November 2021


Pinata Cakes Delhi Noida Gurgaon India Designs Online Cake Delivery

There comes some occasion or event when you want to give some unforgettable memories to the gifts or cakes recipients, then you have to plan some designer type cakes from the trustworthy pinata cake delivery platform in your city like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. in India. Bakeries are continuously trying new things, which is how they came up with the concept of pinata cakes online, mostly with a hammer so that the charm of any party or event celebration enhances. If you really want to make your celebrations exciting and memorable, you should order pinata cakes online or go to a reputable local baker. You can quickly send pinata cakes online to delight your near or dear ones. The thrill and excitement comes from breaking open the pinata cake, preferale with a hammer, and unveiling the delectable surprise inside at the celebration. With each pinata cake, you will receive a pinata cakes breaking or smashing hammer and decorated with few ribbons. You can also buy pinata cakes online for all exciting and desired occasions to create some happy and pleasing memories with your near or dear ones in life. So, make your presence with such delectable pinata cakes at their most desirable and significant events.

A Pinata cake image

You may want to show your immense love in your relationships, then you may express it with online pinata cake delivery to make the recipient feel the bliss. 

14 Pinata Cake in India FAQs

Following are some questions and answers concerning pinata cakes in India:

Q1. How can pinata cake help in gifting?

Ans. If you have a habit of buying gifts in a hurry just on time then an online pinata cake in India might be the ideal way to surprise your loved ones without any hassle. 

Pinata cake design in Delhi

Q2. Do bakers in India provide the same day pinata cake delivery?

Ans. Many bakers in India like in cities such as Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Mmbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc. provide the same day pinata cake delivery which can make your celebrations memorable. 

Pinata cake image in Noida

Q3. Are pinata cake prices in India affordable?

Ans. The bakeries in India also offer pinata cake with rich taste at affordable price. You just need to get into the bakers’ online cakes portal and locate the different varieties of cakes over there. 

All cake sellers ensure you will find all the delectable cake choices according to your preferences. 

A pinata cake also makes everyone feel happy and very special with their mouth watering flavors and appearance with excitement.

Pinata cake in with hammer

Q4. How good are pinata cake designs in India?

Ans. The designs of pinata cakes in India like in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, etc. are charming that help to impress your loved ones instantly and give some unforgettable memories of the celebrations.

The main motive of the bakeries or cake sellers is to provide quality cakes delivery service to their valuable customers. 

A 3D Pinata cake in Delhi

Q5. How Pinata Cakes are helpful in celebrating occasions in India?

Ans. You may get various trending themed and designer pinata cakes in India to commemorate your memorable celebration occasion.

If you like to make a perfect surprise for your close people, it is important to go with designer pinata cakes online on their special events or occasions. 

Pinata cake in design

Q6. Are pinata cakes good for showing love and affection|?

Ans. The piñata cake with customized graphic appearances in India looks more attractive and is always the best choice for showing your deep love and affection towards anyone.

 You can even send pinata cake online to delight your best kith and kin anywhere in Indian cities.


Pinata cake in idea

Q7. What is a 3D Pinata Cake?

Ans. Some 3-D-looking pinata cakes loaded inside with candies are known as Pinata cakes which people find as the best for celebrating all the special occasions in India.

Pinata cake in Delhi bakery

Q8. Are there eggless pinata cakes also available in India?

For vegetarians people you can even seek eggless pinata cakes online from the cake shops. These are available in all cities like Delhi Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc.

You may also personalize the pinata cakes with your personal messages, name, quotes or theme to show your deep concern. 

You may also complement your gift with pinata cake to delight your family members or friend.

Chocolate Pinata cake in Delhi

Q9. Can I also get pinata cake delivery at mid night in India?

Ans. Pinata cakes can make your celebration more thrilling and memorable. Nothing can beat a delicious pinata cake at midnight from loved ones. 

It is a lovely and amazing feeling to send a cake at mid-night to surprise your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Bakers are always willing to help with midnight cake delivery service pan India like Delhi Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc

Pinata cake in Gurugram

Q10. What does piñata cake mean?

Ans. Pinata cake has been named after the Mexican fiesta centrepieces crafted of papier mache and laden with gifts. 

Its features a hollow in the centre that may be filled with your favorite treats. 

This you may rupture with a hammer which marks the occasion with a bang.

Golden Pinata cake in Delhi

Q11. What is peculiarity of pinata cake?

Pinata cakes are very popular in cities like Delhi Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc. 

A pinata cakes pack goodies such as gems, macaroons, chocolates and cupcakes inside, which come as a sweet surprise for the recipient.   

This creates an x-factor that will keep everyone guessing as to what really is packed inside it.

The ideas behind the Pinata cakes are to make the cake cutting ceremonies exciting and with peculiarity. 

A Pinata cake for him in Delhi-NCR

Q12. What is the minimum weight of pinata cake required for serving 6 people?

Ans. The minimum weight of pinata cake for serving 6 people in a party is around one kilogram.

A Pinata cake online for delivery image

Q13. What flavours are available in pinata cakes in India?

Ans. Pinata cake flavours are like vanilla, chocolate, black forest, strawberry,  butterscotch, etc. which are available in Indian cities as Delhi Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc.


A Pinata cake in gift item

Q14. What is the starting price range of a pinata cake?

Ans. The starting price range of a Pinata Cake depends on the flavour and type of the cake whic is around that of a fondant cake i.e. around Rs. 1700/Kg.

A Pinata cake in photo


Pinatas are trending cakes in Indian cities like Delhi Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Noida, Faridabad Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc., baked with high quality ingredients. You may order them online the trending pinata cake with a hammer.  You may choose any of the pinata cake designs online and you will get a sturdy wooden or plastic hammer along with it to break the shell of the pinata cakes. You may later also use the hammer for any other purposes. A variety of pinata cakes online are available with the bakers. You may try a 3D-heart shaped pinata cake with gems and chocolates for an anniversary or any of the romantic occasions. You may order ball-shaped pinata cakes, basket-ball themed pinata cakes, globe theme pinata cake, tiered pinata cake. You may shop for ordering pinata cake online anytime, anywhere in this digital world now.

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Blind Dating Among Foreign and Indian People

India, I hate you, I will never, never come again. This book is called "Enlightenment (Hindu Pilgrimage)", it is a travel literature, it is Sara's record during 1999 to 2001 in India, including life, love and faith.

I think this book attracts me from these two aspects, one is travel literature, and the other is the world of women.

The preface of the recommendation describes Sarah’s "Comprehensive Enlightenment": "Her perception is of a stranger, but her expression is very Indian."

I think this is the best interpretation of travel literature.

Travel literature is literature that reflects travel life. There is another special feature of Sarah's "Comprehensive Enlightenment", that is, I think Sarah personally defined her life in India from 1999 to 2001 not only as travel, but also as life, a process of finding faith.

So in her writing, not only the Indian wedding, but also herself in the Indian wedding. She attended the wedding of Mulchand’s daughter. As a white, she was noble and was swarmed to the forefront; she attended Simi’s wedding and received Simi’s mother’s toe ring; she witnessed Padma’s finding The husband’s process, but she also knew about Padma’s mother’s funeral...

So, for India, Sarah is a stranger, but from her writing, we seem to be able to see India. I mean, although I have never been to India, in the process of reading, I But it seems to be able to be in India. I think this is one of the charms of Sarah's "Enlightenment".

Sarah described women of all social classes: their dreams, happiness, resistance, obedience, wisdom, despair, sadness, narrow-mindedness, tolerance and most importantly, their love, love for family, love for life, for others Love.

International Dating by Indians

The second charm point-the world of women, is actually inseparable from the first charm point-travel literature. Because this is what Sara felt when she lived in India under international dating by Indian men and women.

Those faceless Indian women are the victims of the "sorry to burn their wives", The hospital is a holy place, but it is not for Indian women, they will be raped here; when Sara is sick, the doctor said, "You must be in Die while performing duties." But Sarah was puzzled by this duty. The doctor said, "No job? No husband? No children? You are not a filial daughter?"

Padma was on the blind date, "with a smile on her face." It’s like she’s applying for a life-long slave job.” Sara was REJECTED when she applied for a visa, but when Jonathan came, she was successful. “In this country, there are only people with a hand In India, a woman who loses her husband loses her status. People say to a woman who loses her husband: "Your husband must not love you, so he left you so early."

Sara is a woman, so in India, where the status of women is very low, almost all of Sara's contacts are women. We may have glimpsed a corner of the low status of Indian women in "Toilet Hero", but in Sarah's pen, you can see almost everything. In real life, there are not so many heroes, more is life.

You will not live in peace when you return to India this time. You will dance with death and be reborn here. Fate is impermanent, and you will also change like a chameleon. You will meet many people to show you the way, and you will travel all over the land of gods in India and find faith.

When the astrologer enumerated the achievements of India without shame, all Sarah thought was the restlessness after coming. However, later, she would feel for the first time that she might like this country. It was at a party selected by Razu, because "the scene here is the same as when I was studying", and I think it was also because it was a party for young people. Later, she will feel: Health and wealth will not bring me peace of mind, body and soul.

Time and time again, she finally found her faith, and she realized her faith during her pilgrimage to India.

I realized that no matter how many sexy lovers you have, no matter how much money you make, no matter what you make a living, no matter how handsome you look, what really matters is how you live.

Also, the child in her belly.

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 Organic Food and GMO Comparison

Every family hopes that the food on their table is both delicious and healthy.

But now everyone does not have a clear and unified understanding of healthier food. Many people think that organic food is the best, and can never be compared to GMO food but there are also many people who think that organic food is just a gimmick for business promotion, and there is no substantial difference from regular food.


Although organic food has been in people's field of vision for a long time, many consumers are still hesitating and entangled whether to eat organic food after learning about organic food.


Natural Organic Food in India

Of course, this may be because the price of organic food is higher, but it is more likely because everyone does not know enough about organic food.


So should we eat organic food? Is organic food a more correct choice?

Let's analyze it from several aspects.


1. For health-organic food is the more correct choice than GMO

Organic food is produced and processed in accordance with organic farming and processing methods, contrary to GMO. 

Organic food meets international or national organic food requirements and standards, and has passed the certification of my country's national organic food certification agency. 

The quality and safety of this kind of food is more guaranteed!


As the organic food production process does not use any chemically synthesized substances such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical pesticides, and genetic engineering and its processed products.


Therefore, organic food produced in accordance with organic standards is chemical-free, non-additive, and pesticide-free, and can avoid all diseases caused by pesticide residues. For humans, nature will be more natural and healthier.


In addition, organic food contains more iron, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements and vitamin C than conventional foods, and the content of heavy metals and carcinogenic nitric acid is lower.


The content of phenolic compounds in organic foods is also higher than that in conventional foods. 

Even Omega-3 fatty acids, which humans cannot synthesize by themselves and can only be supplemented by food, are contained in organic foods than conventional foods.


In general, organic food can provide more nutrients for human health, so organic food is the more correct choice for maintaining health.


2. For the environment-organic food is the more correct choice

Since organic food is grown in accordance with organic standards which is not in GMO, the requirements for the environment are very high. For example, the requirements of organic agriculture for the environment are: the air, water source, and soil of the planting base are tested to be free of pollution, and there must be no pollution sources such as industrial areas and garbage areas within 9 kilometers of the surrounding area.


Therefore, when organic farmers grow organic food, in order to grow food that meets organic standards, they will strictly follow the standards and treat the environment more friendly.


In the organic standard, the land must have an "organic conversion period." In order to grow food that meets the organic standard, organic growers must convert the organically grown land for 2-3 years to make the soil healthier. For the environment, healthy soil is also conducive to the improvement of the environment.


Therefore, choosing organic food requires organic producers to adopt more environmentally friendly and beneficial measures to carry out organic planting, which also allows organic agriculture to have a better environmental condition and maintain sustainable development.


On the other hand, the development of organic agriculture actually has certain constraints on the environment. More and more conventional planting is converted to organic planting, which will also make our environment better.


3. For biology-organic food is the more correct choice than GMO

Because of global warming, climate change and other issues, many creatures on the earth have become rare animals and plants, and many have even become extinct. To prevent this GMO is being brought about according to claims.


The disappearance of plants and animals has gradually reduced the biodiversity on the earth, which is very detrimental to our earth.


But if human beings gradually choose organic agriculture, choose organic food, develop agriculture in a way that is more conducive to nature and the survival of animals and plants, and protect soil, water, air, etc. Then our environment will be more natural, our biological It will be able to maintain a richer diversity and retain more rare animals and plants.


Therefore, choosing organic food is not only a choice of a healthier lifestyle, but also a choice that is more beneficial to our environment and biodiversity. Therefore, organic food is also a more correct choice for preserving biodiversity.


Everyone has a clearer answer to the question of "whether you want to eat organic food", and things that are more beneficial to human health, the ecological environment, and biodiversity shouldn’t be more.

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The $420 billion Arms Feast is just Business or not

People in formal attire walked back and forth by the clean booth, surrounded by flowers, wine and food. This is an elegant and joyful occasion. Only the metallic guns that occasionally show up make the visitors realize that they are in a weapons exhibition.


Ordinary people who want to see the face of arms dealers can only imagine by watching science fiction movies like "Creed". Photographer Nikita Teryoshin found a way in reality. Since 2016, he has been filming at 14 weapons exhibitions held around the world, trying to get a glimpse of the "backstage" of the war in this way.


Is arms sale an invisible battlefield?

The arms sale is an ancient and mysterious business, but its scale should not be underestimated. According to data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in Sweden in 2019, from 2015 to 2019, the global arms trade volume increased by approximately 6% from 2010 to 2014. In 2019 alone, global arms sales have climbed by nearly 5%, and the total amount of transactions reached 420 billion US dollars.


Infographics on Billion Arms Business

The arms exhibition is usually called the "defense exhibition" or "weapons and equipment exhibition". Officials, arms dealers and second-hand arms dealers will conduct arms sales here. 

The exhibition is open to the public media, and photographers only need to register to participate. Some famous defense exhibitions are held every two years, such as the European International Defense Exhibition (Salito Defense Exhibition), the largest UAE defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi in North Africa and the Middle East.


Born in Russia, Teryoshin is a freelance photographer and moved to Germany when he was 13 years old. Watching exhibitions is his way of getting inspiration for photography. The bizarre exhibitions he visited include dog exhibitions, funeral exhibitions, and so on.

 In 2016, Teryoshin visited the European Hunting Fair in Dortmund, Germany. Here, he noticed people's fascination with guns: some people love guns, some people pick up guns to play and practice "aim". After that, Teryoshin wanted to see what the real arms trade fair was like. In September of that year, he went to Kirce, Poland to participate in the largest arms trade fair in Eastern Europe.


At the exhibition, he saw that weapons such as flame guns, tanks, and drones are usually displayed at the arms exhibition, many of which are the latest models. Some manufacturers will take out the rocket launcher, let people try to simulate the feeling of launch. 

As long as the rules are followed, visitors can "play" freely, but occasionally they are blocked. If the exhibits are labeled with "no photos allowed", he will not take photos.


Military fans become excited in these "adult playgrounds." They have the opportunity to touch various weapons in person, and they can also participate in a simulated war without paying the price of their lives-because the "corpse" is just a human body model and pixels on the simulator screen. The exhibition will also stage many surreal scenes. 

Teryoshin has seen such a scene in the UAE. The organizer suddenly brought out a huge commemorative cake. People cheered. Many people began to cut cakes around bombs and explosives, and dig them with plastic spoons to eat. The scene was joyous and chaotic.


The fatal behind the elegance

Richard Gatlin, the inventor of the Gatling machine gun, once said: "If I can invent a machine gun with a fast rate of fire that allows one person in the war to complete 100 tasks, then we don’t need so much. Large weapons can also prevent more people from falling into positional warfare and disease."



In 2018, the European Defense Exhibition in Paris, France, is the world's largest exhibition of national defense and land and air equipment.


It's unclear whether this is hypnotizing yourself or others, but some arms dealers do have a similar psychology. In the process of going to the weapons exhibition many times, Teryoshin got acquainted with some arms dealers, and they would chat together. These people look no different from others, some are even handsome, humorous, and full of personal charm. For these people, as long as they can support their families, selling weapons may be no different from selling vacuum cleaners.


At the exhibition, some manufacturers slogans "Defending the Peace for 70 Years" and "Designing for Life". It sounds like arms trading has really become a matter of benefiting the people and the country. "This is similar to propaganda. They make people believe that starting a war is the result of no choice. 

In addition, in order not to make themselves feel sad, some people who produce and sell these things will choose to believe this statement." Teryoshin told China News The Weekly said.


As Herbert Marcuse pointed out in his masterpiece "One-dimensional Man" in the 1960s: "This is a customary technique in the advertising industry, which is systematically used to'shape' a tight Grasping the intent and product will help promote the image of people and products."


Instead of bloody and cruelty, the arms exhibition is such a stage-like magical place, but their boldness has also triggered resistance from ordinary people. In 2017, London, England, hosted the world's largest weapons exhibition, which triggered many peace lovers to take to the streets to protest. More than 100 people were arrested for this.



In 2020, the DefExpo-2020 weapons exhibition will be held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, northern India. India’s defense budget ranks fifth in the world, and India’s arms and military equipment market is considered to be one of the most numerous, promising and dynamic markets in the modern world.


These photos are Teryoshin's personal expressions, and they are also a tribute to the surrealist anti-war works of John Heartfield, the founder of Dadaism and photographer John Heartfield in the 20th century. The arms exhibition, the "backstage of war", has a beautiful illusion, but we must go beyond this deceptiveness and see that behind the game-like appearance, the danger of war is always a man-made, imminent time bomb.


Teryoshin used "Nothing personal, Just bussiness" (Nothing personal, Just bussiness) to describe the true appearance of the arms exhibition in his mind. He feels that the relationship between weapons and war is like the relationship between chickens and eggs, mutual cause and effect.


 How to do Love and Dating Business for 1.3 billion people?

In India, there are two ways to get married, depending on how conservative you or your family are: you can ask your parents to arrange a blind date, or you can find someone yourself.


Only those who can make their own decisions and are willing to break through themselves will choose free love. After all, in small towns in India, dating is a very rare social phenomenon and a shameful behavior.


What is the condition of Dating on One night Stands?

For one-night stands, there are voices of opposition everywhere; in some cities or regions, if someone knows about a date, it can put oneself in a very dangerous situation-being harassed by the police or even being "honorly killed" (male members use "defend the family" On the grounds of "honor", they killed female family members who believed they had an "improper relationship" with a man).

Love and dating process

What is the situation of dating apps in the love market of India?

But despite such great cultural resistance, the Indian dating market is still expanding. According to Statista's 2020 online dating service report, there are approximately 38 million dating users in India, ranked in terms of income, and India is second only to the United States and China.

The epidemic has also had a miraculous effect on the promotion of dating apps. For several months, the quarantine continued to blow this wave from urban households to smaller towns, helping dating apps to penetrate the market that was previously considered difficult to handle.


Indian companies all want to seize this opportunity to use their unique Indian cultural characteristics to reach people who are eager to date and make friends, except those in the city, especially those Indians who do not speak English.


1. Finding love in "New India"

In India, online dating is a fairly new business.

The local dating site only appeared in 2013, and the trend of dating apps only started after the arrival of Tinder in 2014. Since then, dating apps like Bumble, Happn, and Hinge, which are popular all over the world, have also become popular in India.


What is the condition of LGBT dating and its apps in India?

With the decriminalization of homosexuality in the 2018 India Act, LGBTQ (sexual minorities) dating software like Grindr has entered India, and the most mainstream Tinder and Bumble have also begun to add features that allow users to find same-sex couples. However, it is still very difficult to reach areas outside the city.


Although India’s culture is very diverse, mainstream apps still use English as the interface language. Although only 12% of Indians speak English, English has become the lingua franca of India. However, dating and dating app companies do not think this is a hindrance.


TrulyMadly Homepage Introduction

Snehil Khanor, the co-founder and CEO of Indian dating software TrulyMadly, said: “People may not speak English well, but they can understand the functions of the App in English.” TrulyMadly is currently only available in English, but App developers are generally It is believed that in most cases, users can transliterate or write in other languages ​​in Roman characters.


Apps are also working hard to adapt to the special needs of the Indian market. For many years, Indian dating sites have been designed for people seeking serious relationships. 

Sites like and are for people to find lifelong partners and arrange marriages for their children. Matrimony is India's largest matchmaking website with approximately 5 million active users.


Able Joseph, co-founder of dating software Aisle, said: “When Western dating software enters the Indian market, they naturally think that apps that provide one-night stand matching can do the same thing as serious dating software.” So when Tinder came to India, it was relatively The conservative parent company did not enter the market together.


In 2014, Joseph founded Aisle, a "strong purpose" dating software. It is neither as casual as Tinder nor as serious as a matchmaking website. Instead, it gives future brides and grooms more autonomy and a more relaxed and independent atmosphere.


2. Small towns, great potential for dating apps

Indian cultural customs also hinder dating apps from entering small towns. Many women fear that these dating apps will also bring moral condemnation. In small towns, people are likely to meet people who know themselves or their family members on the App. 

Due to the resistance of Indian culture to dating and premarital sex, women are more likely to incur serious consequences, and false personal information and phishing in the App are also common, further reducing safety.


In March 2020, after India announced its home isolation policy, a consultant Tejveer Kalsi returned from Gurgaon to his home in Lucknow. When he first arrived home, he was stunned by the low popularity of dating apps. This is at least a medium-sized city with a population of 2.9 million.

 "Many young people are reluctant to expose too much personal information. The main concern is privacy, because in many small cities in India, dating apps are still uncharted territory."


Love lust and passion infographics

Despite this, the social isolation caused by the epidemic has successfully brought many people together through dating apps.


India’s quarantine policy during the epidemic is very strict, which also opens up the development of dating apps in small cities such as Ranchi (population 1.1 million), Bhubaneshwar (population 840,000) and Guwahati (population 1.1 million). Made a breakthrough.


The same is the dating software TrulyMadly founded in 2014. Last year, its revenue in small cities increased by 10 times compared with the same period last year.


TrulyMadly positions itself as a strong-purpose dating app, with the goal of "matching your partner on your terms". In order to achieve this slogan, it has a luxurious paid version that expands the scope of user matching. 

This version costs $5.98 a week, which greatly narrows the crowd who want serious dates.


Aisle has customized a more comprehensive profile page specifically for Indian users, with a feature that allows single people to decide in advance whether they are willing to accept matches. Joseph, co-founder of Aisle, said that these issues are based on sensitive Indian customs. "

For example, many Indians believe in astrology and constellations, which is also a piece of information we provide," he said.


What is marriage condition in conservative families of India?

These are the keys to entering the Indian market. Marriage is often seen as a union of two families, not as individuals, Joseph said. "These cultures are deeply ingrained, especially those brought up by more conservative families. For example, Indian families believe that finding a partner in their own ethnic group is very important," he said. "Apps like Aisle can assist you in these subconscious decisions. "


Aisle’s "One by Two" Indian dating advt

Aisle also shot a series of commercials tribute to "Indian dating". For example, "one by two" soup share (sharing a bowl of soup) is a tribute to the money-saving technique used by the poor old-fashioned large families in India in the past.



For dating companies, if they are simply making money from urban people trapped in their hometowns during the epidemic, this gold rush does not seem to last forever, but this is at least an opportunity to break into the potential market.


According to Statista's 2020 data, although India contributes the third highest income in the world in terms of online dating, the penetration rate of dating apps in India is only 2.23%, ranking 111th in the world. The challenge for Indian dating apps to break into small towns has just begun.



They hope that further cultural evolution can help. The constant changes in attitudes towards love and marriage may eventually remove the "shame" of dating and making friends in the hearts of the vast majority of conservatives in India. TrulyMadly's Khanor said with a smile: “Marriage and love have always been just needed in India, but dating and making friends is taboo.” He hopes that Indian parents and their children of marriageable age will watch Netflix shows, eat in the same restaurants, and shop online like young people.


Perhaps only in this way, the social transformation of dating and making friends will slowly succeed.

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