Is Organic Food better than GMO?

 Organic Food and GMO Comparison

Every family hopes that the food on their table is both delicious and healthy.

But now everyone does not have a clear and unified understanding of healthier food. Many people think that organic food is the best, and can never be compared to GMO food but there are also many people who think that organic food is just a gimmick for business promotion, and there is no substantial difference from regular food.


Although organic food has been in people's field of vision for a long time, many consumers are still hesitating and entangled whether to eat organic food after learning about organic food.


Natural Organic Food in India

Of course, this may be because the price of organic food is higher, but it is more likely because everyone does not know enough about organic food.


So should we eat organic food? Is organic food a more correct choice?

Let's analyze it from several aspects.


1. For health-organic food is the more correct choice than GMO

Organic food is produced and processed in accordance with organic farming and processing methods, contrary to GMO. 

Organic food meets international or national organic food requirements and standards, and has passed the certification of my country's national organic food certification agency. 

The quality and safety of this kind of food is more guaranteed!


As the organic food production process does not use any chemically synthesized substances such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical pesticides, and genetic engineering and its processed products.


Therefore, organic food produced in accordance with organic standards is chemical-free, non-additive, and pesticide-free, and can avoid all diseases caused by pesticide residues. For humans, nature will be more natural and healthier.


In addition, organic food contains more iron, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements and vitamin C than conventional foods, and the content of heavy metals and carcinogenic nitric acid is lower.


The content of phenolic compounds in organic foods is also higher than that in conventional foods. 

Even Omega-3 fatty acids, which humans cannot synthesize by themselves and can only be supplemented by food, are contained in organic foods than conventional foods.


In general, organic food can provide more nutrients for human health, so organic food is the more correct choice for maintaining health.


2. For the environment-organic food is the more correct choice

Since organic food is grown in accordance with organic standards which is not in GMO, the requirements for the environment are very high. For example, the requirements of organic agriculture for the environment are: the air, water source, and soil of the planting base are tested to be free of pollution, and there must be no pollution sources such as industrial areas and garbage areas within 9 kilometers of the surrounding area.


Therefore, when organic farmers grow organic food, in order to grow food that meets organic standards, they will strictly follow the standards and treat the environment more friendly.


In the organic standard, the land must have an "organic conversion period." In order to grow food that meets the organic standard, organic growers must convert the organically grown land for 2-3 years to make the soil healthier. For the environment, healthy soil is also conducive to the improvement of the environment.


Therefore, choosing organic food requires organic producers to adopt more environmentally friendly and beneficial measures to carry out organic planting, which also allows organic agriculture to have a better environmental condition and maintain sustainable development.


On the other hand, the development of organic agriculture actually has certain constraints on the environment. More and more conventional planting is converted to organic planting, which will also make our environment better.


3. For biology-organic food is the more correct choice than GMO

Because of global warming, climate change and other issues, many creatures on the earth have become rare animals and plants, and many have even become extinct. To prevent this GMO is being brought about according to claims.


The disappearance of plants and animals has gradually reduced the biodiversity on the earth, which is very detrimental to our earth.


But if human beings gradually choose organic agriculture, choose organic food, develop agriculture in a way that is more conducive to nature and the survival of animals and plants, and protect soil, water, air, etc. Then our environment will be more natural, our biological It will be able to maintain a richer diversity and retain more rare animals and plants.


Therefore, choosing organic food is not only a choice of a healthier lifestyle, but also a choice that is more beneficial to our environment and biodiversity. Therefore, organic food is also a more correct choice for preserving biodiversity.


Everyone has a clearer answer to the question of "whether you want to eat organic food", and things that are more beneficial to human health, the ecological environment, and biodiversity shouldn’t be more.

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