanjali, The Patriarch of Yoga

About 300 BC, the great sage of India, Patanjali, created the Yoga Sutra. Only on this basis did Indian yoga really take shape, and the yoga practice was officially established as an eight-branch system. Patanjali is a saint of great significance to yoga. He wrote the Yoga Sutra, which endowed all the theories and knowledge of yoga to form a complete theoretical and practical system. In this book, he explained the definition of yoga, the content of yoga, the changes that yoga brings to the body, and so on. 

Before Patanjali, yoga had a long practice period, but no one gave a systematic explanation of yoga. Patanjali created a holistic yoga system. So Patanjali is revered as the ancestor of yoga.

The ancestor of Yoga: The statue of Patanjali In the world of yoga, Patanjali is unparalleled. He talked to Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Mahavira, Mohammed or Chalatuste. In the same way, they are all enlightened saints. As far as the world of yoga is concerned, Patanjali is the greatest name. This person is rare. No other name can be compared with Patanjali. For the first time in the history of mankind, yoga has been brought to a scientific state. He has made religion a science of pure laws, and faith is not needed.

The Eight Branches of Patanjali recorded in the Yoga Sutra:

  1.  Yamas: refers to external control, the moral commandments of the universe.
  2.  Niyamas: refers to internal control, self-purification through self-discipline.
  3.  Asanas: refers to yoga postures, also known as body turning.
  4.  Pranayama: refers to breathing rhythmically and controlling exhalation, also called interest rate adjustment.
  5.  Pratyahara: The release of the spirit from the enslavement of sensations and external things means that the sensation disappears and it controls the heart.
  6.  Dharana: Concentrate and pay attention.
  7.  Dhyana: Meditation.
  8.  Samadhi: The superconsciousness from meditation is all concentrated in the soul and unites with the universe.

Yoga Founder and Patriarch Patanjali Sutras

Briefly describe the relationship between Patangali and King Yoga?

Yoga, originally a Chinese transliteration of Sanskrit yoga, originally meant "unity," "connection," and "combination". That's what the Chinese call "the union of heaven and man." 

In ancient times, Eastern and Western cultures had the concept that the great ego (the mother of the universe, the universe, and all things) and the ego (the human, the true ego, and the small universe) wanted to be one. This is the "state" reached through practice. Therefore, the term "yoga" refers to the "realm" where the Brahman is one, which is the sublimation of the search of the body, mind, and spirit, rather than any action. This realm is the thirst for hope of many seekers, the door to liberation. 

The so-called insightfulness makes it easy for people to comprehend the true self and the truth in tranquility.

Meditation is of course an important subject: "Yoga's Theory of the Earth" translated by Master Tang Xuanzhang refers to the gradual gradual meditation Realm (land) of development.

 As long as we look through the slightly larger dictionaries, we will find the original meaning of the word yoga, which is far from what people have heard today. 

The philosophy of yoga and its practices have a profound impact on Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

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What is Hantavirus?

Hanta virus meaning: It is understood that Hantavirus belongs to the Bunyaviridae and is an enveloped segmented negative-strand RNA virus that can cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and Hantavirus renal syndrome hemorrhagic fever. No such cases have been reported in Cangshi.

What are the 5 main routes of transmission of hantavirus?

First, the respiratory tract, mouse excreta carrying the virus forms an aerosol that floats in the air, infecting humans through the respiratory tract.
Second, the digestive tract, humans eat the excretion of the mouse carrying the virus Food contaminated by food is infected through the mouth or human gastrointestinal tract mucosa.
Third, contact transmission, infected by mouse bites or damaged mouths, and infected with mouse excreta and blood; and fourth, vertical transmission. Pregnant women are infected with the virus by the placenta after being infected with the hemorrhagic fever virus. Fifth, they are transmitted through related vectors.

Prevention and control of Hantavirus

The prevention and control of Hantavirus (hemorrhagic fever) mainly adopts comprehensive control measures of "environmental management, rodent control, vaccination, and personal protection." For individuals, it is mainly to avoid contact with rats and their excreta / secretions. Emergency vaccination is available for high-risk groups.

Hanta Virus Details

The main treatment method for Hantavirus infection is supportive treatment. Early detection, early rest, and early treatment of patients can significantly reduce mortality.

Rodent and rodent prevention is the main measure to prevent the disease. For many years, China has mainly adopted comprehensive control measures such as “environmental control, rodent and rodent prevention, vaccination, and personal protection”. Its fecal / secretory contact.

In addition, emergency vaccination can be targeted at high-risk groups. China's epidemic hemorrhagic fever vaccine has been on the market for more than 20 years. And since 2008, the country has routinely vaccinated people aged 16 to 60 in high-incidence areas.

Yunnan migrant workers died in Lincang: death caused by Hantavirus
Lincang, Yunnan, migrant workers died on the way. It was caused by Hantavirus, there was no such case in Lincang.

March 24th (Miao Chao) Recently, a migrant worker from Cangyuan Autonomous County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province appeared on his way to work while returning to Shandong Rongcheng Luyang Aquatic Food Co., Ltd., passing through Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province. Ill, and died on the 23rd. The Health and Health Committee of Lincang City, Yunnan Province reported on the 24th: After sampling and testing in Ningshan County, the deceased Tianmou Hantavirus (hemorrhagic fever) nucleic acid test was positive, the new crown virus nucleic acid test was negative, and two other fever personnel and others Colleagues have collected specimens for inspection.

After receiving the notice from Ningshan County, Lincang City actively connected with Ningshan County, and asked Ningshan County to do its best to treat the fevered people. The first time to report the results of the sampling and testing of the fellow passengers, and to do a good job of psychological counseling and monitoring of other people in the same industry. At the same time, rapid disease surveillance and epidemiological investigations were conducted to appease and stabilize the emotions of family members, conduct counseling to villagers, and eliminate the panic of the people.

Workers killed in Lincang, Yunnan: Hanta virus nucleic acid test positive, 29 people were isolated

On March 23, a migrant worker in Lincang, Yunnan, died of illness while resuming work, sparking heated discussion among netizens. That night, Ningshan County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province issued an official notification. The Ankang Disease Control Center tested the deceased and two feverish staff and one accompanying person. The first test of the new crown pneumonia virus nucleic acid was negative. The virus (hemorrhagic fever) nucleic acid test is positive, and the nucleic acid test of other people is collecting and sending samples.

What is Hantavirus? What is the route of transmission of hemorrhagic fever? The reporter combed this. At the same time, in the afternoon of March 24th, Yunnan Province issued the latest official notification. The Yunnan Provincial Health and Health Committee has sent an expert team to Lincang to guide the work. According to preliminary local investigations, no such cases have been reported in Lincang.

Hantavirus cases in China of infection

 Discomfort on the way to migrant workers

Fever symptoms in 2 people: At 22 o'clock on the evening of March 23, the Ningshan County Health and Health Bureau of Shaanxi Province issued a notice explaining the situation. It is understood that Shandong Rongcheng Luyang Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. leased a bus from Shandong Weihai Longwei Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., and received migrant workers to return to Shandong on March 23 in Mengding Town, Lincang City, Yunnan Province.

When passing through Ningshan County, Ankang City, the medical staff on the train found that Tian Moumou was unwell and dialed 120 for help. The local 120 first-aid center arrived immediately and took Tian Moumou and other 4 people from the expressway service area to the emergency department of the county hospital to treat Tian Moumou. Two fever patients and one accompanying person were treated in accordance with the new coronary pneumonia treatment procedure. Check. At the same time, local medical observation measures were implemented for all 29 other people in the same car.

At 7 o'clock on the 23rd, the patient Tian Moumou died of invalid treatment. The Ankang Disease Control Center tested the deceased and 2 fevers and 1 accompanying person for the first time with a new coronavirus virus nucleic acid test. The deceased Tianmou Hantavirus (hemorrhagic fever) nucleic acid test was positive. He took the nucleic acid test of other people, collecting samples.

Confirmation of deceased hantavirus positive

Expert team has been sent to work in the local area
On the afternoon of March 24, the Lincang Health and Health Committee of Yunnan Province issued an official circular saying that after receiving the notification from Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province, Lincang City has set up a leading group for investigation and disposal under the leadership of the government And 6 working groups, responsible for coordinating the investigation and disposal of the incident, and dispatched a special class to rush to Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province to do the relevant disposal.

According to the notification, the Yunnan Provincial Health and Health Committee immediately sent an expert group to Lincang to guide the work after receiving the Shaanxi Province. Lincang City actively connected with Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province, and asked Ningshan County to do its best to treat the fevered people. The first time to report the results of the sampling and detection of the fellow passengers, and to do a good job of psychological counseling and monitoring of other colleagues in the same industry. At the same time, rapid disease surveillance and epidemiological investigations were conducted to appease and stabilize the emotions of family members, conduct counseling to villagers, and eliminate the panic of the masses.

Hantavirus is mainly transmitted by mice

No such cases have been reported in Lincang before

Another report said that no such cases have been reported in Lincang, and the detailed cause of the infection is still under investigation.

According to relevant data, Hantavirus belongs to the Bunyaviridae family and is a negative-segment RNA virus with an enveloped segment that can cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and Hantavirus renal syndrome hemorrhagic fever. . Among them, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, also known as renal syndrome hemorrhagic fever, is a severe acute infectious disease that is transmitted by mice and caused by Hantavirus and clinically is characterized by fever, hemorrhage and kidney damage.

Written by:

Dr. Ali Asgar
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Name: Dr. Ali Asgar

Education Qualification: MBBS, MD (Virology)

Work Experience: 15 Years as Virologist

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