What are the Effects of Coronavirus on Mining Jobs?


As the impact of Covid-19 continues, Miners have Accelerated the Process of Automation

Yangtze River Nonferrous Metals News: According to a mining.com report, a new study shows that, given the current Covid-19-related restrictions, as companies accelerate the adoption of automation technology, about 20% of people currently working in the mining and metal industries Face the risk of being replaced by robots.


According to the latest "job prospects" report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), 79% of mining companies are accelerating the digitization of their work processes and adopting tools such as video conferencing. Of these, 26.3% are accelerating task automation.


50% of companies are accelerating automation and 84% of companies are accelerating digitalization

Although this number is lower than the global average-50% of companies are accelerating automation and 84% of companies are accelerating digitalization-they show a shift towards how and by whom.


The report pointed out that technical proficiency, analytical thinking, creativity and flexibility are the skills that mining employers value most when recruiting and replacing employees.


Saadia Zahidi, Executive Director of the World Economic Forum, said: “Covid-19 has accelerated the arrival of future jobs

The acceleration of automation and the impact of the Covid-19 recession have deepened existing inequalities in the labor market and reversed the global financial crisis since 2007-2008. Employment growth achieved."

Effects of Corona virus on mining Jobs

Experts warn that by 2025, automation and the new division of labor between humans and machines will cause the loss of 85 million jobs in large and medium-sized companies in 15 industries and 26 economies around the world.


Roles in areas such as data entry, accounting and administrative support will continue to decrease, while the demand for automation and digital professionals will continue to surge.


What is the digital agenda of the miners?

The digital agenda of the miners has strained their relationship with the union, which is worried that the demand for manual labor will be reduced to a minimum.

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