Is it Right for American Celebrities to Contend Elections, like Kanye West?


Oscar and Grammy co-host the presidential election? American Celebrities Want to Contend Prez Elections

American stars have participated, and the magic operation is here again. Netizens jokingly called "Oscars" and "Grammies" or the biggest winners. The US presidential election is more like a four-year reality show. Now Kanye and other stars have threatened to join the melee, and this show is getting more and more exciting. However, if Kanye is serious, there is not much time left for him. He needs to act quickly to make his name match Trump and Biden, and list it on the ballots in 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Serious political elections turned into a collective carnival?

On November 3, 2020, the United States will usher in the 59th general election. 

In addition to the current President Trump's announcement of a re-election campaign, bigwigs from all walks of life are eager to try.


1. On July 4, local time, which is the National Day of the United States, hip-hop singer Kanye West announced on Twitter that he could run for the president of the United States, and public opinion exploded.


Kanye Twitter: "Now we must fulfill the American promise by trusting God, uniting our vision, and building our future. I want to run for President of the United States!"


Tesla CEO Musk then left a message to him: "Fully support you!"

Musk and Kanye

Netizens ridiculed: Will Kanye continue his rap career after becoming president? Do you want to include the presidential job in the lyrics? Do you want to use rap crazy diss opponents in Congress?

Kanye’s campaign posters have been hung on the street

Or, as Yang Anze did at the beginning, he gave a promise and had a pair of coconut shoes?

But there are also many Americans who questioned that it would add to the chaos.


You know, the 43-year-old Kanye's professional field is music. He has sold more than 140 million records worldwide and has won 21 Grammy Awards.


At the same time, Kanye also has his own business empire. He is the trend promoter of the super "shoe empire". The personal fashion brand yeezy he founded has a sales of about 1 billion US dollars a year!

Yeezy coconut shoes

Kanye's wife is American socialite Kim Kardashian, and the couple are demon masters and frequently appear on the hot search lists. 

Of course, most of them are not good things.


Kanye's family

For example, the Kardashian family scandal.

Kardashian had dated no less than ten boyfriends before marriage. After breaking up with rapper RAY·J, RAY·J exposed Kardashian's indecent video and sold it to pornographic media for 1 million.


Kardashian became famous because of this, not only received huge compensation, but also took the opportunity to show variety shows.


Kim Kardashian

If it was hurt before, then Kardashian's actions later made people call it terrifying. 

Since then, Kardashian has posted nude photos of herself on social media many times, and this crazy move has set off an uproar on the Internet.


There is also the grudge between Kanye and Moyu

In 2009, at the MTV Music Awards ceremony, when Myco was about to give her acceptance speech, Kanye rushed to the stage and snatched her microphone and declared that the award should belong to Beyoncé.

In 2016, Kanye used insulting words to describe mold in his song "Famous". When Momofa expressed his dissatisfaction, Kanye's "good friend" Kardashian took out a phone recording, claiming that the lyrics had been approved by Momo.


American Rap Star Kanye West for mulling President elections

It was not until March of this year that a hacker exposed the complete recording of the call, and the truth became known to the world. It turned out that the recording was edited maliciously.


No wonder many American netizens left messages

"Can people who don't respect even women run for president?" "Only with such a character? It's crazy!" "Apologize to the mold first!"


2. Kanye is not the only one who is crazy. Since Kanye announced his candidacy for president, there has been a "running for president" on American social networking sites. Many stars have sprung up to announce their candidacy.


First, on July 5, local time, the American actress and singer Hilary Duff, who once starred in "The Civilian Queen," published a small composition on Instagram. 

She shared her views on how the new crown pneumonia pandemic affects the United States, criticizing the epidemic as a tool for political parties to express their political positions.

"Other countries are united in order to contain the epidemic. What is embarrassing is that we are worse than ever..."

Finally, she wrote: "Oh, I also want to run for president."

If you are serious about this, then everyone's style of painting has changed. More and more celebrities are beginning to come out to catch the heat.

Barris Hilton, a socialite who has always watched the excitement, tweeted "Barris is going to be president."



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