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Top 8 Predictions for Blockchain Technology and crypto currency trends in 2019

Many people believe that blockchain, decentralized applications, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will continue to exist.
Nine years ago, the concept of digital currency was still very complicated and only a few people could understand it, but now it has developed into a mature business. Bitcoin traders and investors around the world are attracted by crypto exchanges, and they are always looking for additional ways to make more money. Lets us study the predictions for factual analysis as how they were and how far they came true to accurate set estimates further in future:

Top Crypto Currency Predictions to judge how they were

Although prices change almost daily, the total value of the crypto market is steadily increasing. The Bitcoin bubble of December 2017 quickly burst, leading to a bear market in 2018. However, the vast majority of investors remain optimistic and look to the future.

It's all thanks to blockchain technology, which powers the crypto world. Whether you are a Bitcoin trader or a blockchain enthusiast, here are the blockchain predictions for 2019 that will help you better understand the technology.

1. Blockchain will meet the Internet of Things

According to a report from International Data Corporation, many IoT companies will integrate blockchain technology into their products. IDC predicts that by 2019, 20% of IoT deployments will install blockchain services.

With the help of blockchain technology, they plan to improve services and increase sales. In fact, we already have digital startups in this space, and we can only expect the industry to grow in 2019.

Why is it a blockchain? Because it is based on a distributed and decentralized system, it provides a secure framework for communication between IoT devices. It allows the automatic exchange of data between them and is highly resistant to network attacks and other network problems.

2. There will be a large number of companies adopting blockchain

 Deloitte's 2018 Global Blockchain Survey revealed that 40% of respondents stated that their institution will invest $ 5 million or more in blockchain technology in 2019.

The same study shows that 74% of respondents believe that this technology will bring many benefits to their company.

First, IBM has developed blockchain products that allow startups and developers to build decentralized applications. As more and more companies move towards this emerging technology, we can expect that this technology will be promoted to some extent in the coming year.

3. Trading on crypto exchanges

 The number and popularity of crypto exchanges has recently increased. In fact, their impact on the crypto world is so great that a tweet or public statement from the CEO of any of the leading crypto exchanges could affect the price of a particular cryptocurrency.

Just a few weeks ago, Coinbase and Binance, the world's leading crypto exchanges, publicly supported the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork before controversy and confusion arose in mid-November.

As cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, crypto exchanges and their impact on the crypto world will continue to evolve. Next year is no exception.

4. Games and crypto space

 There are many startups using crypto tokens and launching many blockchain-based video game related services. For example, Singapore-based startup Bountie plans to launch an online gaming platform where players will receive cryptocurrency rewards for playing games on that platform.

Later, they can use these tokens to buy a new game, merchandise, etc.

The development of blockchain gaming platforms may require more effort, but some of them will be released in 2019.

5. Decentralized applications will continue to grow

The first Ethereum decentralized game was Crypto Cat. The purpose of this game is to collect and breed digital cats.

This decentralized application did not completely change any system, but it did bring an idea that caught the attention of many developers who quickly realized the potential of decentralized applications and the Ethereum network.

Nonetheless, experts believe that 2019 will be a year of widespread decentralized applications.

6. Blockchain will disrupt the industry

Throughout the Internet, the term "blockchain" is associated with ICOs, Bitcoin, and everything related to cryptocurrencies. However, this is just one of many applications that spread like wildfire.

The financial industry is just one area where this technology makes things the best.

For example, did you know that the supply chain and shipping industry also profit from the blockchain? Now that this data can be tracked through immutable public ledgers, transporting and shipping goods (such as fresh food) has become more efficient and reliable.

Other industries that implement blockchain in operations include network security, insurance, healthcare, and more.

It can be safely said that by 2019, the adoption of blockchain will reach an unprecedented scale. We should not be surprised at its emergence in almost all industries.

7. Decentralized exchanges will increase

The number of decentralized crypto exchanges is likely to increase in the coming year.

Although most crypto exchanges are currently centralized (ironically), decentralized crypto exchanges will increase in number because they provide better user control, higher security, and better liquidity.

8. Government agencies are more likely to adopt blockchain

The concept of an immutable distributed ledger and its level of security has attracted governments to consider using it to store data on such systems.

It can save various data blocks from anywhere in the world. For example, Estonia has implemented blockchain technology on X-Road, a decentralized ledger that stores credentials for all citizens.
Analysis of Cryptocurrency Estimates for future estimation

To Sum up

To be sure, blockchain will bring revolutionary changes to business processes in many industries. However, full adoption will require significant time and effort. In addition, one thing we know about all Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency predictions-the blockchain and crypto industries are growing rapidly.

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