Why Salman Khan Accused of Indian Actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot's Murder?


The 34-year-old Indian actor's suicide triggered an earthquake in the Indian entertainment industry, and 8 people including Salman Khan were accused of murder

The news that Bollywood superstar Susant Singh Rajput hanged himself recently shocked the entire Indian entertainment circle. Before that, many Indian artists committed suicide, which caused widespread concern. In the first 5 days of Sushant’s suicide, His beauty agent also jumped off the building and died. Although Susanne died by hanging, there is a big inside story about his real cause of death.


Sushant was born in 1986 and died when he was only 34 years old. He was a hot star in the Bollywood movie circle. Sushant has starred in "The First Dream", "Pani", "Desperate Driving" and many other film and television dramas. The starring "Dil Bechara" was just released on the 2nd of last month. 

In 2017, Sushant won the best actor award at the Indian Film Festival for his "Untold Story". On personal social networking sites, Susanne has accumulated tens of millions of fans. Compared to India, Susanne is a famous movie star, and even high-level officials mourned his death.


Late Actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot


Earlier, it was reported that Sushant committed suicide because there was no income from the epidemic, and it was also said that Susanne had been suffering from depression. 

However, with the voices of people in the circle, everyone discovered that there is a reason for depression. Sushant has been oppressed by the Salman Khan family. 

At a nearby time Susanne was delisted by 7 movies. Such a blow made Susanne. Unable to accept, will make irrational behavior.


Abhinav Kashyap made a voice on social networking sites to accuse Salman Khan and his family

The well-known Indian director Abhinav Kashyap made a voice on social networking sites to accuse Salman Khan and his family in the Indian entertainment circle and bullying actors. He accused Salim Khan, Salman Khan, Albaz Khan and Sohn in his real name. 

Four people including Haier Khan. Salman Khan expressed his condolences after Susanne’s death, but more people accused him of hypocrisy because he had a lot of power in the entertainment industry. Susanne’s removal from seven movies was related to Salman Khan. .



Salman Khan is one of the three kings of Bollywood and one of the representative figures of Indian cinema. In the domestic Indian comedy "Little Lori's Monkey God Uncle", he is the actor Pawan.


Regarding Abhinav Kashyap, Salman and Albaz’s father Salim Khan responded that they were not worth his time

Regarding the allegations made by director Abhinav Kashyap, Salman and Albaz’s father Salim Khan responded that they were not worth his time. He was interviewed by the Mumbai Times. He said:

 “Let him do what he wants to do. Will waste time responding to what he said." They will take legal actions to protect their reputation.


Anil Deshmukh, Minister of the Interior of Maharashtra State, announced that the police will investigate the death of Sushant and will also investigate reports on professional competition. 

On June 17, the police filed a lawsuit against eight people, including Bollywood directors Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ekta Kapoor, as well as actor Salman Khan, who are suspected of being involved in the death of actor Sushant. The court is scheduled to hold a hearing is such cases. 

The attorney claimed that the eight people removed Sushant from the seven movies, causing Sushant to take extreme actions. This was a conspiracy to commit suicide and was equivalent to murder. Currently Bollywood actor Conna Lanott is listed as a witness in this case.



Most of the Indian entertainment industry is family power. Many celebrities’ brothers and sisters are actors, and the director’s sons and daughters are also actors. It is difficult for ordinary people to have a chance. The Salman Khan family is one of them, they control most of the resources. However, according to the trend, it is unlikely that Salman Khan and other 8 people will be convicted.


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