8 Top Delicious Cakes this Diwali Indian Festival in 2022 FAQ


Delicious Cakes to indulge into this Diwali Celebration or Send as Gift to India

Any celebrating event or party celebration sans lip smacking cakes seems incomplete. Cartoon cake for kids, Cakes on birthdays, weddings, pre-wedding events and anniversaries are so important that whole party evening gets centered around cake cutting ceremonies. They are the highlight of every prominent event be it a baby shower, a bachelorette, a hen party, welcome party, farewell party or a bridal shower. Cutting party cakes has become an indispensable part of any event celebration.  Thus, no big event is imaginable these days in India without cakes. Specially, in big  big cities like Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Dehradun, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Surat, etc. people are more fond of cakes rather than sweets.

Image of Diwali Celebration Cakes
Top Seller Online Cake in Diwali Season

People will be amazed to know the categories of Diwali cakes that are available in modern times. There are so many flavors to choose from and so many designs to decide from, and we can get whatever we can imagine. These are known as customized cakes. But there a few general categories they can be segmented into. 

Cakes for Diwali Festival
A Popular Cake on Diwali Festival of Hindus

Top 8 of the Cake types for Diwali to know as a consumer are as:

1. What are Condensed cakes?

Condensed bakery items are the regular round shaped cakes with one flavor and top icings. 

These are popular choices and have remained for quiet long as they are very appealing to your taste buds. 

You can whip these up at your home in no time with ready to make cake batters available in the market as DIY. 

Also, you may simply whip up the batter yourself by mixing together a few simple ingredients and the flavor of your own choices.

These are usable as fast cake, Navratri cake or Vrat Cakes


Image of Cake for Diwali Celebrations

2. What are Layer Cakes?

Layered cakes are the most popular type of cakes in the market these days and the number one choice for birthdays and weddings. 

This is a very experimental choice now. You can ascertain the number of layers you want on your piece. 

You can also determine if you want different flavors in different layers or the same flavor in all its layers. There is availability of a number of designs and toppers to grace the top layer surface.


Deepawali Cake
Diwali Cake Decorated with Dry Fruits

3. What are Fondant Cakes?

Fondant cakes are not only appealing to your tongue but also to your eyes. They have elegant look that can make your party grand with their grandeur. Using fondant, bakers can make a dream cake for you that you may remember.

 Fondant can be designed into any shape type and size and enables you to have life like cakes for real enjoyment. 

A Party Designer Cake of Fondant Material

You can get your kids their favorite super hero figurine shaped cakes and watch how their eyes light up when they see the cake that you got for them.

The cakes mentioned above are in segments or categories but if we make a proper study, there are a number of cakes all over the world which cannot be put into segments just for the purpose. 

People use these cakes as gifts idea for their loved ones. This is an easy and perfect idea as all people like to eat tasty food.

Cake for Diwali Party

4. What are Ice Cream Cakes?

This commonly desired form of cake is made with three layers, which has ice cream sandwiched between two layers of cake and a layer of ice cream at the top. 

Ice-cream lovers just cannot get enough of this cake and yearn for it whenever they think of cakes.

Image of Diwali and Christmas Cakes

5. What are Cartoon Cakes?

These cakes are for children or kids parties or celebrations. Generally, these are in the shape of cartoon or superhero characters. Parents and relatives gift them to children as they are very fond of it and get very happy on getting them.

Deepawali Parties Cake

6. What are Applesauce Cakes?

Composed of applesauce, raisins, walnuts and spices, this cake can be used as a good snack and can be dressed up with a penuche or brown sugar frosting.

 It melts in your mouth but the walnut adds a nutty crunch to it giving it a lusty composite affect.

Cherries cake forDiwali

7. What are Cheese Cakes?

This is ranked as one of the most comforting bakery food in several parts of the world. 

This cake is much desired which is hands down one of the fluffiest cake you can get in the market around.

 This cake is composed of a mixture of fresh and soft cheese, eggs and edible sugar. 

It can be topped with maple sauce butt you can also add a layer of icing to it according to your own choice. 

You may also just sprinkle a few nuts on its top and devour it.

Image of Diwali Cake

8. What are Anatomy Cakes?

These are in the shape of male or female anatomy like big boobs cake or dick cakes. These modern girls and boys use for pre-wedding parties like bachelor party or bachelorette parties. 

People also know them as private part or private organ cakes.

A Perfect Diwali Cake


There are different types of cases on the basis of different aspects. The consumer has to choose the one that suits them on the basis of interests and situations like availability, the budget or affordability, etc.

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