August 2020


How did hundreds of billions of desert locusts come form? 

Locusts began a migration journey across continents. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recently said that the situation of the global desert locust disaster has deteriorated since the beginning of this year. The locust plague spread to parts of East Africa, West Asia and South Asia, and has spread to more than 10 countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Iran, Yemen, India and Pakistan. The food security of tens of millions of people is threatened.


The "desert locust" that caused the locust plague is the main agricultural pest on the river valleys and oasis of tropical desert areas in Africa and Asia. So, how did this large-scale locust colony form?


Climate factors create conditions for rapid propagation of locusts

According to Cresman, a senior official of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization for Locust Disaster Prediction, the locust disaster crisis dates back to two cyclone storms in 2018.


In May 2018, cyclone "Mekunu" (Mekunu) struck the Rub Al Khali desert in the southern Arabian Peninsula, and rainfall prompted seasonal lakes in the desert. The hot and humid environment promotes plant growth and creates conditions for the first rapid propagation of local desert locusts. 

Five months later, another cyclone "Luban" hit the nearby border between Yemen and Oman, once again contributing to the breeding of locusts. Cresman estimates that in the nine months from June 2018 to March 2019, the local desert locusts have reproduced for three generations, and the number has increased by 8,000 times.


After an explosive reproduction, in order to find new food, the desert locust began a "migration journey" across continents.

In January 2019, the first locust swarms spread to Yemen, other parts of Saudi Arabia, and southwestern Iran. In the summer of 2019, locust swarms crossed the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden into Ethiopia and Somalia. At the end of December 2019, locust swarms began to enter Kenya. By January this year, Kenya was facing the worst locust disaster in 70 years. Since then, the locust swarm has continued to move to Uganda and Tanzania. At the same time, some locust swarms invaded Pakistan and India via Iran.


The turbulence in some areas has helped the locust disaster

In addition to climatic reasons, it was pointed out that the turbulent situation in the region has also become the "accomplice" of the locust plague. Due to successive years of civil war, Yemen lacked the system and ability to prevent locust disasters, which led to the continuous growth of locust swarms and migration to other countries.

 In Somalia, some areas are controlled by terrorist organizations, and locust disaster prevention and control measures cannot be effectively implemented.


Hundreds of Billions of Desert Locusts Migration
Migrating desert Locusts

How to solve the locust disaster predicament?

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that if it is not contained, the number of locusts will rise sharply, possibly reaching 500 times the current number in June. The most important thing to suppress the locust plague is to find the places where the locusts may gather and kill them before they become social. For the locust swarms that have been affected, they can be killed by spraying pesticides in the air or on the ground.


How did the 400 billion desert locusts disappear in India and Pakistan after the Internet screen was refreshed?

According to official reports from India, this locust plague has now been brought under control. But the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has said that another severe desert locust plague is ravaging East Africa. 

So what is the relationship between the locust plague in India and the locust plague in East Africa? 

Zhang Zehua, a researcher at the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, explained in an interview with the Global Times on the 19th that the desert locust on the border between India and Pakistan was moved from East Africa in June 2019, and used the powerful westerly jet to travel eastward. 

 Flying over West Asia to reach the border between India and Pakistan. After spawning and breeding, a recent locust disaster has formed. This year, locust swarms are forming in East Africa. Only when the climatic conditions are suitable in June will the desert locusts migrate to southern Iran and the border between India and Pakistan.


Zhang Zehua believes that the scale of the locust disaster this year is relatively large, because the desert locust population was relatively large in the previous year and last year, resulting in a large increase in egg production. 

In addition, the relatively large rainfall in the occurrence area in Africa is conducive to the hatching of locusts, resulting in an exponential increase in the number this year. Many countries were caught off guard, so they did not form an effective defense.


Zhang Zehua believes that the desert locust arriving in India and Pakistan is unlikely to migrate directly into China's inland areas due to the Tibetan Plateau. However, he reminded that the desert locust diffusion area can reach southwestern Myanmar, and the summer is the adult period. If the southwest monsoon in the Indian Ocean is extremely strong, the chance of traversing the Hengduan Mountains at 3000 meters will increase greatly.


Zhang Zehua suggested that we should attach great importance to this possible dangerous situation, strengthen unified leadership, real-time dynamic monitoring, make good material reserves, formulate prevention and control plans, establish international cooperation and communication mechanisms, strengthen scientific research, and jointly respond to threats.


From "This Locust Can't" Look at the Conceptual Hype of the Stock Market


On February 18th, the concept of "Locust Disaster" ceased to prevail, and the market began to correct its deviations. Two days of hype and one day of flameout are extreme enough, and of course enough to attract attention.


On Monday, affected by news of locust disasters in Pakistan, India and other regions, early rice, Zheng Mian, Japonica rice and other futures main contract daily limit. At the same time, the stocks related to the concept of insect disasters in the A-share market were also speculated. The pesticide and agricultural sectors performed outstandingly. .


A number of brokerages and futures companies have come up with research reports and analysis that if the locust disaster continues to spread globally, it will push up global agricultural prices, and domestic listed companies in the agricultural sector may benefit, and it will also be beneficial to pesticide companies that eliminate locusts. However, on February 18th, India announced that the locust disaster was almost over, the concept of "locust disaster" ceased, and all varieties and stocks fell back to their original form.


So a paragraph on the Internet said, "This session of locusts will not work." Looking at it another way, isn't this the common capital market hype? Since 2020, especially after the Spring Festival in February, this kind of routine has emerged one after another, endlessly, from "locust concept" to "cobalt concept", which reflects that the market is in a full liquidity.


After the Spring Festival holiday, the A-share market's continuously high transaction value also confirmed this reality. The transaction value of the two cities approached the one trillion mark again, reaching 999.7 billion yuan.

 However, it has to be said that historically, the ending of the A-share turnover of over one trillion yuan has not been very beautiful.


Needless to say, these hype concepts are meant to satisfy those who are eager to make short-term profits. However, those who are eagerly looking forward to making money from the stock market and the futures market prefer the concept of hype and think that it is a chance to make a fortune. Hearing the "concept" and swarming up, most of them were defeated in the end.


The surge in market turnover is precisely a manifestation of the influx of market opportunists. Someone asked Warren Buffett, "Why don't you just copy your approach?" 

Buffett said, because everyone does not want to get rich slowly. This sentence also hits the fate of most investment opportunists.


Yes, the more eager to achieve the goal, the harder it is to achieve. It's a smarter investment philosophy to not get into the cash and delay the principle of satisfaction to finance. Investment guru Charlie Munger said, "The need for immediate satisfaction often brings devastating results. The advantage of delayed satisfaction is that although it is progressing slowly, if you succeed, it will be very solid."


Munger once criticized Chinese individual investors for being too passionate about short-term trading. "The holding periods of Chinese individual investors are usually very short, which is really stupid and hard to imagine. I really ca n’t imagine more than this type of holding Stupid things, although they are excellent in all other aspects, it shows how difficult it is to stay rational. "


The key to "delay gratification" is self-control. When you see a transaction value of more than one trillion yuan, you must be in awe and control your urge to "enjoy the moment." I hope that in the present patience, in exchange for greater future benefits. The first thing about self-control is to stay away from various hype concepts.


Australian Immigration quota cut

Recently, the Australian government has launched a series of immigration reform plans. Among them, the immigration quota has been greatly reduced, which has become the focus of everyone's attention. 

What impact will the reduction in immigration quota have on international students intending to immigrate to Australia? 

Experts studying abroad pointed out that although the total immigration quota has been reduced from 190,000 to 160,000, in fact, because the quotas in the past years are not used up, international students do not have to worry about the reduction in immigration opportunities. 

Regarding the specific reduction in quotas that everyone is most concerned about, Australian Prime Minister Morrison gave a very clear answer: This time the substantial reduction is the "independent skilled immigrant visa".

The quota for independent skilled immigrants in fiscal year 2019 - 2020 is 57.6% lower than that in fiscal year 2018 - 2019, and 52.3% lower than the actual amount issued in fiscal year 2017 - 2018.


Text / Photo: Li Qiong, a media reporter from Guangzhou Daily


The reduction of immigration quota is mainly 189 independent skilled immigrants

On March 20, the Australian Immigration Bureau announced the specific allocation plan for immigrant visas for the fiscal year 2019 ~ 2020, and the new quota was adjusted to 160,000. Although this immigration quota has significantly reduced 30,000 places compared to the 190,000 people announced since 2015, the actual number of people approved before has not reached the standard. Therefore, after the reduction of places, it will be compared with the actual 162,417 cases in the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The number of visa approvals is roughly the same.


Skilled immigrants chose to settle in Sydney and Melbourne

The new immigrant visa distribution plan will be implemented from July this year. It is reported that the reduction in the number of immigrants is mainly due to population pressure. According to data from the previous fiscal year, 87% of Australia’s more than 111,000 skilled immigrants chose to settle in Sydney and Melbourne, which caused severe local congestion and uneven development between cities. 

In order to alleviate the population pressure of Sydney and Melbourne and shorten the development gap between cities and remote areas, the Australian Cabinet Committee has also signed a policy on skilled immigrants, or will require some new technology immigrants to live in non-two major cities for at least 5 years.


Migrate to Australia Image

The focus of the reduction of immigration quotas in this new fiscal year is mainly on 189 independent skilled immigrants, with plans to allocate 18,652 places, which is a reduction of 52.3% compared with the actual number issued in 2017-2018; followed by employer-sponsored immigrant visas, which is reduced by about 15.56 %. While business immigration visas have little effect, the new quota is 6,862, a reduction of 5.5%. In addition, 5,000 global talent visas have been added to the new plan.


Encourage international students to study and develop in "non-metropolitan areas"

In addition, the immigration reform plan clearly stated that the Australian government plans to provide 15,000 Australian scholarships to more than 1,000 domestic and international students every year to encourage everyone to travel to "non-metropolitan areas". 

Two new "non-metropolitan areas" have been added to the New Deal (these two areas are not yet announced). Students in "non-metropolitan areas" can obtain an additional one-year temporary visa for international students after graduation ( (Referred to as the 485 visa), that is, you can get a 3-year graduation temporary visa.


"Non-Metropolitan Area" refers to a remote or low-growth urban area in Australia. A region whose birth rate has fallen for two consecutive years will be defined as "Non-Metropolitan Area". The whole of South Australia, including the capital Adelaide, is divided into "non-metropolitan areas" that need to introduce more immigrants, and Adelaide is also the only city in Australia with a population of more than 1 million who enjoys this policy. 

As of the end of June 2018, the population growth rate in South Australia is about 0.7%, while the national population growth rate is 1.6%. Therefore, there is a lot of work in South Australia that needs people to do, but also a large number of immigrants to do.


In the context of low population growth and a large number of job vacancies, South Australia urgently needs more talents to fill the gap in the labor market, thereby stimulating local economic development. Therefore, in addition to the official extension of the 485 visa, the South Australian Immigration Department has continuously issued reforms in favor of international students in recent months, such as expanding the state sponsorship list, relaxing the requirements for nominating outstanding graduates, and awarding long-term residence in South Australia.

 International students, etc. It is not difficult to see that the South Australian Government very much welcomes the arrival of international students and actively seeks more opportunities for international students to develop in South Australia.


It is reported that international students who have completed a degree in a "non-metropolitan area" meet the following two conditions and will be eligible to apply for an additional one-year 485 visa. One is holding a higher education issued by a "non-metropolitan area" university or educational institution Or a graduate degree certificate; the second is currently holding the first 485 visa and living in a "non-metropolitan area".


Jing Hong, General Manager of Jinghong Education in Asian region, said that if students can accumulate work experience abroad after graduation, they will have obvious advantages in terms of vision and employment opportunities after returning home, and the Australian 485 visa provides graduates with a 485 visa. More possibilities to accumulate overseas work experience. At the same time, the extended time limit for 485 visas also gives students a more ample employment buffer time.


Recommended by "Non-Metropolitan Area"

University of Adelaide: Out of the 5 Nobel Prize winners, the world ’s first visual computer chip and the world ’s first car videophone were born. An astronaut ’s alma mater owns the Colgate Oral Clinical Research Center.


University of South Australia: With a cancer research center of 247 million Australian dollars, it is the first university in Oceania to provide aviation. In the "Australian Financial Review" Global Business Research Impact Report published in April 2018, the University of South Australia brand management topped the list.


Flinders University: It has an innovation center with an investment of 120 million Australian dollars, and a business incubator-entrepreneurship guidance project.


University of Tasmania: The Australian university has a comprehensive star ranking of four stars, and the earth and ocean science majors are ranked in the top 50 in the world. Agriculture and forestry majors rank among the top 100 in the world. Many courses offer internships, including teachers, nursing, social work, engineering, business, etc.


Buddhist Anti-epidemic Procedure

No classes, no work, no feet, Sweden is very "Buddhist" anti-epidemic method, which has been praised by the World Health Organization, but including Germany and Germany's neighboring Switzerland, Sweden's anti-epidemic method is not very cold.


Germany: Swedish mortality rate is too high

Germany made a metaphor for Sweden’s anti-epidemic approach, which is like a “point brake” on a flat tire on a highway-if you step on the brakes, then loosen, and then step on again. If there is no ABS anti-lock brake system, this may be the best way to save a tire with a high-speed tire puncture is that Sweden doesn’t dare to step on the brakes with one foot, nor can it lose, otherwise the loss will be immeasurable. 

But the question is, if you can't puncture on the highway, if you have ABS, why use such a dangerous method? In fact, some experts in Sweden called for the implementation of the German method, which is to increase the control of people in the early stage, reduce new infections, and then gradually relax. 

Of course, the prerequisite for this method is to conduct extensive new coronavirus tests in the early stage. But this method is too late for Sweden, because Sweden has gone too far on the road of Buddhist anti-epidemic.


in Buddhism, Buddhist anti-epidemic metod
Epidemic Viruses

Swedish anti-epidemic very Buddhist

This method is also difficult for the Germans to accept: it sounds good in theory, but it is actually very difficult. For example, for a school, you can’t open a school, close it, and then start a school. In Sweden, classes are not suspended until the 8th grade, only high school students and college students learn through the Internet. 

The neighboring countries of Sweden using the German anti-epidemic method have a much lower mortality rate than Sweden. Sweden has already had 2,669 deaths from the new coronavirus, and 262 deaths per million, compared with 1 million in Germany and Denmark. 82 people died. 

The mortality rate in Sweden has been very high, because in the initial stage of the spread of the epidemic, the virus has begun to wreak havoc in nursing homes and nursing homes.


The Swedes do not compare with Germany and Denmark. Sweden likes to compare with Belgium and the Netherlands. These two countries also follow the German road. However, the mortality rate is higher than Sweden. 

The Netherlands has 290 deaths per million people, and Belgium has 680. However, Germany's "Focus Online" believes that Sweden's statistics are inaccurate. The actual number of deaths may be between 0.8-2.4 million. As for why, listen to what the Swiss media said.


Switzerland: Inaccurate death toll statistics

Switzerland’s New Zurich News also believes that Sweden’s anti-epidemic methods don’t seem to be commendable: Compared with Switzerland, which has a population of 8.5 million and 1,749 deaths, Sweden, with a total population of 10.23 million, also looks terrible. 

It should also be noted that Switzerland’s neighboring country, Italy, was the source of a major European outbreak, and Switzerland’s response time is actually very short. 

In the initial stage of the epidemic in Switzerland, the curve has risen much faster than Sweden. Now the epidemic in Switzerland has been well controlled. Although the Swedish data looks very good, their actual number of people tested is only one-third of that in Switzerland. There are many patients who have not been detected and become potential safety hazards.


Is it really okay to wear a mask without isolation?

Swiss media also disclosed that Sweden did not test all deceased people, which means that only those who had a new coronavirus test before death, and those who had a positive result were considered dead by the new coronavirus, so they concluded with Germany The same-there are more unregistered deaths of new crowns in Switzerland.


Media-The death of a beautiful nurse attracts attention

In fact, the voice of strengthening control in Sweden is not low. The death of a 39-year-old female nurse De Brewer has become the headline of the Swedish media. The Swedish inspection agency has also begun an investigation-De Brewer’s 

The employer, also known as the Karolinska Institute of Medicine, has not done enough to protect the nursing staff. Karolinska Medical School is the largest and best single medical school in the world, and the top ten medical school in the world.


De Brewer worked in the respiratory department of the hospital and took care of 19 new crown patients from the beginning. 

On April 17, she wrote on Facebook: "Pray for me and my colleagues. We feel very ill and have been examined and are waiting for the results." This is her last Facebook post. Four Days later, she was found dead in her apartment. Her husband is in the United States and cannot return to Sweden due to an outbreak.


De Brewer was supposed to have his 40th birthday in May

The hospital has also filed a complaint, saying that it is not the hospital's contempt for the Occupational Safety and Health Law. The actual reason is that the hospital does not have enough equipment to protect medical staff from infection.

 It is unclear which department will be held accountable. The death of Debruer also caused Swedish society to re-examine the new crown for this disease and the current anti-epidemic methods.

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Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning the Proper Trial of Civil Cases Involving Coronavirus Pandemic Cases

Supreme people's court Issued on the proper trial of civil cases involving new coronary pneumonia according to law:


Notice on Guiding Opinions on Certain Issues

The Higher People's Courts of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Military Court of the People's Liberation Army, and the Branch of the Production and Construction Corps of the Higher People's Court of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region:


The Guiding Opinions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Proper Trial of Civil Cases Involving New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Cases is printed and issued to you. Please implement them carefully.



Supreme people's court


On the proper trial of civil cases involving new coronary pneumonia according to law


Chinese Rules and laws
Flags in China

Guidance on several issues

In order to further implement the Party Central Committee ’s overall plan to promote the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development, it will do a good job of the “six stability”, implement the “six guarantees” task, and guide the people’s courts at all levels to properly review the new coronary pneumonia outbreak contract, Financial, bankruptcy and other civil cases, the following guidance is proposed.


I. Trial of contract cases


1. The epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures cause the parties to fail to perform the sales contract within the agreed time limit or increase the cost of performance. Continued performance does not affect the realization of the purpose of the contract. If the parties request to terminate the contract, the people's court will not support it.


Pandemic Laws of Chinese Supreme Court Rules
Supreme People's Court

If the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures cause the seller to fail to complete the order or deliver the goods within the agreed time limit, continue to perform the contract purpose of the buyer, the buyer requests to terminate the contract, and the prepayment or deposit paid has been returned, the people's court should be supported if the buyer requests the seller to bear the responsibility for breach of contract, the people's court will not support it.


2. The sales contract can continue to be performed, but the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures have led to a significant increase in labor, raw materials, logistics and other performance costs, or caused a significant price reduction in the product. Continued performance of the contract is obviously unfair to one party, and the affected party requests adjustment For the price, the people's court shall adjust the price according to the principle of fairness in light of the actual situation of the case. If the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures cause the seller to fail to deliver within the agreed period, or the buyer cannot pay within the agreed period, and the parties request to change the performance period, the people's court shall combine the actual situation of the case and change the performance according to the principle of fairness the term.


If the contract has been changed by adjusting the price, changing the performance period, etc., and the parties request the other party to bear the responsibility for breach of contract, the people's court will not support it.


3. After the seller and the buyer have entered into a contract for the sale of epidemic prevention materials, the high price of the epidemic prevention materials will be resold to others and the contract cannot be fulfilled. If the buyer requests that the profit from the seller be used as the amount of compensation for damages, the people's court shall support it. If the government calls for or temporarily requisitions the epidemic prevention materials, which prevents the seller from fulfilling the sales contract, and the buyer requests the seller to bear the responsibility for breach of contract, the people ’s court shall not support it.


4. If the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures cause the seller to fail to deliver the house within the time limit agreed in the commercial house sales contract, or cause the buyer to fail to pay the purchase price within the agreed time period, and the parties request to terminate the contract, the other party shall bear the responsibility for breach of contract. The court did not support it. However, if the parties request to change the time limit for performance, the people's court shall make changes based on the principle of fairness in light of the actual situation of the case.


5. The leased house is used for business. The epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures caused the lessee's capital turnover to be difficult or the operating income was significantly reduced. The lessor requested the termination of the lease contract on the ground that the lessee did not pay the rent within the agreed period, and the lessee shall bear the breach of contract. The people's court will not support the responsibility.


For temporary venue lease contracts reserved for specific purposes such as exhibitions, conferences, temple fairs, etc., the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures have led to the cancellation of the activity. If the lessee requests to cancel the lease contract and return the advance payment or deposit, the people ’s court shall support it.


6. Lease of houses of state-owned enterprises and houses of administrative institutions such as government departments, universities, research institutes, etc. for operation. Small and micro enterprises in service industry, individual industrial and commercial households and other tenants who have operating difficulties due to the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures, request if the lessor exempts the rent within a certain period in accordance with relevant national policies, the people’s court shall support it.


Lease of non-state-owned houses for operation, epidemic or epidemic prevention and control measures lead to less or no significant reduction in operating income, continue to pay rent in accordance with the original lease contract is obviously unfair, lessee requests to reduce rent, extend the lease term or extension. If the rent is paid, the people's court may guide the parties to carry out mediation with reference to the policy on rent reduction and exemption. If the mediation fails, the contract shall be changed according to the principle of fairness based on the actual situation of the case.


WHO and Coronavirus
COVID Rules and Regulations

7. If the contractor fails to complete the construction within the agreed time limit due to the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures, the people’s court will not support the contractor ’s request for the contractor’s breach of contract.

If the contractor requests an extension of the time limit, the people’s court shall consider the epidemic situation or the epidemic situation The degree of impact of prevention and control measures on contract performance shall be supported as appropriate.


The epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures have led to a significant increase in the cost of labor, building materials, etc., or caused the contractor to suffer losses such as labor costs and equipment rental fees. Continued performance of the contract is obviously unfair to the contractor. If the contractor requests an adjustment of the price, the people’s court shall combine The actual situation of the case is adjusted according to the principle of fairness.


8. The offline training contract entered into by the parties cannot be trained offline due to the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures, and can achieve the purpose of the contract through online training or changing the training period. Support, if the parties request to continue to perform the contract through online training, change the training period, adjust the training cost, etc., the people's court should combine the actual situation of the case and change the contract according to the principle of fairness.


Affected by the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures, offline training cannot be conducted, the contract purpose cannot be achieved through online training, or the actual situation of the case indicates that online training is not suitable. If the training party requests to terminate the contract, the people's court shall support it. For a training contract with time-limiting requirements, if the training period is changed and the purpose of the contract cannot be achieved, if the recipient accepts the request to terminate the contract, the people’s court shall support it. 

After the training contract is cancelled, the training fees already paid in advance shall be refunded in whole or in part according to the training hours and other circumstances.


9. Persons with limited capacity for civil conduct, who do not agree with their guardians, participate in online payment games or "reward" on online live broadcast platforms and spend money that is incompatible with their age and intelligence. If the guardian requests the network service provider to return the money, the people The court should support it.


II. The trial of financial cases

10. The People's Court is hearing the disputes involving financial loans involving industries that are more affected by the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures, as well as promising enterprises that are temporarily affected by the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Full consideration should be given to the series of financial support policies such as the “Notice on Further Strengthening Financial Support to Prevent and Control New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia” issued by the five departments including the People’s Bank of China. Loans due to financial institutions that violate financial support policies expire early and are unilaterally released. Litigation claims such as contracts are not supported by the people’s courts. 

The interest charged by financial institutions and the disguised interest charged in the name of consulting fees, guarantee fees and other fees must be strictly based on the provisions of special credit preferential interest rate policies such as national re-loan and discount. No support for the excess involved in hospitalization or isolation of new coronary pneumonia or isolation personnel, epidemic prevention and control need to isolate observers, staff participating in epidemic prevention and control, and persons affected by epidemic or epidemic prevention and control measures who temporarily lose their source of income. 

Housing mortgage, credit card and other personal Disputes, the people's court should be combined with the actual circumstances of the case, change the repayment period according to the principle of fairness.


11. Epidemic prevention materials production and operation enterprises set up floating mortgages with their production equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products, products and other movable property, and the mortgagee shall apply for the realization of the security rights in accordance with Article 196 of the Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China After the people's court accepts the application, if the respondent or interested party can prove that the realization of the mortgage right will endanger the production and operation of the enterprise's epidemic prevention materials, they may wait for the epidemic situation or the factors affecting the epidemic prevention and control measures to be resolved.


12. For stock pledge and financing and securities lending disputes caused by stock market price fluctuations during epidemic prevention and control, different situations should be dealt with: for the on-site stock pledge and financing and securities lending disputes where creditors are securities companies, the People’s Court can refer to the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The relevant policies issued by the meeting will guide securities companies to negotiate and resolve disputes with different customer groups in accordance with the policy.

 If the negotiation fails, the client’s lawsuit requesting the securities company to bear the liability for compensation for the part of the loss expansion caused by the illegal liquidation of the regulations will be supported according to law. For OTC stock pledge disputes where creditors are other financial institutions, the people’s court should fully consider the impact of the realization of stock pledges on the normal operation of listed companies, strengthen policy guidance and coordination of interests of all parties, and strive to reduce the impact on the securities market.


13. When the people's court hears a case of infringement of civil compensation for a false statement of a listed company, when determining the amount of investor losses, it shall be in accordance with Article 19, Articles of the Supreme People's Court on the Trial of Civil Compensation Cases Caused by False Statements in the Securities Market The provisions of the four items distinguish between the epidemic situation or the factors affecting the epidemic prevention and control measures and the misrepresentation of stock price losses, and determine the scope of loss compensation fairly and reasonably according to law.


14. For the disputes caused by the implementation of the "performance-to-gambling agreement" by companies or their shareholders, actual controllers and investors that have been severely affected by the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures such as wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism, etc. 

The actual situation of the impact of the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures on the performance of the target company should be fully considered, and the parties should be guided to negotiate changes or cancellation of the contract.

If the parties fail to negotiate and continue to perform according to the agreed performance standards or the amount of performance compensation, which is obviously unfair to one party, the people’s court shall, in light of the actual situation of the case, change or cancel the contract according to the principle of fairness; if the contract is cancelled, the contract shall be reasonably allocated according to law Lift the loss caused.


If the "performance-to-gambling agreement" does not clearly stipulate that the company's small and medium shareholders and the controlling shareholder or the actual controller shall bear joint and several liabilities for performance compensation, the investor shall be required to jointly and jointly sue the small and medium shareholders and the company, the controlling shareholder or the actual controller for joint liability. The request was not supported by the people's court.


15. When hearing medical insurance contract disputes related to the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures, the People's Court does not support the defense that the disease is not within the scope of the major disease or insurance accidents stipulated in the commercial medical insurance contract. 

If the insured who is infected with New Coronary Pneumonia fails to receive treatment at the medical service institution as stipulated in the insurance contract due to the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures, the insured or the beneficiary shall request the insurer to pay compensation according to the contract of the insurance contract. Should be supported. 

The contracted expenses incurred by the insured to receive treatment at a medical service institution not stipulated in the insurance contract due to other diseases are indeed caused by objective reasons such as epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures. If the insured or the beneficiary requests compensation, the people’s court shall support . If the insured or the beneficiary requests compensation according to the medical insurance contract donated by the insurance company during the epidemic prevention and control period, the people’s court shall support it.


16. In the trial of civil disputes arising from the financial leasing business of medical equipment between a financial leasing company and a medical service organization, the medical service organization claims that the financial leasing contract is invalid on the ground that the financial leasing company has not obtained the medical device sales administrative license The People’s Court did not support the defense.


III. The trial of bankruptcy cases


17. Enterprises affected by the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures cannot pay off their due debts. If a creditor applies for bankruptcy, the people’s court shall actively guide the debtor to negotiate with the creditor and eliminate it by instalment payment, extension of the debt performance period, change of contract price, etc. Reasons for bankruptcy application, or guide the debtor to resolve the debt crisis through out-of-court mediation, out-of-court reorganization, pre-reorganization, etc., so as to achieve the early rescue of the enterprise.


New Coronary Virus in China
Coronary Pneumonia

18. When examining whether an enterprise meets the conditions for acceptance of bankruptcy, the people ’s court should pay attention to whether the enterprise is in a dilemma and is treated differently due to the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures. 

For enterprises that were in good business conditions before the outbreak, caused by the epidemic or the impact of the epidemic prevention and control measures, and unable to pay off due debts due to the difficulty of capital turnover, the company's ability to solve the problem should be comprehensively determined based on factors such as the company's sustainable operating capacity and the development prospects of the industry. 

In order to prevent the ruling of an enterprise that originally had the ability to survive into bankruptcy simply based on the capital flow and assets and liabilities of the enterprise in a specific period. Enterprises that have fallen into a predicament before the outbreak of the epidemic, whose production and operation have further deteriorated due to the epidemic or the epidemic prevention and control measures, and who already have the cause of bankruptcy, should accept the bankruptcy application in time according to law to achieve the survival of the fittest in the market and the reallocation of resources.


19. To further promote the link between execution and bankruptcy proceedings. If it is found in the execution procedure that the person subject to execution has the cause of bankruptcy due to the epidemic situation but has salvage value, the creditor or person subject to execution shall be guided to the bankruptcy review by means of interpretation, etc., and the execution suspension and preservation prescribed by the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law shall be used reasonably.

The system of cancellation, interest stop and payment stop effectively preserves the operating value of the enterprise and wins space for the regeneration of the enterprise. At the same time, actively guide enterprises to apply bankruptcy reorganization and reconciliation procedures, comprehensively solve the corporate debt crisis, fair and orderly repay all creditors, and realize the protection and rescue of the difficult enterprises.


The judicial auction procedure that has been initiated before the court made the transfer decision may continue after the transfer decision is made. If the auction is completed, the subject of the auction will no longer be included in the debtor’s property in the bankruptcy proceedings, but the auction proceeds shall be distributed in accordance with the bankruptcy proceedings according to law. 

If an asset evaluation report or an audit report has been made during the execution procedure, and the evaluation conclusion is within the validity period or the audit conclusion meets the needs of the bankruptcy case, it may continue to be used in the bankruptcy procedure.


20. In the bankruptcy reorganization procedure, if the investor cannot be recruited due to the epidemic or the impact of the epidemic prevention and control measures, due diligence and negotiation cannot be submitted on time, the people’s court may follow the application, based on the actual impact of the epidemic situation or epidemic prevention and control measures on the reorganization work, is reasonably determined that it should not be included in the period specified in Article 79 of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, but generally not exceeding six months.


If the reorganization plan or settlement agreement has entered the implementation stage, but the debtor is difficult to implement due to the impact of the epidemic situation or the epidemic prevention and control measures, the people’s court shall actively guide the parties to fully negotiate to make changes. 

Anyone who negotiates to change the reorganization plan or the settlement agreement shall vote in accordance with the provisions of Articles 19 and 20 of the "Minutes of the National Bankruptcy Trial Work Conference" and submit it to the court for approval. However, if only the execution period is changed, the people’s court may make a ruling directly on the basis of the debtor’s or creditor’s application.

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Bum Cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India for All Boys Bachelors Party Celebration Ideas with Hips shaped Ass Cakes

Bum Cakes are one of the most celebrated partying cakes in the boys pre-wedding parties in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India. These are a sub-set of men's bachelor party cakesThe ideas of boobs cakes is to enjoy girls' anatomy and all kinkiness of adulthood and youth for the partying boys who perform dirty partying at such moments before they are going to get married and assume wife and family responsibilities. On this day boys get together and perform all odd stuff during this all guys, no girls naughty party. An ass shaped bum cake is the centre of this party. There can be cakes such as pussy simulating ones or one piece woman organ cake or woman's private parts cake. These buttocks shaped butt cakes are in life like size and structure so that boys may enjoy them eating and smashing during this kinky adults party of males. A female stripper may be a part of the show.

Bachelors Party Bum Cake ideas for boys
A Bum Cake Pic

Let us know the details of these modern bachelor parties boobs cakes:

1. Which cakes are most celebrated in bachelor party of men other than a female butt cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Other than female butt cake there are boobs and pussy cake which are most celebrated by parting men or boys in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India. 

Just as girls celebrate with penis cake, so do men with butt, boobs and pussy cake.


Woman's Part Other Cake than Butt Cake
Top Part Cake Other Than Butt Cake

2.  Why choose woman's butt cake for bachelors party of guys?

As butts are centre of attraction of female curvy or curvaceous figure and men love it all the time thinking kinky of it there, it creates a kinky celebrating environment for all guys parties.


Bum or Buttock Cake
A Buttock Cake


3. Do women also celebrate their personal parties with a females' butt cake?

Yes, ladies also celebrate their private parties with booty cakes where they treat it as a part of womanhood and womanly celebrations. 
This is, as these are a part of adult products which  are in trend among the  modern advanced adults of elite kind.

Female Ass Cake
A Bottom Cake or Female Ass Cake

4. Do Lesbians also party with a womanly butt cake?

Yes, lesbians also like butt cake, as they love booty being lesbians,which is a a part of the sexual attraction among them, and as some may be bisexual too. 

Buttock Cake Frontal View Graphic
Front View of a Bottom Cake

5. What is the delivery availability of bottoms cake in 3rd world country areas like India?

Many service providers deliver bottoms cake in 3rd world countries like China and India, while China still lags much behind. Bottom cakes are in party fashion in the Asian continent, specially due to sexual revolution emerging in India, in the latest age. 

Image of Ass shaped anal cake
Anal Cake


Some venues of party celebrations may also provide this purchasing service or making it available to their party making clientele.


Female Ass Cake
A Female Ass Cake

6. What is the general size or weight of a bottom cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

A bottom cake is mostly measured in weight like kilogram or Lbs and generally they are not prepared or served less than 2 KG in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India. This is as this is the minimum weight to make them life size and make it firm and really perfect.

Female Buttocks Cake
A Female Back Figure Cake

7. Where can I find the best female bottom cake images?

You may find the best bottom cake images on sites selling female ass cakes or on many image sharing sites, which sellers generally use to display their sales  inventory or the production ones.

Sexy Big Boobs Cake
Big Boobs Cake

8. Regarding female ass cake, does size matter?

Yes, size matters in female ass cake as men have no satisfaction and they want it more and more. 

So for most men, sans few exceptions, size really matters. 

Even for female party celebrators who use anal cakes, size definitely maters. The minimum should be real life size.

A Female Butt Cake
A Female Butt Cake

9. Do old men like butt cake ideas?

Definitely all age group of boys like butt cake ideas. As there is a proverb that men never get old, hence there is no age for  men to deny butt cakes. 

Men love them at all ages and stages, sometimes even much more than young guys.

Dirty Ass Cake for Party of Boys
Butt Cake

10. Which material is used to make woman's bottom cake in Delhi-NCR?

Mostly bottom cake bakers in Delhi-NCR use fondant material to prepare them. Lousy material may spoil the fun, hence mostly fondant stuff usage.

Imagery of Front View Ass Cakes
Ass Cakes' Frontal Portion

11. What is the price of female bum cakein Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Price of girls' bum cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India starts around US$ 50 or Rs. 3, 500 for a piece weighing 2 Kg. 

So, it approximates to around 1700/Kg.

Image Inforgraphics of Girl Ass Cake
Girl's Ass Cake

12. What is the counterpart of this bachelor party of boys playing with ladies' bum?

The counterpart of an all boys bachelor party is an all girls bachelorette party which is based on the concept that why should boys have all the fun. This is where they use bachelorette cakes for bride and her party girls gang.

Thus during these female empowerment and girl power times its a must for girls so ladies are more into adult or dirty partying in the modern age.

An Ass Hole Cake
Filthy Ass Cake

13. Are Ladies' Bottom Cakes Popular in USA UK Canada NZ Australia?

Yes, lady booty cakes are very popular in English speaking countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, NZ and also in European Union or EU like France Finland and Italian region. Italian Bum Cakes are very popular all over there.

Exotic Dancer's Bum Cake
An Ass Cake of Female Stripper

14. What is the ideal price of a female bum cake?

Female mid-lower part Ass Cake Price is as the same price as normal butt cake or bottom cakes, which is as follows:


Cake Weight in Kg.





Product Price

US$ 50,

Rs. 3500

US$ 65,

Rs 5000

US$ 80,


US$ 110,

Rs. 8000

Generally Prices Include VAT


A Naughty Fuckable Ass Cake
A Fuckable Ass Cake, Sexy Pose for Ass Fuckers

15. Where can I buy Girl Booty Cake from for a party in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

An ass shaped cake or a bottom covered with cloth cake is very popular in bachelor parties of adult humans. You can buy these dirty booty cakes from online operators or can seek a local adult cake bakeries in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India regions. 

You may need to compare the prices which is easily possible to do on the web. 

It is a very good idea for a boys party or a man's pre-wedding bachelors party.


You can also observe them as a good gift for the groom to be.
Sexy Booty Cake
Sexy Booty Cake

To Conclude

During the times of late, there is a lot of development going on and classy people have all the facilities to get all fun and pleasure. Therefore, elite adult men may celebrate their power and competence with such elite and status symbol fun making time which involves a bachelor boys party cake which is mostly a bum cake at their pre-wedding fun parties of celebrations in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India areas.

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