Is Lu Xun Considerable over Range Rover?


Chinese Lu Xun can be considered, the 5239mm Length is More Powerful than the Range Rover, take the V8 + 4WD

Speaking of Lu Xun's car, it should be no stranger to many people. Its powerful power and excellent quality make it the only thing in the hearts of many men. However, because of the high price, we see that not many people can own this car. This status quo is seen by Hengtian Automobile. Last year, it unveiled its first SUV model. This car is very similar to Lu Xun in appearance and has become a recognized domestic "Lu Xun". Recently, some netizens have discovered that it has begun to be delivered to customers, so what is this model that is more powerful than Range Rover? Let's get to know it.
Lu Xun's car representation

In terms of appearance design, this Hengtian L4600 really looks very stiff. The straight waterfall-style mid-net has a very powerful momentum, and the headlight lamp group adopts a matrix design, and the LED light source is added inside. There are so many technologies. There are also two fog lights and air intake design under the front of the car. These designs also make the front of the car more layered. The length of this car is 5239mm, so it looks bigger than Range Rover when viewed from the side, and the visual impact is stronger than the latter.

At the rear of the car, the design of this Hengtian L4600 has the temperament of an off-road SUV. The overall appearance is very wide. Although the taillights are more common, after adding the LED light source, they look very beautiful. And we can also see the configuration of the towing hook on the rear of the car, which is also indispensable for this model.

Car Range Rover

Then let's look at its interior. As an off-road SUV made by a domestic brand, it still has a higher sense of grade than Lu Xun. Not only does the leather material appear in the car, but there is also a super large The design of the control screen, and the design similar to the plane paddles appear behind the gear lever, which is still very new to users. As for the configuration, it has not been announced, but it can be seen from the actual car that it can be done in this one. Basically, the configuration on the common SUV car can be seen on it. The 2950mm wheelbase of this car in space is also rare in this class.

In terms of power, it will be equipped with a V8 engine. This machine can output 286 horsepower and can also see the configuration of the four-wheel drive. In this way, it still has a certain height in the power section, but the actual performance will be How about it, only wait until it is officially listed.

Various Designs of Range Rover Models

Looking at the whole, the road taken by this domestic "Lu Xun" has also happened to some domestic ones. At present, these models are basically forgotten, and whether this car takes its own road or the old road, now It's not easy to say, after all, the price and the quality of the entire vehicle are still unknown. So after reading these, are you optimistic about its future? Please comment below.

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