15 Bum Cake Delhi Gurgaon Noida India, Butt Cakes FAQ

Bum Cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India for All Boys Bachelors Party Celebration Ideas with Hips shaped Ass Cakes

Bum Cakes are one of the most celebrated partying cakes in the boys pre-wedding parties in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India. These are a sub-set of men's bachelor party cakesThe ideas of boobs cakes is to enjoy girls' anatomy and all kinkiness of adulthood and youth for the partying boys who perform dirty partying at such moments before they are going to get married and assume wife and family responsibilities. On this day boys get together and perform all odd stuff during this all guys, no girls naughty party. An ass shaped bum cake is the centre of this party. There can be cakes such as pussy simulating ones or one piece woman organ cake or woman's private parts cake. These buttocks shaped butt cakes are in life like size and structure so that boys may enjoy them eating and smashing during this kinky adults party of males. A female stripper may be a part of the show.

Bachelors Party Bum Cake ideas for boys
A Bum Cake Pic

Let us know the details of these modern bachelor parties boobs cakes:

1. Which cakes are most celebrated in bachelor party of men other than a female butt cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Other than female butt cake there are boobs and pussy cake which are most celebrated by parting men or boys in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India. 

Just as girls celebrate with penis cake, so do men with butt, boobs and pussy cake.


Woman's Part Other Cake than Butt Cake
Top Part Cake Other Than Butt Cake

2.  Why choose woman's butt cake for bachelors party of guys?

As butts are centre of attraction of female curvy or curvaceous figure and men love it all the time thinking kinky of it there, it creates a kinky celebrating environment for all guys parties.


Bum or Buttock Cake
A Buttock Cake


3. Do women also celebrate their personal parties with a females' butt cake?

Yes, ladies also celebrate their private parties with booty cakes where they treat it as a part of womanhood and womanly celebrations. 
This is, as these are a part of adult products which  are in trend among the  modern advanced adults of elite kind.

Female Ass Cake
A Bottom Cake or Female Ass Cake

4. Do Lesbians also party with a womanly butt cake?

Yes, lesbians also like butt cake, as they love booty being lesbians,which is a a part of the sexual attraction among them, and as some may be bisexual too. 

Buttock Cake Frontal View Graphic
Front View of a Bottom Cake

5. What is the delivery availability of bottoms cake in 3rd world country areas like India?

Many service providers deliver bottoms cake in 3rd world countries like China and India, while China still lags much behind. Bottom cakes are in party fashion in the Asian continent, specially due to sexual revolution emerging in India, in the latest age. 

Image of Ass shaped anal cake
Anal Cake


Some venues of party celebrations may also provide this purchasing service or making it available to their party making clientele.


Female Ass Cake
A Female Ass Cake

6. What is the general size or weight of a bottom cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

A bottom cake is mostly measured in weight like kilogram or Lbs and generally they are not prepared or served less than 2 KG in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India. This is as this is the minimum weight to make them life size and make it firm and really perfect.

Female Buttocks Cake
A Female Back Figure Cake

7. Where can I find the best female bottom cake images?

You may find the best bottom cake images on sites selling female ass cakes or on many image sharing sites, which sellers generally use to display their sales  inventory or the production ones.

Sexy Big Boobs Cake
Big Boobs Cake

8. Regarding female ass cake, does size matter?

Yes, size matters in female ass cake as men have no satisfaction and they want it more and more. 

So for most men, sans few exceptions, size really matters. 

Even for female party celebrators who use anal cakes, size definitely maters. The minimum should be real life size.

A Female Butt Cake
A Female Butt Cake

9. Do old men like butt cake ideas?

Definitely all age group of boys like butt cake ideas. As there is a proverb that men never get old, hence there is no age for  men to deny butt cakes. 

Men love them at all ages and stages, sometimes even much more than young guys.

Dirty Ass Cake for Party of Boys
Butt Cake

10. Which material is used to make woman's bottom cake in Delhi-NCR?

Mostly bottom cake bakers in Delhi-NCR use fondant material to prepare them. Lousy material may spoil the fun, hence mostly fondant stuff usage.

Imagery of Front View Ass Cakes
Ass Cakes' Frontal Portion

11. What is the price of female bum cakein Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

Price of girls' bum cake in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India starts around US$ 50 or Rs. 3, 500 for a piece weighing 2 Kg. 

So, it approximates to around 1700/Kg.

Image Inforgraphics of Girl Ass Cake
Girl's Ass Cake

12. What is the counterpart of this bachelor party of boys playing with ladies' bum?

The counterpart of an all boys bachelor party is an all girls bachelorette party which is based on the concept that why should boys have all the fun. This is where they use bachelorette cakes for bride and her party girls gang.

Thus during these female empowerment and girl power times its a must for girls so ladies are more into adult or dirty partying in the modern age.

An Ass Hole Cake
Filthy Ass Cake

13. Are Ladies' Bottom Cakes Popular in USA UK Canada NZ Australia?

Yes, lady booty cakes are very popular in English speaking countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, NZ and also in European Union or EU like France Finland and Italian region. Italian Bum Cakes are very popular all over there.

Exotic Dancer's Bum Cake
An Ass Cake of Female Stripper

14. What is the ideal price of a female bum cake?

Female mid-lower part Ass Cake Price is as the same price as normal butt cake or bottom cakes, which is as follows:


Cake Weight in Kg.





Product Price

US$ 50,

Rs. 3500

US$ 65,

Rs 5000

US$ 80,


US$ 110,

Rs. 8000

Generally Prices Include VAT


A Naughty Fuckable Ass Cake
A Fuckable Ass Cake, Sexy Pose for Ass Fuckers

15. Where can I buy Girl Booty Cake from for a party in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India?

An ass shaped cake or a bottom covered with cloth cake is very popular in bachelor parties of adult humans. You can buy these dirty booty cakes from online operators or can seek a local adult cake bakeries in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, India regions. 

You may need to compare the prices which is easily possible to do on the web. 

It is a very good idea for a boys party or a man's pre-wedding bachelors party.


You can also observe them as a good gift for the groom to be.
Sexy Booty Cake
Sexy Booty Cake

To Conclude

During the times of late, there is a lot of development going on and classy people have all the facilities to get all fun and pleasure. Therefore, elite adult men may celebrate their power and competence with such elite and status symbol fun making time which involves a bachelor boys party cake which is mostly a bum cake at their pre-wedding fun parties of celebrations in Delhi Gurgaon Noida India areas.

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