What is Road Capacity Theory?


Road Capacity Theory Book


"Road Capacity Theory" is a book published by Harbin Institute of Technology Press in 2007. The author is Zhang Yaping.


Book name:    Road capacity theory

Author:    Zhang Yaping

ISBN:    9787560324876

Number of pages:    272 pages

Publishing house:    Harbin Institute of Technology Press

Date of publish:    April 1, 2007

Framing:    Paperback

Open:    16


Table of Content

    1 Introduction

    2 About the author

    3 Table of contents


Brief introduction to Road Capacity Theory

"Road Capacity Theory" systematically introduces the basic concepts, principles and methods of road capacity. It also incorporates the latest research results at home and abroad, and incorporates new technical standards.

The main contents include road sections, ramps, interweaving areas, toll stations, the capacity of intersections, public transportation facilities, bicycle lanes, pedestrian facilities and the application of traffic simulation technology in capacity analysis.

"Road Capacity Theory" can be used as a reference textbook for undergraduates and graduates in transportation engineering, transportation and other majors in colleges and universities, and can also be used as a reference for relevant scientific and technical personnel engaged in engineering fields such as traffic rules, design, construction and management.


About the Author of Road Capacity Theory

Zhang Yaping, male, born in September 1966, doctor, professor and doctoral supervisor. He is currently the director of the Traffic Engineering Department of Harbin Institute of Technology and the director of the Traffic Engineering Laboratory.

He is also a member of the Heilongjiang Provincial Urban "Unblocking Project" expert group, a member of the Heilongjiang Province Fire Accident Investigation Expert Committee, and a member of the IEEE ITSC Intelligent Transportation System Branch IEEE Institute ICTPA member of the International Chinese Transportation Association, NACOTA member of the North American Chinese Transportation Association, and adjunct professor of Henan Urban Construction Institute.

Mainly engaged in research work in road traffic planning and design, traffic flow theory, traffic safety, traffic simulation, logistics engineering, highway CAD and 3 S technology.

Presided over or participated in the national 973 plan project sub-item

National 863 plan project, national Ninth Five-Year

Tenth Five-Year and Eleventh Five-Year scientific and technological research projects

The National Natural Science Foundation of China

The Ministry of Education doctoral program Fund projects

The Ministry of Transportation’s western transportation projects

Heilongjiang Natural Science Foundation projects and other provincial

Ministerial, and prefecture-level scientific research projects


3 provincial and ministerial-level teaching, research, and educational reform projects won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award

Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress 3rd Prize

Daqing City Science and Technology Progress 2nd Prize

Heilongjiang Higher Education Society Outstanding Higher Education Scientific Research Achievement 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize 1 each

Harbin Institute of Technology Excellent Teaching Achievement 2nd Prize 1 item.

Published 2 monographs, edited 2 textbooks, obtained 1 software copyright

Published more than 80 papers, of which more than 30 were searched by SCI and EI.


In 2008, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Communist Party Member of Harbin Institute of Technology.

Appraiser for communications of relevant project funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Transportation, and IEEE ITSC special paper reviewer for authoritative international conferences in the field of transportation.


Road Capacity Theory Book’s Table of Content

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Basic concepts of capacity

1.2 Research progress and development trend of road capacity

1.3 Basic knowledge about road capacity

Thinking questions

Chapter 2 Road capacity

2.1 Definition of basic road sections

2.2 Capacity of basic section of expressway

2.3 Basic road capacity

2.4 Capacity of two-lane highway section

Thinking questions


Chapter 3 Capacity of ramps and the connection points between ramps and main lines

3.1 Overview

3.2 Ramp traffic capacity

3.3 Capacity of the connection point between ramp and main line

3.4 Ramp service level


Thinking questions


Chapter 4 Capacity of Interweaving Area

4.1 Overview

4.2 Traffic operation characteristics of interweaving area

4.3 Capacity analysis

4.4 Service level analysis

Thinking questions


Chapter 5 Toll Station Capacity

5.1 Overview

5.2 Vehicle queuing theory at toll booths

5.3 Toll station traffic characteristics

5.4 Calculation of toll capacity

5.5 Capacity analysis during planning and design

Thinking questions

Chapter 6 Capacity of Public Transportation Lines

6.1 Overview

6.2 Capacity of public transportation lines

6.3 Rail Transit Passenger Capacity

Thinking questions

Chapter 7 Capacity of Pedestrian Transportation Facilities and Bicycle Paths

7.1 Pedestrian traffic characteristics

7.2 Pedestrian traffic facilities capacity and service level

7.3 Setting standards for bicycle lanes

7.4 Bicycle traffic characteristics

7.5 Bicycle lane capacity and service level


Thinking questions


Chapter 8 Capacity at Unsignalized Intersections

8.1 Overview

8.2 Traffic characteristics of signalless intersections

8.3 Calculation method of traffic capacity at signalless intersections

8.4 Service level of signalless intersections

8.5 Analysis of traffic capacity and influencing factors of signalless intersection

Thinking questions


Chapter 9 Capacity of Signalized Intersections

9.1 Traffic signals

9.2 Traffic characteristics of signalized intersections

9.3 Calculation of capacity at signalized intersections

9.4 Service level of signalized intersections


Thinking questions


Chapter 10 Roundabout Capacity

Chapter 11 Capacity of Intersections

Chapter 12 Application of Traffic Simulation in Analysis of Road Capacity



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