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Full of confidence Biden says A New World Order will be established soon and will continue to be led by the US

Facts have proved that no matter how the international situation changes or what kinds of problems and crises the United States faces at home, the United States will always be full of ambitions when it comes to serving as a "world hegemon" and "leading the world."

Biden attended the conference to deliver a speech, talking about the "new world order"

According to a report by the Global Times, citing Russia Today TV, a few days ago, US President Biden delivered a speech when he attended the quarterly meeting of CEOs held by the US business organization "Business Roundtable". The report pointed out that in his speech, Biden expressed his views on the current world situation, the inflection point of the world situation, and the new world order. He firmly believes that the future leader of the new world order will still be the United States.


Biden said: "The world is now at an inflection point that occurs every three or four generations, and the outcome of this inflection point will be determined by the United States. Between 1900 and 1946, 6,000 people died, and since then, the United States has A free world order has been established, so it's been a long time since that kind of thing happened. There's a lot of people dying now, and it's not as chaotic as it was before, but it's time for a change."


New World Order Infographics


Will the US lead the 'new world order'? 

Biden makes rhetoric

"There will be a new world order in the future, and we must lead it. We must achieve it with the rest of the free world," Biden stressed.


Over the years, the United States and the West have repeatedly exaggerated the so-called "new world order". In order to contain China's development and weaken China's influence, the current US government has repeatedly slandered China for its attempt to establish a "new world order" and subvert the current situation. world pattern. 

It seems that for the United States, no matter how the world changes or how the regime changes, the leader of the world and the defender of the world order must be itself.



Biden's remarks have been criticized, and the term "new world order" should be mentioned with caution

The report emphasized that after Biden's speech about the "new world order" came out, it immediately attracted widespread attention in the United States and around the world. Then people from all over the world expressed their views on this, saying that the meaning of the term "new world order" has changed now, and Biden, as the president of the United States, should not mention it casually.


Relevant news pointed out that over time, many people now agree that the so-called "new world order" represents an elitist conspiracy theory of establishing an oppressive global government, so it is best not to use the word casually. 

Russian media revealed that many Western politicians and government officials have been widely criticized and criticized for using the term "new world order" before. A country that oppresses and oppresses other countries at any  time.


What are the New Strategic Ideas for the NWO?

President Bush formally proposed to the joint session of Congress on September 11, 1990.

Chinese name New World Order Foreign name The New World Order English abbreviation NWO Proposed time September 11, 1990 Proposed location Joint meeting of the two houses of the United States Congress


The main contents are:

(1) To build a "stable and secure" world that, on the one hand, consolidates the achievements of containment and maintains a military force against the Soviet Union, and on the other hand effectively copes with regional conflicts and problems such as environmental pollution, weapons proliferation, drug smuggling, terrorism, Issues that transcend national borders, such as the global economy;

(2) Consolidate and advance "freedom" and "democracy" globally, and promote "political pluralism" and "free market economy" in accordance with American values. 

In order to achieve the above goals, the United States should play a leading role.

Based on the alliance, coordinate the collective actions of all countries in the alliance and share responsibilities

Strive for US-Soviet cooperation and establish a US-Soviet cooperation system, interests, maintain regional stability.

Play the role of international organizations, especially the United Nations

Emphasize the importance of solving global economic problems for the establishment of a new world order.

Whoa re the 8 Largest Shareholders of the Fed?

The eight largest shareholders of the Fed are listed as follows:

1. Rothschild Rothschild Bank in Berlin and London

2. Lazard Brothers Bank in Paris

3. Israel Moses Seif Bank in Italy

4. Lehman Brothers Bank of New York

5. Kuhn, Loed Bank in New York

6. Chase Manhattan Bank in New York

7. Goldmansuchs Bank of New York

8. Warburg Bank in Amsterdam



New World Order and Illusion of Safety

It seems to be a fate. Many books on the theme of national security will be labeled as "conspiracy theories" to varying degrees. This "Illusion of Safety" is probably the same. The reader's eyes are sharp. Whether or not this book is a conspiracy theory is up to the reader. However, what we are going to talk about below is really a conspiracy theory.


First of all, let's introduce a mysterious organization - Freemasonry. Like terrorism, it also has ancient and modern distinctions. 

Ancient Freemasonry is said to date back to Biblical times, and was founded by masons in biblical times, so the word Freemasonry literally means free masons. 

Don't underestimate the masons, they were the only ones who mastered geometry and natural sciences. 

Regarding the purpose of this organization, it is generally believed that it is to restore the order of God, but there are also sayings that the organization does not believe in God at all, and instead regards God as Satan in disguise, which must be exposed and overthrown. That is, the organization is anti-religious, and its weapons are reason and knowledge. This is irrelevant, after all, it was thousands of years ago. The one that should be concerned is modern Freemasonry. 

With the development of the times, the word Freemasonry is no longer literally translated as "free mason", but translated as "sympathy for each other", "mutual aid", "congenial" and so on. This is also the ostensible purpose of the organization, which is to advocate fraternity and charity, and to pursue personal virtue and a perfect world. But what is its real purpose? According to conspiracy theorists, unify and rule the world!


How to bring about the New World Order?

 through money. It is said that the first modern Freemasonry was born in England in 1717, when there were a total of 700 Freemasons. 

The reason why there are so few is because the organization has always preferred shortages rather than abuses. 

If you want to join Freemasonry, the premise must be white aristocrats and the upper bourgeoisie. 

The initiation ceremony of Freemasonry is also said to be very wicked: one must lie in a coffin for 24 hours, first to show the loyalty of the members, secondly to test the courage of the members, and thirdly to let them experience the complex life from death to resurrection from the dead experience, which makes the organization seem extremely mysterious.


Infographics on Freemasonry and the New World Order

Later, in order to gain more influence, Freemasonry began to relax the membership requirements, but at least it must be a middle class, and even if the middle class can join the association, they can only do small things like paying money, running errands, and developing members. 

The core of Freemasonry has always been the great nobles, and it has always been the original intention of Freemasonry to absorb larger nobles. 

Because the Freemasonry never expects to use the power of the bottom to overthrow the countries of the world and unify the world, their idea is to directly incorporate the royal families and governments of the world into their own system. This is not a fantasy. 

Take the United Kingdom as an example. George IV, George VI, Edward VII, Edward VIII, and some members of the royal family who were crown princes but failed to sit on the throne have all joined Freemasonry. If it weren't for the fact that Freemasonry banned women from membership, the Queen of England might have been a member too.


Later, Freemasonry began to develop into Western Europe and British overseas colonies. In 1733, the British colony of North America, which is today the United States, established the first Freemasonry House, St. John's House, and soon, the house accepted a young man who would attract global attention in the future: Benjamin Franklin. 

More than 40 years later, he and several American Freemasons, including George Washington, successfully overthrew British colonial rule and established America. Of course, this is what conspiracy theorists say. George Washington is indeed a Freemason. In 1920, the American Freemason members also built a "George Washington Freemason Memorial" for him. But whether Benjamin Franklin was a Freemason or not, there is no such strong evidence as the memorial. 

Also, the fact that Washington is a Freemason does not prove that Freemasonry is behind American independence. 

Objectively speaking, Freemasonry only played a role in the process of American independence, even if it was a big one. For example, some people say that most of the funds needed by the American independence movement were provided by the Freemason Hayan Solomon, and that at least 31 of the 63 generals under Washington were Freemasons. But that still doesn't tell you exactly what. 

Others say that among the more than 40 presidents of the United States, only Lincoln and Kennedy never joined the Freemasonry, and as a result, they were assassinated one after another. In fact, as we all know, not only Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated among American presidents, Garfield and McKinley were also assassinated, and Theodore Roosevelt and Reagan were assassinated but survived.


But then again, Freemasonry does exist in today's world. There are 4 million members in the United States alone, 1 million in the United Kingdom, and the remaining 1 million scattered around the world. Its members are indeed mainly rich and powerful. 

In addition, Freemasonry is said to have planned and participated in all major events in modern history, including the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the two world wars. This is of course also said, but we might as well go down this line of thinking.

How can Freemasonry do this? The answer is money. So money - where did the huge sums of money come from? Conspiracy theorists believe it is the Federal Reserve, that is, the Federal Reserve is an organization affiliated with Freemasonry. So where did the money come from before the Federal Reserve (1913)? 

It is the Rothschild family that has lasted for more than 300 years and is extremely wealthy. The history of when the Rothschilds began to become so prosperous is uncertain, but anecdotes about Nathan Rothschild, a key figure in the family, taking advantage of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo are well known. There is a saying in 19th-century Europe that there were six great powers in Europe i.e. Britain, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Prussia, and the Rothschilds. 

Today, the top five empires are all gone, and only the Rothschilds are still in their prime. This is because it entered and dominated the US economy in time, and then took control of the world economy with the help of US military chariots. It is said that even the famous Rockefeller family and the Morgan family were raised by Rothschild. 

It's still rumored, of course, but conspiracy theorists remind us to look at the US dollar bill: the pyramid on the back has two Latin phrases: "Novus Ordo Seclorum", which translates to "A New Order of the Ages", which is translated into Chinese as "New World Order" - which is the purpose of the aforementioned Freemasonry - "to unify and rule the world".


At least I think it's a conspiracy theory. In contrast, I prefer to believe that the U.S. government has more urgent ambitions for world domination than Freemasonry. 

Of course, this does not rule out that the U.S. government and Freemasonry are mutually beneficial communities. Below, we combine the above possibilities into one, and continue to explore the potential threats to world security from the two.


Let's start with the "new world order". As early as when George W. Bush was in charge of the United States, it was already a globally known US strategic vision. American author Jim Mars wrote in his book What Happened to America:


"Through radio talk shows and Internet blogs, many people who are following are trying to find out something about the 'globalists' plan to control the world, the 'new world order' that President Bush referred to, and this concept is also Used by Adolf Hitler. These people call themselves 'globalists', believing themselves to be above the weak nationalism, and even the entire planet in their sphere of influence. 

New World Order and Illuminati

In their global map, the US has There is not so much oil and water to squeeze. They also adhere to the philosophy of the 'Illuminati', which is "to achieve the end, do whatever it takes." However, these people will never admit that they and those ancient secret groups, or the It has nothing to do with the Nazis who made this statement politically explicit."


"No matter what we call them, including the mouthpiece media and bribed politicians, we should understand that the 'new world order' does exist and is 'for a while and for all time'. 

Woodrow Wilson once wrote that in During the Russian Revolution, a huge sum of money flowed into Russia from the United States to finance the Bolshevik Party, the predecessor of the Communist Party, and it was Rockefeller and other Wall Street capitalists, such as Jacob Schiff, Elihu Root, J.P. Morgan, and the Harriman family (W. Averil Harriman served as ambassador to the Soviet Union during World War II) were the same people who funded the Association of Foreign Relations.


"But later on, the worldwide socialist movement terrified these capital predators, and they needed the various political and economic blocs to compete and create tension to maximize their interests and control. So they started Turned to support the German Nazi Party. With their funding, German military chief Adolf Hitler further strengthened his National Socialist German National Workers Party to fight the fierce trend of the Communist Party and laid the groundwork for the Second World War. 

Three of America's biggest names helped finance the Nazis, including Citibank Chairman John McIlroy, Schroeder Bank agent Alan Dulles (including his older brother John Dulles), and Prescott Bush, a director of the Union Banking Organization and the Hamburg American Shipping Company. 

Interestingly, after World War II, John McIlroy became the senior commissioner for Allied-occupied Germany, John Du Ruth became President Eisenhower's secretary of state, Alan Dulles became the longest-serving CIA director, and Bush, as a Connecticut senator, played an important role in the establishment of the CIA. 

It is worth mentioning that Mike Roy and Alan Dulles were both appointed by President Lyndon Johnson to the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy, but the agency was controversial at the time. After World War II, the 'globalist' program Focused on the establishment of the United Nations. 

In fact, a multinational organization called the 'League of Nations' was established before this, but this organization was eventually dissolved because the US senators believed that this would weaken national sovereignty."


Jim Mars' books take up a good deal of that discussion, but that alone is enough to show that the "new world order" not only exists, but is so evil that Americans hate it. Because the order it seeks to establish is an evil order "designed to exploit and oppress everyone, to control the entire society, and to manipulate the entire world by bankers and a handful of elites." The "everyone" mentioned here also includes ordinary Americans. 

The "very few elites" mentioned here include Prescott Bush, the father of Bush Sr. and the grandfather of Bush Jr., mentioned by Jim Mars. Jim Mars also mentioned Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, a figure I prefer to look at from a strategic perspective rather than a conspiracy theoretic perspective. He is a typical academic president, with the "highest academic status" among the successive U.S. presidents, and is highly romantic and idealistic. Therefore, he wrote an article criticizing Rockefeller and others for funding the Bolsheviks. 

The "League of Nations" was also advocated by Wilson, and its purpose was to establish a post-war international order led by the United States. This order is actually the predecessor of the "New World Order" proposed by Bush Sr. in the future, but Wilson called it "The New World". President Franklin Roosevelt proposed a similar concept: "moral order" or "world blueprint." 

It was only because Wilson "died before his ambitions" that Roosevelt could not survive until the end of World War II, while Bush Sr. came to power just in time for the end of the Cold War and the United States becoming a superpower. It will be more well-known and exciting than the theories of the two predecessors, and it is not limited to Americans.


At that time, few people doubted the justice of the Gulf War launched by the Bush administration to punish Iraq's aggression, and it achieved "win and go". Failed to do so; its use of the Gulf War to actively advocate the establishment of a "new world order" is, at least literally, understandable. However, Bush Sr is by no means an angel, and even Wilson is far from it. Henry Kissinger and others, who are well versed in the meaning behind the "new world order", bluntly criticized the Bush administration as "unrealistic", and considered the idea of ​​it to dominate the world based on its outstanding military strength as an "illusory dream". 

Facts bear this out: Bush's "new world order" has drawn widespread criticism due to its emphasis on "leadership" by the United States and countries "giving up their sovereignty." Although he lowered his tone in time, he still failed to win re-election. After his opponent Clinton took office, he also kept silent about the "new world order", but replaced it with a more operational "expansion strategy": continue to unite allies, work hard Expand its "unipolar" advantage.


Clinton's "expansion strategy" was also highly sought after. In 1999, during his second term, the famous American scholar William Wolfers published the article "Stable Unipolar World" in the country's "International Security" magazine, and proposed the "unipolar world" for the first time. with "single-stage stability theory". He believes that the post-Cold War world is a unipolar world under the leadership of the United States. As the only remaining superpower, the United States has a unique geopolitical status and is also the only major power with global action capabilities. No other major power in the world can compete with it. , as long as the United States does not make major mistakes, it is unlikely that a major power like the United States that can "take the lead in any link of power" will emerge in the next few decades. 

Contemporaries of American scholars also followed suit and published personal "unipolarism" works, such as Charles Kraut Hammer's "The Moment of Unipolarity", Huntington's "The Hegemony of Solitude", Richard Haas's How America Became the Boss, etc.

Only a very small number of people such as Henry Kissinger are willing to admit that the "unipolar era" in the United States is true and touchable, but it is historically abnormal. The United States has been able to dominate the world for ten years, which is really the result of the combined effect of various factors. The power to check and balance the United States has always existed and is growing in an orderly manner. 

As early as when Bush Sr. proposed the "New World Order", he said: "Don't be too busy to implement the 'New World Order', let's take a look at the 'New World Order'." Kissinger, known as the "Master of Balance of Power", has Soberly aware that "unilateralism" dominated by "unipolarism" will bring the United States into a crisis. 

By the time of Clinton's administration, the crisis had become evident. He saw the recovery of Russia and the development of China, and also saw the decline of internal cohesion in the West that lacked a common enemy. He also saw that the US economy was no longer as glorious as it used to be, and it must first face challenges from Germany, Japan and other allies.

Only Neither saw nor thought of terrorism. After the "9.11 Incident", the United States used its powerful voice to shape itself into a victim and a teacher of justice, but it once again abused the world's sympathy. Years of foreign wars have finally ended the "unipolar era" of the United States, and the "multipolar era" has come.


Although the term "multipolar world" has long been familiar to everyone, the formation of a "multipolar world" in the true sense will not be earlier than the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. It can be said that it was the first foreign war that Russia started and won after the end of the Cold War that laid the initial pattern of a "multipolar world". 

Today, the United States is still the only superpower, but the "new world order" has long been replaced by the "new world order". 

As far as Eurasia is concerned, the simple and uniform confrontation between the United States and Russia in the past has now evolved into a complex game involving the United States, Russia, Europe, and China. There are also countries such as India and Japan on the periphery, ready to join the rivalry at any time.


So far, it's time for the Freemasonry. In the multipolar era, what will the organization plan? It is said to be the more evil "population reduction plan". To put it simply, Freemasonry still wants to rule the world and colonize the world, but it no longer needs too many slaves. Because global resources are increasingly scarce, too many slaves are not good for slave owners, so it wants to control the world population within 500 million. 

 What is this concept of the New World Order as per Freemasonry as Media shows?

In 2011, the world's population has exceeded 7 billion, of which Caucasians account for about 54% of the world's population. That is to say, if the "population reduction plan" of the Freemasonry is true, then according to its assumption, the yellow race and the black race are all "damned", and even 85% of the white people will disappear from the earth. That's why Freemasonry, and possibly a government controlled by the American elites with which it is a community of mutual interests, has drawn strong domestic criticism from people like Jim Mars.


What exactly is the "population reduction plan" of the New World Order? 

Jim Mars and others believe that it is nothing more than the two weapons of food and bacteria.

 NWO and Food Control

The first is to control food, at two levels: control the food industry and promote genetically modified crops. Let's talk about the first level. Remember Henry Kissinger's famous saying, "Whoever controls the food controls the mankind", it would be too much of a joke to say that the United States controls the mankind, but the fact that the United States controls the food is a fact for all to see. 

Today, the four multinational companies that control the global grain distribution: ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus. Except for Louis Dreyfus, which is a French company, the other three are American companies, and Louis Dreyfus is also inextricably linked with the United States. contact. 

These four companies are known in the industry as the "four major grain merchants". They control 80% of the world's grain trading volume, and they have frequently used grain as a weapon with Western governments to check and balance any country they want to check and balance. For example, the comprehensive sanctions imposed by the West on Russia not long ago, including food, were implemented by Louis Dreyfus. Before that, Russia's food import business was almost completely monopolized by it. 

NWO and GM Crops

We have already talked about the siege of the four major grain merchants around the world, especially in Asia, and will not repeat them here. What needs to be repeated is the issue of GM crops that we also mentioned.


New World Order and GMO

If I am wise enough, I shouldn't mention GMO anymore, because a large number of experts have said countless times before that "GMO foods approved by the government are absolutely safe." Frankly speaking, most people are absolute layman when it comes to GMOs, so they cannot assert that "GM foods are absolutely unsafe", but it is a matter of national security, and the issue of GMOs must be discussed again.


What is certain at the moment is that eating genetically modified foods will not harm your health. However, fears about it are known to be mostly genetic. The genetic problems will take at least several decades to appear, so even in European and American countries, there has always been a fierce controversy over genetically modified foods. Domestically, the well-respected academician Yuan Longping said not long ago, "I'm in my 80s, and I have no problem eating it. If the young people who are fertile have no problem eating it, their next generation will also have no problem, that is. "Real safety", the implication is that even Yuan Longping cannot guarantee that genetically modified food will have absolutely no effect on future generations. That being said, it is really premature to promote GM crops.


In addition, I have more thoughts about genetically modified foods. First, promoters of genetically modified foods often claim that Americans also eat genetically modified foods. This may be true, but even if it is true, one should ask: 

Who are the people who eat genetically modified foods? Does the President of the United States eat? Did the president of Mondusan, the creator of genetically modified food, eat it? 

If they don't eat it, only ordinary Americans eat it, and everyone will inevitably think of what conspiracy theorists call a "population reduction plan." Second, don't ignore the "energyization" of food that the United States carried out very early. 

There is nothing wrong with using the food produced by genetically modified technology to produce industrial alcohol. Likewise, if India's and China's GMO experts are committed to producing more food for energy production without taking up existing arable land, who would object?

Compared with food, using bacteria as a weapon is undoubtedly more terrifying and more uncontrollable. 

According to Jim Mars and others, even AIDS was created by American bioengineers and "Nazi eugenicists" who immigrated to the United States. It is the product of germ warfare experiments, produced in laboratories in the United States between 1969 and 1972, specifically to eliminate those "undesirable." Jim Marst specifically mentioned that at a subcommittee in 1969, then Deputy Secretary of Defense D.M. MacArthur said: "In the next five to 10 years, we are very likely to develop a new infectious microorganism, which is similar to the Infectious organisms as we know them in the past are different in many important ways. 

The main thing is that this virus is not controlled by the immune system that humans rely on to fight infectious diseases, and there is no cure." Again, cannot be based on this paragraph It is a well-known fact that the United States simply identified the United States as the culprit behind AIDS, but after World War II, the United States shipped all the core personnel of the bacteriological warfare from Nazi Germany and fascist Japan to the United States for their own use, rather than putting them into justice. 

The fact that the United States provided Saddam with the biological and chemical weapons it developed during the Iran-Iraq war is also a fact that the U.S. government has covered up in every possible way but has already leaked it. 

Whether the United States intends to reduce its domestic population is unknown, but the United States has never really cared about the lives and deaths of people in other countries. This is the real reason why Freemasonry-related conspiracy theories are so popular internationally. There's a lot more in Jim Mars's writings, and I don't fully agree with him, objectively speaking, but we should at least be prepared in the spirit of preferring to believe what's there over what's not. 

Pay attention and take precautions. Even if all the conspiracy theories mentioned above are facts, there is nothing to fear. Conversely, even if only a tiny fraction of the above-mentioned conspiracy is true, it is not something that any country that the mastermind behind it intends to attack can afford it.


Will The new "New World Order" Accelerate the Evolution?

Reference News Network reported on March 11 that Singapore's "The Straits Times" website published an article titled "New "New World Order" on March 8. The author is a professor at the Lee Kuan Yew Center for Innovative Cities at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and a non-resident of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore. Ambassador Chen Qingzhu. The full text is excerpted as follows:


One week has so much impact on global affairs.

Before February 24, strategic analysts viewed the new world order emerging after the Cold War as a fundamental tug-of-war between the U.S. and China, including zero-sum competition. The shape of this order is still to be determined, and no one is willing to take a firm view on what the future will look like. Such was the case with Russia's attack on Ukraine.


Russia's offensive against its neighbors reinforces this attitude, as it inadvertently brings about a pattern that pops up earlier than we expect. This sudden pattern could become a fixed pattern and evolve into a new "New World Order".


World tearing up is bad for China

What we are currently seeing is that the US and Europe (and treaty allies such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea) are on the anti-Russian side, while China could be drawn into the other, and the rift between the two sides is solidifying.


But it's not just a simple Cold War-style adjustment to the past. The situation is much more complicated. This rift will not be based solely on security and military issues, it will also affect the flow of investment, trade and technology. This will lead to a higher degree of decoupling, which is likely to be very chaotic due to the close interdependence of the US, European and Chinese economies.


Where will other countries stand in this rift? Much will depend on what happens around the Russian-Ukrainian war in the coming months. Is it a short war, or a long war with heavy losses on both sides? 

Will Russia stop with Ukraine under the NWO? 

Russia that expands the war beyond Ukraine might even make friends think twice, while Russia, which has long been internationally isolated, cannot be an attractive pole.

How will Putin and Russia recover? How will the Western Alliance respond to Russia?

The new "New World Order" will be a more sophisticated version of the old Cold War order for several reasons.


China wants its relations with the United States and Europe to remain stable. Unlike Russia, China is strategically cautious rather than reckless. It is not in China's interest to tear up the world order.


Keeping an eye on Russia's next move will be a priority for NATO and Europe. While the United States and its Western allies will be distracted by Ukraine and Russia, China will have to deal with the complexities of Sino-Russian relations and its implications for China’s global economic interests. With domestic economic growth a major concern, China does not want further shocks.


India's attitude towards Russia and the US is subtle

A key question in this reorganization of the world order is India's place in the new "new world order". Although it is a member of the "Quartet Security Dialogue", India abstained from voting on the draft resolution on the Ukraine situation in the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, which must have made the United States extremely unhappy.


The Soviet Union and India were staunch allies, and Russia and India continued to maintain friendly relations. India relies heavily on Russia for military weapons and equipment. Russia remains a useful ally of India.


But current trends suggest that India will stand with the West at a critical moment in dealing with China's rise, although India will maintain its independence of action even on security issues.


The ten ASEAN countries have their own interests, but they will focus on the dominant global trends. Among ASEAN countries, only Vietnam and Laos abstained from voting on the draft resolution on the situation in Ukraine at the UN General Assembly. Most ASEAN countries are likely to choose a security order led by the United States, but at the same time would welcome an economic order led by China.


A third space should be allowed to exist

While analysts have long refused to claim that the international situation is returning to the Cold War, we are now witnessing a return to the old Cold War order with some differences.


The United States and Europe have become active and resolute again about setting the rules for international responses when sovereign states are blatantly invaded. Remaining neutral may no longer be an option in Europe.


But elsewhere there will be a group of countries that will separate alliances in security and economic areas. They do not see this as a contradiction, nor as an exclusive alliance. They want to be in the third space, but will act with the US or China, depending on the issue. They do take a stand on key issues.


Over the past 30 years since the end of the Cold War, many Asian countries have developed economic and political institutions and taken steps to advance their own interests. They have a certain awareness of their own dynamism. In this context, the leaders of the new "New World Order" can listen to the concerns of interested parties and allow this third space to exist, thereby winning more adherents.

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How to find Best Cake Shop in Lucknow?

Any celebratory occasion is said to be incomplete without a creamy and delicious party cakes. There are establishments,ordinarily, cake shop, bakeries and patisseries that showcase an arresting display of cake and bakery items. 

A birthday party cake design in Lucknow bakery

If you are wondering 'Which are the cake shop showcase range of cakes near me?', find one from an extensive list of Cake Shops in Lucknow by simply scrolling up the page. 

Bakeries and patisseries provide a wide variety of cakes in different shapes, colors, textures, themes and by using an assortment of decorations and ingredients. For a baby shower or for wedding anniversary party celebrations, cakes can be tweaked to suit the preferences and requirements of the customer. 

Cake shops also offer delivery service to deliver the cake to the recipient on the date and time of your choosing. 

Most cake shops, bakeries and patisseries offer an elaborate collection of cakes that span a wide range of flavours, ranging from Choco Truffle to Strawberry. 

Cakes come in an extensive array of designs that may vary in terms of colours, textures and shape ideas.


Where to get Customized Cakes in Lucknow?

Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or other special day, the celebrations are incomplete without a tasty cake everyone can indulge in. There are numerous cake shops or bakeries in Lucknow that offer tasty baked delights. 

The bakers also offer customized cakes, ice cream cake, wedding cake, fondant cakes, eggless cake, tiered cake, etc. You can easily look for the best cakes shop online to find a vast variety of cakes, pastries and other delicious bakery items.


What do Cake Shops in Lucknow Charge?

Type of Cake

Approximate Cost

Chocolate Cake

Rs. 350 onwards

Ice Cream Cake

Rs. 600 onwards

Customised Cake

Rs. 1,000 onwards

Red Velvet Cake

Rs. 700 onwards

Fondant Cake

Rs. 1700/Kg onwards



Where Bomb Cake in Lucknow are available?

Bomb cakes are popular because of the surprise element, as you do not know what is inside until the bomb opens up. This unique type cake is an entertainer for kids and adults alike.

We all are aware of the wave that Bomb cake has created amongst everyone. This cake has always attracted a huge crowd and the trend is full with Bomb cake lovers. 

Lucknow bakeries present a cake range that is based on Bomb cake. If you are looking for app for online bomb cake delivery you may login to luckonluck.

An idea of a good quality cake

You can order a Bomb themed cake and amaze everyone with your selection of cake. Bakeries in Lucknow always try to keep you on point when it comes to cakes and that is why we bring variation in your cake category with time. 

Since Bomb is trending and has a huge fan following, you should order a Bomb cake online from cake sellers websites to make it a fun celebration.


What is Bomb Cake?

You might have come across Bomb Cake in Lucknow when scrolling through cake selling websites and their social media accounts. An edible bomb opens up to reveal a cake inside. Bomb Cake in Lucknow are trending across the area. They have become quite a greatcraze. 

Bakers offers Bomb Cake in Lucknow in various flavors like red velvet, vanilla, butterscotch, truffle, blueberry, black currant, pineapple, fruit and black forest. You can also have layered cake inside the bomb shape. 

These cakes can be customized to be kept inside the edible bomb shell. You may pick your favorite cake from a wide assortment to make the occasion even more better.


Online cake delivery in lucknow luckonluck

Are you a Cake lover in Lucknow? Then you must be well aware of that feeling that one gets on receiving a cake that is based on your favorite theme from bakeries in Lucknow. Here are some themed cakes for all the cake lovers out there. 

If you happen to don’t know what cake type you want, let the bakers know you that it is a trend of celebrating birthdays that is loved universally by many people. All sorts of merchandise are sold in the right theme.

A cake design by bakers in Lucknow

So, to keep our customers on trend, bakeries too have brought you a range of different themed cakes. 

You may order this version for yourself at any event to amuse your guests with trendy cakes, or if you happen to know someone is a great cake addict, then you can send this version to them to bring a smile on their face.  

The younger generation is more attracted to this than adults, you can order the right cake for your kid, nephew, or any younger person in your family.

A theme cake is any day better than any ordinary cake, so experiment with the selection of cakes and give a break to the older version of cakes that you have been already trying for years.

Just heighten any celebration with your smart selection of cake that will make you favorite amongst the lot. You can order for something like this to surprise your friends and family on their special day



 luckonluck Lucknow

Cake from luckonluck in Lucknow have a uniqueness to them in terms of the novelty factor. They surprise both the recipient as well as the others present at the occasion. This makes their cakes very desirable. They also make for very good posts on social media for this cause.

There are also chocolate Bomb Cake in Lucknow. These come with a hard outer ball of chocolate. Within this lies decadent brownies with assorted goodies. 

If you pour some warm chocolate sauce on the cake the hard outer layer melts to reveal the cake inside. These milk, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cakes usually have chocolate cakes or brownies inside them. 

The chocolate sauce oozes into the bomb when it opens. So, a taste based dessert makes for the ideal surprise. You can also add some mousse to the cake that is inside for a decadent play with textures.

A themed cake in Lucknow

Messages on the cake can be customized both on the cake as well as the bomb, with different messages for each. For example, the message on the outside could have an anniversary date, and the one on the cake could have a romantic message for an anniversary cake. 

In the case of a birthday cake, the cake form luckonluck could have a message that says happy birthday and a lovely message on the cake itself. 

A cake for a promotion can carry ‘Congratulations’ on the outside and a more detailed message on the cake. The cake with quotes options are endless.


Rasmalai Cake in lucknow

As a fusion cake in Lucknow bakeries’ menu, the Rasmalai Cake is a special recommendation form bakers. Super light, moist and packed with flavour, the cake is loaded with tasty Rasmalai chunks that truly take this cake to the next level. 

The perfect cake to have in your high tea gathering and special events, the Rasmalai cakes exude elegance and sophistication in every bite you take.


Mini Cake in Lucknow

Mini cakes are baked under the oversight of skilled bakers which is why we deliver the cakes with their wonderful look and mouth-watery flavors too. 

Mini cake for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Engagements, and other such common moments are made unusual with delicious cakes. For all such moments and much more, Bakeries in Lucknow take to you cakes in different flavors such as chocolate cake, butterscotch, and vanilla amongst others. 

You may send mini cakes to Lucknow or any other fate of your choice with our express delivery option.

A designer cake in Lucknow

Do not miss the chance to taste more cakes as bakeries n Lucknow are giving good cake gives that will add more fun to your parties. 

Be it black forest or truffle, red velvet or pineapple- these incredible cake offers are accessible in birthday cakes, designer cakes, and combo cakes & chocolates. 

Bakeries in Lucknow areas also provide discounts and offers but it keeps on changing on a timely purpose and one needs to survey the current offers before placing an order.



Q1. Do cake shops in Lucknow provide home delivery?

Yes, almost all cake shops provide home delivery service.


Q2. Do cake shops near me provide vegan cake?

Although vegan cakes are increasing in popularity, they are, however, not as widely available. It is recommendable inquiring with the cake shops.


Q3. Do cake shops provide birthday candles and party accessories also?

Some bakers or cake shops do provide party accessories while others do not. It is always best to check with the relevant cake shop or visit the outlet nearby.


Q4. Do cake shops nearby provide eggless cake?

Yes, almost all cake shops provide eggless cakes in Lucknow.


Q5. Can I sample the cake before buying?

Yes, most cake shops in Lucknow allow their potential customers to sample cakes before purchase.

A fotball cake for kids in Lucknow



 All types of cakes are available in Lucknow. Customers need ot choose the relevant cake type on the basis of their requirements like occasion/event, price and taste of the party people etc. Buyers may make comparison of cakes online then place their order as online we can get all bakeries cake at one place for comparison.


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 Hair Extensions or Wigs and their Usage

Most of the women do not have the long tresses, due to different reasons, and for them, hair extensions are the best option. Everyone likes beautiful long, fit and healthy hair that makes them look young and sexy. Those who have natural long hair, then people envy you. Hair extensions add volume and length to your hair and give the effect of streaks if you do use different colored hair extensions. People always have wanted their hair to look good. It is not only women but men also want to use hair extensions. People also call them wig. Most Africans have small gizzled hair and want long and straight hair. Many people have black or blond hair but want hair of other color. They also do not want to use hair color as this may spoil their scalp health. In all such cases hair extensions or wigs can be used.


Designer hair extension

Are there any rules for using hair extensions?

Avoid lubricating the scalp and roots, as this can cause hair extensions or wigs to disappear. Do not twist your hair or tie a long ponytail. That is why the lower part of the hair is pulled out. Make sure you do not pull your hair aggressively, even if hard tangled hair is removed. 

When to remove extended hair?

Do not continue hair extensions for four weeks or more. Or if your hair has grown more than 2 inches.


A long hair for women, a little curly

Who is the Best Hair Extensions seller? is the best hair extensions seller in the global market. It is retailer as well as wholesaler. It is an exporter form India as well.


A dense wig or hair extension

Is it okay to swim when you have extended hair or wig?

Swimming is not a problem if you have extended hair. Make sure that your hair does not get wet with water for a long time and wash immediately with salt water or chlorine. Make sure you wear a bathing cap. Before putting on the cap, consider a loose ball and then put on a bathing cap.


Do you know the difference between temporary and permanent hair extensions?

Temporary hair extensions / Wigs: Can be removed daily or weekly. These include clip-in pieces, wefts and ties, to which large pieces of hair are added.

Semi-permanent hair extensions / Wigs: lasts six to eight weeks. He added small pieces of hair as a hair extension.

Permanent hair extensions / Wigs: Wear them for many months. The beach is connected to the beach.


A straight hair extension for women


Are hair extensions bad for your natural hair?

Continuously putting and removing the temporary hair extensions can damage the hair. Used occasionally, they would not cause damage. They will need refitting when your natural hair grows out and starts getting pulled and damaged.

If you opt for permanent hair extensions, then ensure you use the correct products and methods as also do the proper post-care to have them last forever.


Who doesn't need wigs hair extensions?

Those who suffer from active hair loss should stay away from hair extensions. If you have small hair, then there is no need to use wig hair extension. The ideal condition is to combine natural hair density with hair extensions. If you have fine hair, add a small amount of extended hair and those with thick hair can lengthen the hair a lot. 

A high density hair extension for ladies

How do you know what hair extensions to buy?

If you only want to change your appearance for a specific occasion, choose a temporary hair extension. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will last for a variety of occasions such as a wedding, etc. Try semi-permanent hair extensions. If you want to change your appearance forever, choose a permanent hair extension.


How much does the extension cost here?

Now the cost of hair extensions is so subjective. Permanent hair extensions can take 2 to 3 hours to hang, and therefore cost even more. 

Temporary ones are the smallest, semi-permanent ones are more expensive and permanent ones are the most expensive. 

With permanent hair extensions, the cause of time also comes into play.

A pair of comparable hair extensions

How long have the extensions been here?

It will depend on the type of hair extensions you use, the quality of the product and the care you give to your hair and hair extensions.


Why there is need to use hair extensions?

Hair extensions create a layer between natural hair and products like equipment. The main reason for hair extensions is to increase hair length. They can also cover poor quality hairstyles. Hair extensions can also increase hair volume. 

If you want to add color and size to your hair, you can use different hair colors to extend your hair without dyeing natural hair. Sheet hair is made to look thicker, for example by lengthening hair. 

Using hair extensions is also a way to change your hairstyle without having to cut and change natural hair. Nothing boosts confidence when beautiful hair sits right around the scalp. 

Swapping hair on your shoulder is a sign of wonder and hair extensions can help you become a wonder. Using too many chemical heavy products and hair tools that involve heat can damage your natural hair.

Artificial hair extensions


What is Real and Synthetic Hair Extension?

Hair extensions can be made with real hair or with synthetic fibres that emulate hair. Real hair, of course, is the hair extension type that will look the most ideal and ‘real’ but it also faces the problems that any real hair face frizziness, etc. 

Hair extensions made of synthetic fibres are more durable but have a plastic-y look to them. Real hair extensions are costlier than synthetic hair extensions but last longer.


What are the Types of hair extensions?

There are 5 types of hair extensions ... keratin application hair extensions, weaving, hair extensions tape, duct tape and clip. The keratin process follows the extension of the scalp hair with a dry keratin-based "glue" at one end and a dry hot / cold treatment. 

Weaves are hair extensions that are sewn with a needle and can last up to 3 months. 

The hair extensions that are on the glue are the same, but the glue is used to attach the hair extensions to the hair. 

Tape hair extensions are extensions that attach to the hair band from the bottom of the top layer. 

Clip-on hair extensions are temporary, where the upper end of the extension is a clip used to extend natural hair.


A couple of natural hair extensions

What is Color Coding for Hair Extension?

Hair extensions can be done with real hair or synthetic fibers that mimic hair. While using different colored hair extensions may seem more interesting, you need to check how they look on your natural hair. They do not combine naturally as an ombre, burgundy or balayage hair colors. 

Real hair is the type of hair extension that looks most ideal and "real", but it is also related to the problems that every real hair has when it comes to frizz and so on. Choose basically the same hair extensions as your natural hair.

 If you use real hair extensions, you can apply them first and then dye your hair in case of both natural and extensions, according to your choices. 

Real hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but they last longer.


Synthetic hair extension

Keep it routine based

Do you have enough time for the care that hair extensions need? Do you spend time in extreme weather conditions? How busy is your routine? Do you use a lot of heat-based hair products? Depending on your answers to these questions, you need to decide on hair extensions and the type you want to use. For example, if you use a lot of heat-based tools or go to hot yoga, hair extension with tape will not work and hair extensions with keratin will. But if you still want to change your hair color, then the option of applying keratin will not work and hair extension with tape can be a better bet.


Care notice

If you can extend your hair, you need to take care of it. And you need to make sure that the hair extensions you get are good for your hair. 

Choose the right and light hair extensions so that it doesn't attract, weaken or damage your hair. 

For proper hair care and hair extensions, it is necessary to have daily care, good hydration and use natural products without drying chemicals. Hair extensions require a lot of care. 

Find out what you want hair extensions to gain, and also find out about various factors related to hair extension types, their qualities, aftercare, etc. before you decide on hair extensions. If you will have hair extensions included, choose an expert who knows knowledge about hair extensions for best results. 

After applying extended hair, it is advisable to make hair adjustments so that everything looks natural.


Hair health

If your natural hair is damaged, it is better if you prefer it in a better condition. Talk to a hair professional and straighten your hair and then choose a hair extension application. Also, research your hair and choose a hair extension type with the advice of a hair expert. This will make your hair look healthy.


After care

Hair extensions, like your natural hair, require proper care. For a perfect look, extended hair should be washed, blow-dried and treated regularly. Using curative or smoothing treatments, such as straightening or curling hair, can hide the problem. It's a waste of time, but the look and feel of the post is what you're looking for. 

Over time, the ends of extended hair can become uncontrollable, making the extensions visible from natural hair. Products that are identical

What will work on your natural hair may not work on hair extensions. You need to get hair products to help keep your hair and hair extended beautiful. Using a well-mixed brush, make sure that your hair, naturally and elongated hair, is without scrubbing. 

If you feel that your natural hair is drier than normal because the products do not reach the roots of natural hair, split your hair and use a rinse-free hair conditioner spray to ensure that all hair remains hydrated. 

To keep your hair healthy, you need a non-tear sulfate shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner or mask.


Comfort under all circumstances

If at any time you feel that your hair is pulling (no one is pulling it!) Or you feel pain in the scalp, check the extended hair for hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair With or without hair extensions, it is important to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Take care of our hair especially after hair extensions and you will show a beautiful mane. If your scalp itches, play well with your hair; the shampoo may have washed the roots badly.


What are the Mistakes to Avoid in case of Hair Extensions?

Using poor quality hair extensions: Make sure the hair extensions you use are of good quality. It can be expensive, but it will definitely take a long time.

Larger strands for smaller parts: Each strand is attached with a strand of natural hair. Using a longer strand of hair can lead to pregnancy and pulling of natural hair.

Make sure you match the hair extension color: You need to find the color that best suits your natural hair. Hair extensions are prepared in advance with a specific hair color or strands.

Mixing hair extensions into real hair: Hair extensions that are too visible in color, texture and cut do not look good. Mix to look good.

Make sure you do the right care routine: Try simple daily routines, such as tying hair to an empty pony or free night flight and completely drying the hair to the roots. Save hair damage and keep the scalp healthy. Ask a salon expert how to take care of your hair and hair extensions and follow the advice provided.



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Adult Dating with Escort Girls in India with No Strings Attached

Dating in India is not easy, so men also resort to female escorts. Ask every twenty men and you will hear a heartbreaking story of rejection and disappointment. Friendship with benefits has also become a late trend. The gender ratio on dating apps like Tinder is even worse than the gender ratio in Haryana. While the regressive conventional approach has plagued our women for years, it has also deprived our men of fair treatment in dating and in life in general. Many people also prefer to look for as the best option in these busy times. You just need to call or WhatsApp. 

A Call Girl in India

Dating Sex and Relationships

We are looking at some dating concepts in India that, with fundamental shortcomings, can make you wonder how to date in India and allow you to keep Valentine's Day for life.


Women know you want to feel important and such, but cut men a little slow. Your position in the relationship will not be compromised when you first come. Some guys are shy, you know. Some women are so sexy that you run away from your feet. Men who do not lead are considered sissies.


As such, it's just as fun to see men judge the women they actually lead. Except for a few, most women lead easily and with low self-esteem.



No strings included Paid dating and meeting Escort Girls

Women can also be like pornographic women in your bed. It only takes one price and no cords are added. Why lose interest in a woman when she introduces you first?


Sex and Call Girl Encounters Incall and Outcall

Sex is an important part of a relationship and apart from love. Fast and often sex does not make a relationship shallow. What makes it superficial are partners who don't care about each other. Thus, men prefer female escorts for their telephone and departure services at home and at the hotel.


An independent challenge for women seeking men

As we are unfair to men, they will have a really hard time choosing. If a man decides to end a relationship, there is no way to do it without looking like a donkey. But if a woman decides to leave him, she must be defeated. 

In fact, it's not the woman's fault. Some women become escorts looking for men where they can get men and money. Just contact their manager for help and reservations.


The call of women is always consensual

Consensual sex cannot be rape unless they marry it. As an adult call girl, it's an escort girl's decision to live with someone and share a bed. Now that it doesn't work out, don't call everyone sexual rape. It is a provision of the law to have a man on the ball, and we think it is unfair.


Woman on Call for Dating

We Indians are not yet warm about the concept of occasional dating. What happened to the idea of ​​some harmless fun?

Not all relationships can be a serious matter. As adults, we have the right to enjoy intimacy without the emotional exploitation of a serious relationship. No wonder the young men were disappointed.


Now it's very nice to be romantic about the idea of ​​love, but not all love stories end in marriage. The pressure of marriage initially interrupted many love stories.


Love and romance with paid dating

Every romantic date is always about a woman. Get her flowers, give her presents, pamper her, get her on a date. True, every woman or girl likes to be pampered, but not at the expense of being a guy on tiptoe. It is time for us men to give them justice.


A pic showing Adult Escort Woman

Now this may be very true, given the current Indian dating scene, but in fact college girls, housewives, models and actors, or any kind of female conversation, when a boy asks you what day you have at eleven o'clock at night, he is not creep. Maybe he's too busy to send a message that day. 

All men can easily be stereotyped as stalkers and crawlers. But sometimes men. If a woman rejects you, she will reject you. His love for you will not change if you write to him every half hour.  And women, if a man rejects you, it doesn't mean he's a donkey; that is, he is not interested.

Online Dating and Paid Escorts 

Dating application changes the romance of India, the land of arranged marriages. In a country where society does not yet accept informal gender relations, young people are breaking conventions and looking for love and society online, not necessarily with the intention of getting married.

According to fashion observers, the popularity of dating applications is also strongly associated with tectonic sociocultural shifts. Before the Internet, without an Indian culture of dating, young people often encountered the opposite sex with the intention of getting married. 

A call girl

In the 1990s, these interactions began to emerge through a growing number of marital sites such as, and Today, however, relationships that may or may not lead to marriage are more common in the country.

Much of this growth was inspired by 400 million millennials in India, the largest group in the world. 

Female Escorts for Incall Outcall Home Hotel Service

During the pandemic, the dating market grew dramatically as millions of people stayed at home and the country exploded its Internet user base with declining data costs. 

Some people resort to adult dating for time pass and amusement and hire call girls online or through contacts.

Currently, dating applications make up 2.4% of India's total population, with projections of 3.8% by 2024, according to industry surveys.

A pandemic lock-up in India, which has encouraged a broad transition to a more online life, is giving the industry a breeze. For example, OkCupid, launched in 2018, saw a 26% increase in conversations and competitions last year. 

The pandemic witnessed that "many millennials have invested their time in building stronger emotional ties with their potential matches online.

A group of call girls

According to fashion observers, the popularity of dating applications is also strongly associated with tectonic sociocultural shifts. Before the Internet, without an Indian culture of dating, young people often encountered the opposite sex with the intention of getting married. 

In the 1990s, these interactions took place through a growing number of married sites, such as,, and 

Latest Sex Relationships and Dating Trends

Today, however, sexual relationships that may or may not lead to marriage are more common in the country. The exclusions associated with the pandemic, which supported a broad transition to a more online life, are giving the industry a breeze.

Unlike marital websites, dating platforms follow a more liberal approach to relationships based on shared values ​​and lifestyle of users instead of religion, caste or community. This is especially good for young people who waste part of their reserve by traveling more and exposing themselves to Western culture, including in television movies and internet streaming platforms.

A Call Girl in India

Despite the strong wind of change, experienced application founders are adapting products to the needs of India's relatively conservative market.

Independent Female Escorts

Education and the financial freedom of young people, especially women, are making online dating more popular. Therefore they can independently beocme an escort also without a manager. 

Removing social constraints on gender roles in relationships is nowhere clearer than in dating applications. 

As the dating scenario in India evolves, many people turn to dating applications to find love and company. 

Indian parents have also learned to have a more tolerant view of relations between women and men.

A girl on call for fun

It is not just metropolitan young people who are pushing for change. Application managers say they are overwhelmed by the unexpected demand of small communities. Most of our users come from medium-sized cities. Last year, the platform added 3.4 million new users, with 70% being small towns.

Change in Love and Meeting Girls in India

Like many other things, the way we date has changed with the pandemic. In the past, married couples could get to know each other and have much faster access to dating methods. But for most of 2020, interactions will move online. Now, with the return of some pre-pandemic behavior, the future of dating has many new and welcome shifts.


Power PDA Love Making and Romance: With the increase in immunization, the PDA is back and it seems that not only celebrities are involved. Nearly 73 percent of some Indians in the application say they are more open to public affection after a pandemic.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that people are more aware of what they are looking for in a partner and are more focused on dating alone. As we move into the new year, there is a sense of hope and excitement from dating, both virtual and IRL, because India is lifting the ban. With more than 70 percent of Indian singles wanting to "reset" their dating lives, 2022-23 seem to be a big year for romance.

Fun meeting escort services: From cooking together to pottery courses to starting your own business, 75 percent of Indian meetings gain new hobbies and skills. And now it has become part of their dating life again, as 52 percent of the people in the app are planning their appointment according to their new hobbies. It's a quick way to get back on a lock-up date by doing something you already love.

Single and Housewife Girls: We've heard of the 'conscious separation', but 2022 is about finding 'one', not just 'all'. The pandemic has made more than half of us 60% aware that it is okay to be alone. In the future, people choose to be free, with the majority, more than 55% being more thoughtful and more aware of how and when they walk.

Resetters of Adult Dating and Fun: The pandemic brought many changes for the date, but many adjustments by adopting video chat and scheduling virtual meetings. 

Nearly 72 percent of people in the app are ready to press the reset button on their dating tour in the new year. 

An Incall and Outcall escort for Home Hotel Service

With 75 percent of the pandemic, the priority was to find a partner who would be more emotionally available. More than half or 55% of people have changed dramatically what they are looking for in a partner.

Sex Dating analysis: A pandemic has almost half of the people, about45% in survey, what is their "type". Looking to 2022-23, more than half of application data will describe their approach to dating as exploration fun.

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