Is Macron Slowly Making France Islamic Slave?


French President Macron Gradually Inching towards France as Islamic Slave?

Media and social media reports Macron stating making Cartoon was a bad act and killing was worse. Now with Muslims strong opposition he has to accept making cartoon as wrong. This was never there in France. French values were never there. Such cartoons were common things and French values accept them as normal. This liberty was given to no other religion. But now when there are incompetent and week and meet corrupt politicos creep in values of a nation has to be changed. Now this has started and this trend will continue. This way, a clear theory emerges that more and more Islamic things will be normalized and France will become an Islamic state.


Is there any cover to Macron being pro-Muslim?

There are of course covers that governments have to hide their corruption and crimes against humanity. After all with this beheading incident still Islamic values will replace French values. Marcon singing Islamic tune. It’s a matter of thought. Now France got the reward of accepting Muslim refugees. People are wishing anyone would accept any refugees but Islamic. This case if not only for France but for all.

Even Media gives such things a cover. This is as every such scam is based on funds and corrupt media runs only on funds so cunningly they brainwash people in the name of humanity. A humanity to kill self as a human and surrender to the evil and prove inhuman. 

This is as a human is a wise being. How come it commit such a blunder? If it was born as an ass iut was fine as we know if its an ass it would do such foolish things. And weak minded people surrender their entire future dynasty to evil and bondage of not even superior but most downtrodden people.

Now for social media, it makes community guidelines. Now social media operators are the ones who are determining what community to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say, what ideologies to believe and what not to believe. 

After all social media is not decentralized. People like to be on corrupt social media like FB which enslaves them and not on decentralized portals like lawjc .com. 

Macron and Islam

Is Macron working as an Islamic agent?

Macron may not be working as Islamic agent directly but people being displaced in American wars are being accepted in France. Saudi Arabia never accept any Muslim from other country and never provides citizenship to anyone though Muslim but France does. Nobody accepts corrupt, foolish and incompetent leaders. France did so must pay the price. There is of course a possibility that there was some underhand understanding with America such that though Saudi never accepted them but only France. Was French the only foolish left on this planet?


The above theory i a matter of consideration and only wise can understand right things and facts. Only those communities vanish which are foolish as there is only survival of the fittest. And now we see gradually who is surviving in France.

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