Asur Web Series Season 1 on Voot Review [ Spolier Alert ]


Summary of Asur Web Series: Welcome to Your Dark Side, on Voot - Season 1

Poster of Web Series Movie Asur


Asur Web Series Season 1 Release date: 2nd March, 2020

Asur Season 1 Director

Oni Sen

Asur Voot Producer

Tanveer Bookwala

Asur Web Series Writers

Gaurav Shukla, Niren Bhatt, Vinay Chhawal

Asur Web series Cast

Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Ridhi Dogra, Anupriya Goenka, Sharib Hashmi, Amey Wagh

Asur Streaming Platform

Asur IMBD Rating

8.6/ 10


Asur Web Series Trailer 

Asur Trailer Online


Experience Thrills Chilling Murder Mysteries with Voot's Asur Episode wise Review Online

 Asur Review for episode 1

The Dead Can Talk is the Asur review for Asur episode 1. It takes you through two different worlds. One, eleven years ago in Varanasi where a child is seen performing certain rituals on the ghats of Ganges. Two, it shifts to present where Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti) is introduced. 


Character in Asur Web Series Movie

Asur Review for episode 2

As Asur episode 2, Rabbit Hole, unfolds the plot further we get to know Dhananjay Rajpoot (Arshad Warsi) and how he is framed for his wife’s murder. 

Here, the Asur review tells you that his former forensic student and junior Nikhil comes to take over the case. 

Nikhil in Episode 2 Asur Movie

 Asur Review for episode 3

As per the Asur review of Asur episode 3, it is rightly titled Peek-a-boo as you witness sneak peeks of Shubh’s (Vishesh Bansal) growth as a tragic character. You also get to learn about the early signs of autism.

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 Asur Review for episode 4

The story climbs the peak of action as tension grows in Asur episode 4, Ashes from the Past, when Dhananjay tries to put together the missing pieces of the serial killings. 

The Asur review finds that he has a string attached to a missing link that might drag him to hell. 

Dhananjay in Episode 4 of Web Series Asur

 Asur Review for episode 5

More characters are introduced in Asur episode 5 (The Devil Has a Face). Kesar, a motivational speaker brings in the theme of spirituality. His character shows true colours later on as the hunt for the serial killer goes on. 

 Asur Review for episode 6

Asur episode 6, The Firewall, sees Nikhil sinking deeper in the murderer’s traps. His emotions of being a family man are expressed well.

The Asur review will tell you how high the stakes are as the story reaches its climax.

Barun Sobti in Episode 6 Hindi Movie "Asur" Web Series

Asur Review for episode 7

Asur episode 7, Let There Be Darkness, sees no end to the tragedies engulfing the characters and the tension deepens.

 Asur Review for episode 8

Asur episode 8, End Is The Beginning, reveals only to the audience the face in the dark amidst the cries of pain and loss.


Asur Web Series Season 1 Key Takaways

Several reasons can be cited which makes Asur Voot a must watch. These Asur reviews without spoilers will make sure that you are in for surprises.

1.     The Trailer Asur and episodes are intriguing because the plot unravels slowly with swift turns of events.

2.     Voot made sure that the Asur release date is scheduled during a time when TRP’s would be high. Thus, during this time it will for sure turn out to be a great watch for adults.

3.     On reading about the plot and the Asur cast details, you would surely love to see the regular actors coming out in different colours. Barun Sobti breaks his romantic hero image and adorns the garb of a family man torn between his passion for studying the dead and his commitment towards his family. The Asur real reviews will promise this web series to be a good watch.

4.     Asur budget was pretty low but despite that it has left a mark on the viewers and keeps you hooked till the last episode.

5.     The supporting cast has done a marvelous job and the good Asur review stands strong because of their backing.

6.     The Asur trailer has been pretty intriguing where the child actors exhibit great facial expressions. They are a treat to watch as they express the emotions more through expressions than dialogues. This of course calls for kudos.

7.      As per the Asur review, the beautiful ghats of Benaras do add to visual splendor.

8.      If you are a fan of the mystery-thriller genre then Asur at Voot would suit you the best.

9.      Another thing that would catch your sight is the use of the Balinese masks which provoke the evil even further.

10.  According to the Asur reviews, if you are a student of literature then you would surely find traces of Sylvia Plath’s suicide in the series of murders.



Asur Web Series Season 2 on Voot 


Asur has claimed its position in the list of the most trending web series in 2020 and hopefully if there is a next season it will also do the same. 

Though there have been no rumours about a Season 2 for asur webseries, in the Asur review, yet viewers would find traces in it as Dhananjay gets more hints about the mastermind behind the killings. 

Asur Season 1 Review Online [ Spoiler Alert]

Honest and Best Movie Asur Review

Asur Review for all users 

Voot Asur is a Hindi language web series that was released recently. It falls under the dark, mystery and thriller genre with a serial killer running wild. 

The story has been set in Varanasi with a low budget of Asur that does not affect its impact. 

The time frame moves to and fro into the present and the past. You can read the Asur review to know how the murders have been committed and it will send down tremors. 

The thrill rises slowly with the unfolding of the plot and goes on to give you the ultimate treat of a thrilling serial killing.


 Cinematography of Asur webseries

The cinematography is done well so that it is well in sync with the setting and mood of the story. Also the background score creates marvel to heighten the fear in the audience. 

The direction is done perfectly with a strong cast who knows their job well. 

Moreover, the Asur review of the story shows a strong impact of a disturbed upbringing on a child’s psychology and how it manifests in wrong beliefs later on. Sad but true, it does give birth to a lot of social miscreants and even sociopaths.


 Final Editor's Review on Asur Voot Web Series

To sum it up the reviews of Asur can come handy for your watch and will give you a sufficiently good outline to get an idea about the series. The Asur cast has been selectively chosen and they all play their parts pretty well. However, Arshad Warsi will make his silver screen presence vibrant shedding his comic image for a change. Barun Sobti is just a step behind portraying his character of a forensic expert perfectly to the T. 


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