'Patient 0' First Infected with SARS Virus Survived. What's the status Quo?


SARS's 'Patient 0' was the first to be infected with the virus and survived. What is the status quo?

Let us see how viruses spread from China and how had been the past situation to trace correlation with corona virus. This analysis will be very helpful in understanding the past present and future situation. We will be enlightened and will be able to under all the facts and will be able to deal with the situation with no doubt. 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, because in this year, we met a new type of coronary pneumonia, a virus very similar to SARS that year, swept across the world originating from China from January. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, countries have taken a series of measures to block Wuhan. It can be said to blockade a city and protect China and other countries. 

In the process of controlling the epidemic, we saw the responsibility of the country and the efforts made by every ordinary person. Now the epidemic in all countries is extremely serious. At this juncture, we can see all nationals and all countries.
With some policies in China, the Chinese people not only feel that China is worthy of their motherland. In fact, speaking of new-type coronary pneumonia, we can always think of SARS in 2003, because these two viruses are very similar.

How was the first patient infected with SARS discovered? What about him now?

At that time, the first recognized patient with SARS worldwide was a person from Heyuan, Guangdong, named Huang Xingchu. He was a farmer who worked as a chef in a restaurant in Shenzhen. His life was very peaceful. He did not expect to have a sickness on December 5, 2002 and this disease finally caused SARS in the country.

Coronavirus and SARS Virus

It turned out that Huang Xing had symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and chills at the time. After going to the hospital for treatment, the symptoms did not improve. At this time, Huang Xing returned to his hometown and continued to receive treatment. 
Unexpectedly, the illness not only did not improve, but the persistent high fever caused Huang Xingchu to be sent to Heyuan People's Hospital for treatment. 
During this process, nine medical staff who had contact with Huang Xingchu successively contracted SARS, and it was at this time that the virus began to spread throughout the country.

SARS did not cause much impact

After a month of emergency rescue by doctors and nurses, Huang Xingchu was pulled back from Guimenguan one by one. After his treatment was successful, he returned to the restaurant to continue working, and it was at this time that SARS had spread to the whole country and became a nightmare for everyone. 

Types of SARS Viruses and all Viruses

Huang Xingchu, who learned all this, felt very guilty and dared not face the media interview. Now that Huang Xingchu is still working in Shenzhen, SARS has not caused much impact on his body. In fact, as the saying goes, people are terrible. 

It is understandable that Huang Xingchu concealed his condition at that time and was afraid of being discriminated by others. In this regard, what do you see in front of the screen? Everyone is welcome to leave a comment in the comment area.


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