How to Tackle Breast Lumps Problem?


Faced with breast lumps, after reading this article, you will be calm in Tackling Breast Lumps Problem

Some women usually have problems with their breasts, and it is not easy to notice. When the breast has a lump, they regret it. In fact, breast lump must be careful.

Breast cancer is very easy to occur in many cases, especially breast lumps. In the prevention of breast cancer, we need to pay attention to many aspects, so how to better prevent breast cancer?

Once a day, check in front of the mirror before bathing. Lift your hands over the top of your head to see if the breasts are shaped differently, and if your nipples are sunken or overflowing.

Once a month, self-check within one week after menstruation. The breast is an organ affected by the menstrual cycle, and a week after the menstruation is a good time for self-examination.

Once a year, the breast specialist examines professionally. Women over the age of 35 should have a professional breast examination every year.
Breast Lumps Tackling

Do Experts recommend the milk-loving sport for Breast Lumps reduction?

Full body exercise-swimming:

This is the most ideal milk activity. If you can keep swimming for 20 minutes a day, the woman's chest will be healthier. In addition, doing chest expansion, lazy stretching, and deep breathing exercises every day between work is also very beneficial to breast health and beauty.

Local exercise-regular massage in beauty salon:

The breast is an organ that needs to be massaged. Therefore, go to the beauty salon regularly for breast massage. 
The massage technique of the beautician is professional, and the acupuncture points are accurate. 
With medicinal oil or essential oil that has a healing effect on the breast, the maintenance effect is also much better.

In addition, you can also massage yourself. For example, massage the breasts before going to bed every day, and then cooperate with the care at home, so that the maintenance can quickly make the breasts close and shrink and the breasts and acinars are unclogged and filled up again.

What fruit is good for breasts?

Kiwi. Kiwi is a treasure in the fruit. Vitamin C content is 4-12 times that of oranges, 3 times that of apples, and 60 times that of grapes.
Studies have shown that the substances it contains can block the production of nitrosamines in the body, and thus have a good anti-cancer effect.

Hawthorn. Commonly used for appetite digestion, lowering blood lipids. It can promote blood circulation and stasis, reduce stasis and dissipate, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and is rich in vitamin C. 
It is suitable for patients with digestive tract and female reproductive system cancers such as gastric cancer and breast cancer.

Mango. Scientific research has found that women eat more mango, which can prevent breast cancer. The researchers studied the polyphenols in mango, especially the biologically active ingredient tannin (related to the prevention and suppression of cancer). 
Tannin is a polyphenol with a bitter taste, which is contained in grape seeds and tea. 
The study found that the cell division cycle was broken by polyphenols. This may be a mechanism for mango to prevent or suppress cancer cells.

Jujube. Spleen, stomach, qi and blood, rich in B-carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins, etc. It contains a group of triterpenoid compounds as anti-cancer active ingredients. 
Folk edible jujube porridge and astragalus simmer jujube to enhance physical fitness and prevent breast cancer.


The above is the best way for women to better protect breast health. Once you have a breast lump, you must be vigilant, especially if it is left untreated for a long time, the damage to the breast is great, and it must be from all aspects of life. Need to do preventive health care.

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