Panchayat Web Series Season 1 on Amazon Prime Review [ Spoiler Alert ]


Panchayat Web Series Season - One on Amazon Prime, Review

Poster of Panchayat Web Series Season 1 on Amazon Prime Review

Panchayat Web Series Season 1 Release date: 3rd April, 2020

Panchayat Season 1 Director

Deepak Kumar Mishra

Panchayat Amazon Prime Producer

Susanta Kumar Shrestha
Shankar Prasad Subedi

Panchayat Web Series Writer

Chandan Kumar

Panchayat Web series Cast

Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik, Biswapati Sarkar

Panchayat Streaming Platform

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Panchayat Web Series Trailer 

Simple Portrayal Of Emotions Mixed With The Right Dose Of Laughter

Summary of Panchayat Web Series Season 1

Panchayat Review for episode 1
The Panchayat review of Panchayat episode 1 shows Abhishek trying to shed the garb of his urban life and get accustomed to the rural area. He also tries to sort out what he wants from life.

Panchayat Review for episode 2
The Panchayat review for Panchayat episode 2 will tell you how Abhishek gets to know the other characters of the gram panchayt so that he does his work diligently.

Panchayat Review for episode 3
The Panchayat review of Panchayat episode 3 projects the theme of dowry and cuts a clear picture of its importance in present villages.

Panchayat Review for episode 4
As the characters start gelling well with each other in Panchayat episode 4 the problems in the village also aggravate. It reflects how a headstrong decision can be instrumental for a social good.

Panchayat Movie Online Watching Complete Information

Panchayat Review for episode 5
Moving ahead with Panchayat episode 5 the Panchayat review states how simple the villagers are indeed. Most are so underprivileged that they do not even know the difference between a TV screen and a computer monitor.

Panchayat Review for episode 6
The Panchayat review for Panchayat episode 6 brings out the diligence of Abhishek whose last resort to escape this job is to crack his MBA and a tiff ensues with some rogues in the nearby township. Panchayat reviews show you how Abhishek grows closer to Pradhan Ji (Raghubir Yadav). Though Abhishek is heartbroken he stands strong and does not neglect his duties.

Panchayat Review for episode 7
Panchayat episode 7 clearly portrays Pradhan Ji’s character who feels that a good human being will be a better choice for his daughter over someone who asks for a dowry.  The Panchayat review delves deeper into the unfolding of other shades of the characters at play.

Panchayat Review for episode 8
Panchayat episode 8 wraps up the season with a little turn of events where the theme of women’s rights is projected so well. This Panchayat review will give you a deep insight of what you must expect from the show.

Movie Panchayat Web Series Online on Amazon Prime Watch Scene

Panchayat Web Series Season 1 Key Takeaways

 There are so many dimensions in the plot of TvF's Panchayat that you too become a part of the story. Panchayat at Amazon Prime comes as a web series that will sway your hearts in so many different ways.
  1. ·         The funny and simple dialogues play a mellow music in your hearts.
  2. ·         The Panchayat trailer looks promising.
  3. ·         The soft emotions loom large across the episodes.
  4. ·         You can easily associate yourselves with the characters.
  5. ·         The simplicity of the characters will make you laugh and sympathise with their innocence.
  6. ·         The rural scenes run deep through the plot and indeed are like the fresh gusts of breeze.
  7. ·         The funny dialogues in the web series get a big thumbs up from the Panchayat review.
  8. ·         The problems that are shown in Phulera are really the ones that are faced by the villagers.
  9. ·       The Reviews of Panchayat give the cast a 100/100 because of their acting skills and the way they hone the rural dialect and accent.
  10. ·        The beautiful bond between Abhishek and Vikas is also something to look forward.

    Panchayat Web Series Season 2 on Amazon Prime

 Like any other web series Panchayat at Amazon Prime too leaves signs that this might be a forerunner of the second season. TvF might as well announce one after the huge success of this show. However, for all the viewers it would also be a delight and treat to watch out for.

Feature Film Motion Picture "Panchayat" Season One Watch Scene on Amazon Prime

Panchayat Season 1 Review Online [ Spoiler Alert]

Panchayat reviews for all viewers

Panchayat, created by TvF, can be categorized as a comic-drama. This series is scripted in Hindi and the language is very simple owing to the fact that the plot has been set in the village of Phulera, Uttar Pradesh. The Panchayat release date happens to be in April 2020 and you can easily learn from this review about the Panchayat cast details. The characters played, by the Panchayat cast, are based in this village but the gram panchayat secretary, Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) is a city boy. Though he goes through a lot of struggles while adjusting to the ways of the village, he makes amends with most of the people and soon becomes their blue-eyed boy.

Story of panchayat web series at a glance

Abhishek is a cool tempered boy who has to deal with his own struggles and also the issues concerning Phulera. However, he always has his apprentice Vikas at his rescue along with Pradhan Ji. Neena Gupta once again teams up with Jitendra Kumar after Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan and delivers a great performance. Wait till the end for a pleasant surprise too.
The director has won accolades by throwing light on the major issues like population explosion, dowry, illiteracy, male dominance and more such social problems. His deft handling of each of the dialogues gives the characters their own weight and importance. The Panchayat reviews without spoilers will make sure that you get enough teasers from the drama. To top it all, the musical accompaniment is also so soothing that it indeed brings out the simplicity of the villagers and the smooth going story. The Trailer of Panchayat will also intrigue the viewers to watch it at one go.

Amazon Prime Watch,  Web Series Seasom One Panchayat


Final Editor's Review on Panchayat Amazon Prime Web Series


The drama has many funny moments and you might also get teary-eyed when you will be touched by the sweet gestures of the villagers. There are a total of eight episodes that run for around 25minutes each. The Budget of Panchayat is not lump-sum yet it covers all the necessary aspects. According to the Panchayat review you must put it on your must-watch list and get bowled over by the sweetness of Pradhan Ji and the other characters.
The Panchayat real reviews will surely not spoil your zeal to get glued to this web series. Rather these are just the right icing on the cake. This Panchayat review makes sure that you get an outline about the much acclaimed and recently trending web series.


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