What are the Pre-requisites Development Family Medicine?


Prerequisites for the development of family medicine system and Technologies

With the rapid growth of world economic level, people's living standards continue to improve. After solving the problem of food and clothing, people pay more and more attention to health problems.

According to the aggregation of general Family Medical and Health Consumption Trend Reports among the world residents' per capita consumption, medical care pointed out that the same percentage growth rate was the highest.


Why do people's health consciousness increase family medical health consumption, rather than the increase in traditional medical expenses? The reason why this happens are two reasons:


The maturity of emerging medical technologies

The maturity of emerging technology has promoted the development of family medicine. In the medical and health market, not only new intelligent medical and health equipment that can record various health data of the body in detail, such as smart bracelets, watches and smart body fat scales, are also emerging. 

Moreover, industry giants such as Apple, Huawei, Tencent, and One Health entered the intelligent family medical service, allowing more intelligent family medical products to be developed.


For example, Apple Watch, which is already on the market, has the functions of recognizing the user's fall and calling, reminding of abnormal heart rhythm and ECG electrocardiogram.

 Family medical functions such as online consultation, and life entertainment functions such as weather forecast and radio. 

While providing users with personalized customized medical and health services, it also provides users with a way of life and entertainment. 

As for Huawei, which has been developing 5G technology, this year also aimed at the medical field and entered the medical industry.


Social needs

In recent years, the aging rate of the world's social population has accelerated, and many empty or half-empty elderly people have appeared. 

When the health problems of these elderly people occur, their children will often not be able to understand it in the first place because of work problems. Or when the elderly need daily care or to deal with sudden health problems, the children will not be able to stay with their parents at all times because of busy work, helping them cope with these emergencies.


If at this time, there is a way or device that can detect the health status of the elderly in real time, can give advice on medication according to their physical condition, and can remind them when to use the medicine. This not only helps the elderly to save many lives, it may even deepen the relationship between parents and children.


For these reasons, more and more intelligent home medical devices will appear on the market. For example, the one-self self-developed bear smart medicine box has a one-click calling function. When the elderly have an emergency, it will be the first time Notify family members, and can provide corresponding medical services according to the physical condition of the elderly. Apple Watch, which is already on the market, can also recognize that the user has fallen and called.


Clinical Family Health and Medicine

These are the needs of the society for intelligent medical equipment, and these needs cannot be provided by the hospital. This is why the improvement of people's health awareness does not promote the improvement of traditional medical services, but the increase of family medical expenses.

Rrapid development of emerging medical technologies

The rapid development of family medical care is inseparable from the needs of society and the rapid development of emerging technology. People believe that with the rapid development of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., the process of family intelligent medical model will also fully realize the intelligent family Medical health management occupies a place in the field of medical health life, providing the public with a convenient and fast medical treatment model.


One Health-Bear Wisdom Medicine Box

One Health is based on the big health sector, covering genetic testing, body data management tools, intelligent hardware, sports and fitness. Its product Wisdom Wisdom Medicine Box is based on the era of smart medical big data, with an integrated multi-sign detection intelligent service terminal as the entrance, integrating family drug management, physiological index measurement, online consultation, real-time video, case management, medication reminder, one-click The home medical service system with call as a whole is a smart medicine box with a family health intelligent terminal, intelligent detection of health index, and all aspects of chronic disease management.

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