What is the Meaning of Genuine Interest ?


Case Study of Genuine Interest

For case study of genuine interest let us take example of political scenario where there is pure hypocrisy and without genuine interest politicos claim they are so patriot that they exert for their nation with altruism. The fact is that there is no pure altruism. If we take the case of so called world's largest democracy India where political crisis exists people believe on what politicians say, and above all they themselves promote corruption as they do not want to cater to the genuine interest of their leaders. It is so much so that they want their elected leaders should take no or little salary and should not take perquisites according to their status, but allow corruption and are habituated to it to the extent that they cannot live without it and hence it exists.

In an Indian watsapp group someone was found campaigning to strip off Indian parliamentarians off their salaries and benefits. He was advised on the same group by another member as, 
"Everything works on genuine interest. When they do not get anything or good payment then they'll do scams as they're doing. The right approach is to increase their salaries 10 folds and same with pensions but make strict rules for punishment for corruption. This will save lakhs of crores of rupees or several hundreds billions of dollars worth scams. Anti-Corruption laws for MPs should be like the Indian SC ST laws where just accusation must get them arrested immediately. This will make India richest country in the world in no time. And anyhow, will India save so much and become rich by making MPs (Members of Parliament) poor? 

Let them wear very costly suit-boot as they represent the country. Say, in a conference Russian president arrives in high-fi suit boot, the same with Chinese President, then same with French, then German and so on, we are in awe and admire their grandeur. Entire world respects them and gets carried away by them. And then Indian Prime Minister arrives in poor 'cheethra' (battered dress) hanging on his body, what is then national respect? Will they be able to secure a good deal for India living in cheethra? India will only be a loser. 

If Indians think so cheap, their country will remain poor and remain corrupt as they want it that way only. No other country citizen thinks so cheap. Chinese will never accept it, nor the Japanese, hence they are making their mark in the world. No one wants to make their MPs poor except few cheap mentality Indians. And it is Indians only who accept corruption and want to go that way only rather than correcting and correcting the corrupt and punishing them. When science or psychology does not support it then how can one work for free. No incumbent will be incumbent if they get no or poor salary. This is also scientific fact that good quality competent workers can not be hired at very low price. Everything has it's own cost which is determined by demand and supply.

Even soldiers are very patriot and even have to give up their lives for their nation at all. But if salaries and benefits are removed no one will even join military forces at all and will escape away from it, no matter what, and they will be supported by all for this act.
Those who claim so will themselves not work for free or for very cheap payments. How they expect any other human doing so? This is impossible as this is unscientific.
This is also underpayment, and hence undue exploitation, and hence also inhuman. This also gives rise to corruption."
The need is to fight corruption only. Hence need us to have a healthy heart for own parliamentarians.

Another such explanation on Indian local social media in response to a scenario states:

"There are scientifically proven stimuli, everyone and everything responds to stimuli. The politicos' stimulus is greed of power and wealth, which is their genuine interest. Now scientifically how can they be poor farmers' bhagidar at all? This is possible but only if lunatic. When a child is born to a coupe only they think of its upbringing as its their genuine interest ion that child. No other starts thinking and working for child's upbringing unless adopt themselves. Since birth till death each one has to strive for all of their Substantial needs. Then again examples world over for their own military like "sainik desh ke liye jaan...." Such examples corrupt give that they are also like sainik and when sainik can do it they can also do it. The truth can be seen if withdraw all wages of militants and then find anyone appearing on the border. The fact is that all join military for their livelihoood and to to die for the nation. Its only incidental that their work is such that they get mentally fir into sacrifice, mostly as else their own commander will shoot them from behind and hence they psychologically get trained only to move further and charge and have no escape route. Entire world only works on give and take procedure.

FURTHER, people tend to believes such foul due to mythology which is of gods or godly but not humanly. Mythology's taken as human history which it is not. Besides and above all some fake leaders and social workers have donned that attire as well and got established in the market who are also pointed out to be good people. Now even when if nitwits somehow come to think of human pscychology they cannot go any further and stop by mythological and other bogus, but established examples. The BIGGEST part, when any  of all nitwits think about the fact that such is  impossible that without genuine interest no one will work substantially for others, as they themselves cannot do that and cant even imagine doing it. Now each of such nitwit thinks that he is selfish but that well known person must not be like  him but he is altruist that's why he is well known. And such nitwits get fooled life long as each one of these billions think not he and never he, but some others few are altruists. But Other, Other, Other, Other... Whither?... Where is that Other when every other fool thinks so. The fact is such altruist is now here as it is impossible. The fact is that well known altruist also thinks that there are few others who are REAL altruists.

There have been some established myths as to anyone can make big exertions for society or country or for humanity and so on and so forth. Remember, Modiji is bhagidar of farmers who are still suiciding but industialists thriving,he is not their bhagidar. Wait a minute, he is their bhagidar as well, only because with that nation's economy will rise poor will become richer through industrialization,  ; ) including any chaiwala and any chokidar himself. Without genuine interest no politico can work considerably for public. Such instance is possible only when one turns lunatic, but then, he will not be a politico. Such altruism is merely jumlebaji. All altruism is jumlebaji. Fact is genuine interest. Zuck donated 50% of his wealth,but to his own Trust and saved billions of tax bucks.

HOW IT WORKS? Defying science, and taking resemblence from mythology, corrupt claim they are socialists and making substantial exertions for the nation, humans or like wise. If anybody doubts them that how is it possible without your genuine interest that you exert only for others? They say Jesus did it, Buddha did it, and even our Gandhiji who was human did it, so why cant I? Then all become mum and believe it. This is also supported by fake leaders, godmen etc creating cult followers and as such of these people are dignified who people believe, and this chain of such offenders in disguise continues and a lie spoken 100 times becomes truth. As people can't speak against prophets so is with these corrupt then, and they get accepted by weak brain people in herd like that of sheep.. Those who know facts may accept mythology, but how about human history. Gandhiji's truth has been told by Jt. Katju, need anything more? This is they move on from generations to generations and there always are ignorant and foolish people  totally believe such rubbish which can never exist at all. Now wonder why all IAS passing ones claim they dream is working for nation but see the scams by the same babus and now tell they are RIGHT.

This foul comes from mythology. But mythology talks of incarnations and prophets who were godly and not humans. But human psychology totally defies it ab initio. It says no substantial exertion can be made by any normal or wise person without his "genuine interest" in any thing. The whole world revolve round this genuine interest. If one has no genuine interest and claims for any BIG thing he is doing it just for others it is sure they have underhand mala fide interests. e.g. One is extremely kind hearted and many such kind hearted ones see a beggar and have wealth to eradicate all his troubles and all of his family's troubles and sufferings, and as psychological neuro science says that the kind humanitarian or any or all others will not shell out any substantial assets to make him good. Will not sell off their property to make the beggar's family good. Will not withdraw a portion of his bank balance to pay him off and relieve him. But will pay only a change in coins. Now, its sure that Modi ji fought so many big guns and won the race to PM just for bhagidari with farmers with who he has no connection. Sounds TRUE."



 Genuine Interest in Casually Discussed context

Let’s first breakdown the meaning of genuine interest. Genuine means real while interest refers to something that we find appealing. Thus, genuine interest literally means to be actually curious and participative in something. People can be genuinely interested in a number of things such as talking to friends, getting to know strangers, trying different cuisines, listening to music of various genres, experimenting with a number of recipes while cooking, baking cakes, playing musical instruments or even writing or playing sports. In short, there are innumerable things on this planet that can be genuinely interesting for a number of people.

However, is there one thing that is genuinely interesting to all? Not at all! Each person is different. So are their personalities. This means that what may be interesting to someone else may be totally dull to a second person. This is what is regarded as individual differences. It would indeed be a very boring scene on earth if everyone enjoyed the same thing and disliked the rest. There would be no variety. That would result in people being clones of one other and daily life would actually cease to function. But, you must understand that there is a major difference between interest and genuine interest.

Difference between Interest and Genuine Interest

To explain the difference between interest and genuine interest, I would like to site a very common example. It is often seen that children are actually forced by their parents to follow a passion that their parents were unable to achieve. This means that even if the child wishes to enroll for a dance class or drum class, he is forced by his parents to go for skating, just because the parents want that. Now, over time, the child may develop and interest in roller skating. But, his genuine interest will still be dancing and playing the drums.

Thus, it is a proven fact that your genuine interest must always be followed. This is so because if you are keenly eager to be a part of it, you will put in more than your hundred percent to excel in it. Life is too short to be spent being average. Thus, you must always be able to identify your areas of interest and try to pursue it. In fact, it will also help you to be happier and have a positive outlook towards life. That truly is the key to success each day and each moment.
However, please note that just because you are genuinely interested in something, it does not necessarily have to mean that you have an aptitude for it. Aptitude refers to an innate quality of having a certain disposition for something. I’ll explain with an example. Imagine that you are genuinely interested in singing. But, even after several singing lessons, you are just unable to get the notes and pitch correct. This does not mean that your genuine interest will go down. It only means that you do not have the potential for it but something else. Always remember that each one of us had a hidden expertise in us which needs to be identified. It is just that some get it too quick while the rest of us take time.
Difference is only Marginally Apparent, Fake or Real
Now, coming to a very common genuine interest that people claim to have these days is in each other’s lives. But, please note that not all those who ping you up asking how’s life or asking you details about your personal affairs are genuinely interested in you. On the contrary, there’s a strong possibility that their genuine interest in just to spread rumors or keep gossiping about you. Yeah, I know the word you’re thinking of. These people must be referred to as hypocrites.
Honestly, hypocrites are like chameleons. You’ll never be able to understand when they switch colors. These are people who extend a helping hand each time they see you are vulnerable. But they’re actually working just as snake venom. It kills slowly. In fact, you must steer clear of these people as soon as possible. It’s truly better to be alone than be in the company of such beings who have personalities like the layers of onions. It’s actually quite easy to identify them in the crowd but being safe is the main task at hand.
Genuine People                        Fake People
Next, you are also likely to meet those who will behave like they are working for your benefits and genuine interest. But these too, will be just like hypocrites who set out each day with just one aim in mind, that is, to pull you down to their level. In fact, you will be totally taken aback to know that your apparent friends and best friends too may turn out to be such people. You’re actually lucky if you’ve managed to find those few gems in life who truly love you and wish to see you prosper and reach great heights of success.
Lastly, another aspect of genuine interest these days is what people to claim to have before starting relationships. Listening of people starting relationships, getting engaged and even getting married is very common these days. We see the updated on social media almost every other day. Then follow the pictures with cheesy captions that speak loud of PDA (public display of affection). However, what’s even more common is the breakup and divorce after a very short span of time. This is now a growing trend in the East as well as the West.

This is because people claim to have a genuine interest in someone but it is not actually so. Genuine interest doesn’t just fade away. It is a commitment for lifetime. Though I wouldn’t wish to blame any generation for this, it is actually inspiring to see old couples more around together even with grey strands and brittle bones. That is what genuine interest in someone looks like. Before signing off, I would also like to clarify that people that it’s totally fine for people of the same gender to be interested in each other. At least that’s way better than those who claim to be genuinely interested in peace but then bomb other countries in the name of religion. 


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