How do Dolphins Mate?


Scientist: In short, Dolphins for mating they are abnormal, they have evolved human characteristics

Dolphins should be the most friendly marine animals with humans. Those who accidentally fall into the sea, if you encounter sharks, it is probably more bad luck, but if dolphins are nearby, they may come in groups to save you, and why do dolphins? Will save people, even scientists can't explain it!

However, according to a recent study, the evolution of dolphins seems to be beyond the expectations of scientists. According to scientists, dolphins already possess some of the characteristics of humans!


In the ocean, dolphins have evolved human characteristics?

Dolphin is a collective term for some toothed whales, so dolphins are a kind of whale, and there are dozens of species under the dolphin family. 

For example, the baiji in our country is also a kind of dolphins. Their body length ranges from about 1 meter to 30 kilograms of dwarf dolphins. 

At 9.5 meters and weighing 14 tons, the killer whale uses echolocation and has a high IQ, complex brain sulcus, good memory, and is very friendly with humans.


Personality Characteristics of Dolphins

Psychologists at the University of Hull have studied 134 bottlenose dolphins in eight countries for nearly a decade. 

It turns out that their curiosity, sociality, and "personality characteristics" are completely mosaic with the "extroversion and favorability" of primates, which means that they also have their own unique personality characteristics.

They found that, just like primates, these aquatic mammals such as dolphins show curiosity, sociality and personality traits, which are a combination of "extroversion and affection." 

Generally, these professional words used to describe monkeys and apes. Previous studies believed that they have "personality characteristics" similar to those of humans.


Are Dolphines social primates?

According to Dr. Blake Morton, a psychologist at the University of Hull, animals like dolphins are as social as primates. Living in groups and socializing contributes to the development of dolphins’ intelligence. 

The "group living" of chimpanzees and bottlenose dolphins is called a "fission and fusion" society. Their group size and organization members often change during their life cycle: split or merge.


Thesis of Dr. Blake Morton's team on Dolphins

The psychological characteristics of human beings include "Openness to experience", "Conscientiousness", "Extroversion", "Agreeableness" and "Neuroticism" , The last one is also called neuroticism.


Dolphins mating

The results of the study of 134 dolphins (56 males and 78 females) by the researchers are that the characteristics of bottlenose dolphins are almost consistent with this model. 

The openness, sociality and emotional instability are the same as those of humans, but the fourth Directionality, which is a mixture of high earnestness and low neuroticism, is unique to dolphins. 

Despite this, Dr. Morton still said that dolphins are very similar to humans, and that dolphins, like other primates, have a much greater need for the brain than to complete the basic functions of the body!

Dr. Morton said that studying the smartest animal in the ocean helps to understand ourselves.


Dolphins with human characteristics, how do they mate?

Dolphins are the cutest marine animals, but scientists define them as one of the most "perverted" animals, especially male dolphins, which are not much different from "beasts". Sorry, dolphins are actually beasts!

The bottlenose dolphins mentioned above have always adopted violent behavior in the matter of reproduction. 

A group of adult male dolphins often surround the female dolphins in groups, and then flap the female dolphins with their fins, or even directly Crash them until the female dolphins cooperate to reproduce. 

Although the male dolphins are very violent, the time is very short. It only takes 10-20 seconds to end the battle.

It is said that this is due to the special structure of the dolphin’s genitals. 

For example, the male dolphin’s genital muscles are very strong and can even hold things, while the female dolphin’s nine bends and eighteen bends, the internal muscles can move on their own. 

This male dolphin can move by itself in just a few seconds. Surrendered.



In addition to violence, male dolphins are sometimes homosexual. They may even find a same-sex to live, or they can use the carcasses of other animals to solve problems on their own. 

Of course, it is normal to have unethical behavior towards their offspring or previous generations, so Zoologists say that dolphins are one of the most chaotic species of animals, even more chaotic than bonobos!


 How do humans treat cute dolphins?

In addition to being a little messy in the relationship between the sexes, the dolphin, a highly intelligent animal, is not harmful to humans. It can save your life in case of danger, so it is a good friend! But how do humans treat them?


The world’s large-scale hunting of dolphins is the Faroe Islands and Japan, especially the latter, where more than tens of thousands have been killed. 

For example, there were 13,080 whales and dolphins hunted across Japan in 2007, of which the number of dolphins hunted in Taiji Town was 1569, the documentary "Dolphin Bay" was shot in Taiji Town, of course, using the form of sneak shots, thus showing the bloody process of Japan's bloody hunting of dolphins before the eyes of global audiences.

However, even after it was made public, Japan did its own thing, and the so-called "scientific whaling" in the South Pacific continued madly. 

After all, this kind of international conventions are honestly followed. For countries with no lower limit, there is no restriction. Forceful.

Killer whales are also called killer whales, but they have no real record of killing people in the ocean. However, in the summer of 2020, there was a frantic attack on sailboats by killer whales near the Strait of Gibraltar. 

There were more than 40 incidents throughout the summer, but they only attacked the rudder. Swear not to stop without tearing the rudder to pieces!

According to the biologist Dr. Renault de Stephenis, the companions of this group of killer whales frantically attacking the rudder of the ship were injured by the rudder of the sailing ship, so they are revenge for their companions. This may lead to a result, this kind of high IQ Once animals think that humans are enemies, then our activities in the ocean will be greatly hindered in the future, after all, killer whales can easily tear people to pieces.

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