Technology Exploration for Business under Pandemic


Exploration technology under the epidemic: business as usual, committed to providing you with diversified e-commerce solutions

The novel coronavirus has been on the global news for several months, and this topic still requires worry and attention for many people in and outside China. Despite many restrictions and safety recommendations, in many first-tier cities in Asia, including China, the companies and employees are very calm and look for ways to restore normal life.


The epidemic situation is generally optimistic

At present, the new crown epidemic has been well controlled in China, and the previous resolute measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus have yielded good results. 

There has been no increase in new cases in Shanghai for several days, and good news has been sent from many places across the country that cases have been "zeroed out". 

A few weeks ago, many companies required employees to return to work in person after extra vacations and telecommuting. People are gradually returning to normal life and work conditions.


Technology Exploration for Business under Pandemic


Technology gives more convenience to remote office

During the epidemic, the first of the many help that technology has brought to people is to make remote working possible. 

A company with remote office capabilities with high-quality services while ensuring the health of employees during the most severe period of the epidemic.


 The importance of enterprise digital transformation

Some new faces and familiar faces in mobile APP rely on mature e-commerce cloud platforms and supply chains to provide many conveniences for the daily lives of people in the home. The most notable is the emergence of fresh food e-commerce. 

During the Spring Festival anti-epidemic period, JD Daojia’s daily activity exceeded one million, and Hema Fresh and Dingdong’s daily activity both exceeded 400,000. Sales of each store soared by 200 on New Year’s Eve %-350%. 

people gradually return to work, because of the hidden dangers of dine-in transmission, take-out is increasingly popular. Even those born in the 60s and 70s who did not like to use take-out services before the epidemic have joined the army of ordering food. 

Compared with the many limitations of the traditional model, more and more B2C companies like this have deployed online sales channels and benefited from them. 

Some B2B companies have also begun to pay attention to online sales channels and start to build cloud platforms, trying to transfer part of their offline business to online in order to facilitate and scale transactions.


International e-commerce/cross-border e-commerce helps build a healthy business

In this epidemic, cross-border companies and international companies with powerful e-commerce cloud systems can better respond to the negative impact of the virus. 

Companies whose production process and sales are all placed in China have encountered great difficulties in this epidemic, and building a diversified international e-commerce platform with the help of a globally interconnected network can shift target markets and diversify risks.

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