22 Male Stripper in India for Bachelorette Party Girls n Bride FAQs


Strip Tease by Male Strippers in India for Bachelorette Party Girls and Bride to be Question Bank

For a long time males are making so much of fun. So girls thought why should males have all the fun. Thus, elite young girls came up with the concept of bachelorette party where they establish the concept of why should boys have all the fun. This concept also reached Indian and now Indian girls are also enjoying their girlhood. This contain adulthood items like adult cake and male strippers

Under this concept they hire a male stripper for his exotic dancing and enjoy their bachelorettehood with the masculine taste and hot moves. Usually, the bride to be or her best friend throws the bachelorette party with strip tease for party girls by a hunk. Girls here enjoy intoxicating masculine moves and actions with wet making rhythm of male strippers in Goa, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and all of India and world. This bachelorette party with male strippers is also called all female Femdom Party.

Hot and handsome hunk male strippers performing an erotic strip tease for bride to be and the adult party girls

Following are 22 questions on male stripper strip tease performance the answer of which you need to know:

Q 1. Where can I hire a male stripper for my bachelorette party in India?

Ans. You may search for male stripper buyyv, you may come up with relevant modes of options of contacting the most prominent strippers and event organizers. 

You may find them in genuine male stripper for ladies groups where they post their profile and prove how genuine they are.

Showing Strip tease for girls

If you are able to prove to be a genuine client then they may also be truly professionals. 

Such groups seem to be the safest places possible in this world.

Sometimes male escorts for girls also perform this task, so in case of explicit strippers may reach a gigolo who may perform this duty.

Strip tease at a bachelorette party for girls

Q 2. Are boys also allowed in bachelorette party with strippers?

Ans. Boys are always to stay away from male stripper parties by females. The stripper does not perform well in the presence of males.

Even if Stripper would perform well the bachelorette party is meant to be wild and if girls go wild and be themselves then their male friends will judge them and may make stories as they are known ones.

Strip tease

Thus, bachelorette party strip tease is only for girls so that they may go as wild as they can and celebrate their girlhood. By hiring girls take command and enjoy the stripper and the professional has only professionalism and is a hired worker.

Bachelorette Party Male Stripper Performance
Male Stripper Performing

Q 3. Is Strip Tease for Girls common in India?

Ans. Strip Tease for girls by male exotic performers is a common affair with girls bachelorette parties these days.

Elite girls may throw HEN party or Female birthday party also with male strippers doing strip tease.

Girls with Male Stripper
Party Girl with Male Stripper

Q 4. How much a male stripper costs in India?

Ans. Generally male stripper costs between INR 10000-50000 depending on the quality of stripper and the city location.

High quality stripper bookings  are hard to get as they are always booked and have an extremely tight schedule. Extra perks may be the need to ensure booking.

Handsome Male Exotic Dancer striping at Strip Club for girls

Q 5. Do married women hire male strippers?

Ans. married women may hire male strippers for strip tease in their kitty party or may throw a strippers bachelorette part with a strip tease performance by male for their unmarried friend as her pre-wedding party.

Party enjoyment is for fun making so all married an unmarried enjoy these.

Skillful Male Stripper Stripping for Bride to be and adult party girls
Strip Tease for Bride to be

May also Refer Bachelorette Party Cakes for Females

Q 6. Is it alright to get wild at a bachelorette party with the stripper?

Ans. Bachelorette party is meant for full wildness and being completely self with no inhibitions. After all there are very few times possible and only for a few girls only to be completely themselves. 

And whatever happens at bachelorette party remains at bachelorette party so its worth being self and exploring the best possibilities of life.

Hunk giving wetness down there to party bitches
Erotic strip tease by male swept off female

Q 7. Can girls ask the male stripper to perform actions as they desire?

Ans. Girls can ask the stripper perform any of their fantasy, no matter how wild it is, and no matter they can't anyone else to do so, this is what stripper is meant for and is paid for it. Thus, he must do it.

In the real time scenario also some unforeseen situations may come in the mind of females and they may ask it there and then to please themselves.

Girls enjoying Male Strippers
Girls making party time with a male stripper

Q 8. Where are the strip male clubs for females in India?

Ans. Strip clubs are private affairs for women. Girls may locate these clubs online. As they keep everything private for privacy protection of their clients they do not advertise everywhere. 

Girls can locate them online and may refer to it when need. E.g. Male Strippers Buyyv

This Male Stripper agency operates in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai.

Bride to be and Girls Party Fun with Strippers teasing
Confident elegant strip tease enjoying mode

Q 9. Should I ask my friend to act as a male stripper if I cannot hire a professional hunk easily?

Ans. Its very easy to hire a professional and keep everything professional and have full fun out of it. 

No girl should ever disclose it to a known person who will judge forever and make others judge too. 

Life is for fun and must be full of fun always. 

So, it is best to hire a professional who knows nothing after performance as his professional conduct and is also an unknown person where the girls have supremacy over him as they  have hired him for the job.

Party Girls enjoying strip tease males
Enjoying strip tease mode of modern elite girl

Q 10. Can I also bring my in laws at the bachelorette party with a stripper?

Ans. Different people behave differently. If your in laws females are comfortable you may bring them. If they are also involved then it is fine. As if they themselves are involving into it, they are always with you and supportive of yours. But no males should form a part of a party with male stripper as it is always a game spoiler. 

Though in friendship some girls may say its ok. But it is always that a girl can never be fully wild in front of her known males. Either she will have to suppress her wildness and might not be able to even realize the real wildness of life. That is how only it is okay in front of other males. That thing will never  come out in her as she will be totally unaware of it. 

So allow time to self and the stripper to get out the best things in you and celebrate yourself and the happiness.

Men Strippers make Girls Gone Wild
Wild Party of  Girls

Q 11. Are there any party games involved with male strippers?

Ans. Yes, there are fun party games for females performed with the help of strip teaser hunks.

You may consult the relevant service provider you hire who may advise you of the same.

Merchandise for Bachelorette Party Adult Fun Girls
A male Stripper Party T-shirt

Q 12. Where can I hire male strippers for my HEN night out party in Mumbai or Pune?

Ans. The best strippers performing strip tease for girls are known to be male strippers buyyv. You may search for them, and yes, they are very much available for exotic performance in Mumbai and Pune.

Stripper Boys at bachelorette party
Bachelorette Party Slogan for Strip Tease

Q 13. What are the Male Strippers charges in different countries?

Ans. Worldwide Charges in different countries for hiring male strippers are based on number of strippers in each performance which are as follows:

No. of Strippers

Charges in USA

In US$

Charges in UK


Charges in Canada CA$

Charges in India in INR





5k – 20k





10k – 20k







Q 14. Do I need to tip the stripper?

Ans. Tips are always voluntary. Some strips club make it compulsory in the USA but in most countries it is always voluntary.

Ladies tipping the Boy Stripper
Exotic Dancing

It is up to the spectators that they pay it or not. If you want to tip you may do it according to how much the stripper was able to please you.

Q 15. What is bitch mode on?

Ans. Bitch mode on is a mode when girls are ready to do full fun party with no conditions apply. 

The society has been applying conditions on females only and they die away one day with all these conditions which is like slavery only for one gender. 

Girls' Bitch Mode on

Modern advanced liberal and elite women junk all that crap and make full on party in private with maximum wildness and lead lives as they should in the same nature as they were born with no social restrictions. 

Also obviously these parties involve strip tease by hunks. When this goes out of hand in its full swing of life it becomes full bitch mode on. 

After all, its life and liberty for females also, and they must not seek it. They already have it.

Strip teasing male for females

Q 16. What color G-strings do women like in male strippers?

Ans. Women like white G-strings in black strippers and Black in white strippers. 

Strip Teaser Men with G-string

Sometimes, black and white combination works in black strippers. The color of G-string must match the skin tone for arousal of the ladies.

Q 18. Is it a good idea to hire a male stripper on women's day?

Ans. Of course it is a good idea to hire male strippers on women's day and enjoy the performances. 

Modern ladies are already doing it in high society. 

Men were already hiring female strippers since ages but when gender equality has come it would be wise to finish the gap and be at par with men. 

A male stripper on women's day

After all we see only powerful ladies hiring male strippers and this reveals how they got a high level career with liberal approach. Broadminded approach is the way to equality and liberty.

Q 19. Where can I hire a male stripper in the USA?

Ans. You may hire a male stripper online or may visit any male strip tease clubs where the hunks may please you and you may also have their contact details for calling them at your desired place later.

Strip teasing the females at a HEN Party

Do not ask an acquaintance to strip for you and make him judge you and you be with a different image life long. 

Just hire a professional and dominate.

Q 20. How can I tip the male strippers in Las Vegas, California or New York while performance?

Ans. Tip is not always mandatory but it is a mark of dominance by ladies to tip the stripper by inserting currency notes in his G-strings or undies.

Gift a surprise Stripper male strip tease show to birthday girl
Surprise male strip tease show to birthday girl

Q 21. What are the features of a male stripper that women like?

Ans. The features of strip tease performers that women like are:

  • Confidence
  • Height
  • Big Tool
  • Abs on Waist
  • Masculine moves and actions
  • Manly attitude

The list goes on and you can keep counting. Women seldom open heart. If she does, the list will be endless.

Male Stripper at a Strip Club for Women

Q 22. Which is the best and most exciting way to celebrate women's day?

Ans. The best and most exciting way to celebrate women's day is to hire a male stripper and celebrate full freedom of womanhood. 

This, women can organize at any private place like home, farm house, or book hotels and resorts like locations.

Alternatively, ladies may go to a strip club in the day time or celebrate a HEN Night Out.

This is one of the best women's day celebration ideas.


These are the days of modern times when there is gender equality. Females are powerful when they are independent in their sexuality ans there are no social pressures. A confident women is more than a usual human being. She now loves doing whatever she wants. Now she is seen as self dependent in decisions and lifestyle. Thus, she invented bachelorette parties for girly fun. But this was not all so modern girls invented male stripper bachelorette party where they enjoy strip tease by skillful handsome hunks.

Girl enjoying strip tease of men

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