Out of the 3 Khans Who is the Real King Khan of Bollywood?


India’s "Three Khan Kings", Amir Khan is still not the boss, and the Salman Khan Award is too lazy to receive

As a person who loves to watch movies, people have to say that Indian movies of the Bollywoodia Khan Kings are still very exciting, but one thing is that people start dancing at every turn. Generally people have to fast forward when they see this place, because it is really embarrassing, but there should be someone Like this.


Who are known as Three Fools in Bollywood in Asian region?

Speaking of Indian movies, one has to say India’s "Three Khan Kings". The most famous of these is Amir Khan. At the beginning, many Asian audiences got to know him with the "Three Fools in Bollywood". He is well known by many people for his movies such as "My God" and "Wrestling Daddy"

But in addition to Amir Khan, there are also two actors who are also national treasures of Indian actors. One of them has beaten Amir Khan for four years. Their works can also be said to be fine.


Actors 3 Bollywood Khans

Lets us judge the 3 Bollywood Khans:

1. Amir Khan

To say that Amir Khan's acting skills are good, his childhood living environment will have a certain impact.


He was born in a movie family in Mumbai in 1965. His father and uncle are both well-known local producers and directors.


Being born in such an environment, becoming famous is definitely easier than ordinary people, after all, people started acting when they were 8 years old.

The starting line alone is too much ahead of ordinary people, but their own talent and hard work are also included. After all, even if some people are born with a good foundation, there are many who are not popular.


In 1988, when Amir Khan was 23 years old, he performed well in a film by his cousin, "Warm World", won the Best Newcomer Award, and then began his legendary road.


Throughout the 1990s, Amir Khan can be seen in almost masterpieces of Indian movies.


It's like "The Winner Is King" in 1992, "False and True" in 1994, "No Hesitation" in 1999 and so on.


He started to work in this area since he was a child. Until 2000, Amir Khan has matured in acting, directing, and production.



In 2009, he broke the Indian movie box office record with the "Three Stupies Raid in Bollywood". At this time, Amir Khan was 44 years old, and he still looked very young.


In a 2012 Indian show "The Truth Interview", when Amir Khan talked about various social issues, he said:

 "There is no need to be ashamed of our country being put under the spotlight. It is ours who should be ashamed. The country still lacks in one aspect"


Although he himself has a very good career and a very happy family, everyone is not an island. Various events will still link everyone together. No one can escape, and it is everyone's responsibility.

So after this program was broadcast, it caused a great response in India, and later Amir Khan was also called "Indian conscience."


His works once set off a domestic Indian film style. Now he is 55 years old. As long as it is his film, some people will say, "Uncle Mi's production must be a fine product."


2. Shah Rukh Khan

However, Shah Rukh Khan is truly king in Bollywood. Compared with Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s achievements have been popular in India for an era and are more popular than Amir Khan. welcome


Because generally Amir Khan’s movies are revealing the dark side of India and spurring society. Some Indian audiences are unwilling to accept these movies. Shah Rukh Khan’s movies are generally based on love. Luke Khan is more popular in India than Amir Khan, but it is not as well-known as Amir Khan in our country

He was born in 1965 like Amir Khan. But there seemed to be a kind of "He Shengliang" between them.


Although the first filming of Shah Rukh Khan was a few years later than Amir Khan, but Shah Rukh Khan's debut robbed Amir Khan a lot of the limelight.


Shah Rukh Khan’s first film "Crazy" won the Best Newcomer Award in 1992, but Amir Khan only got nominations at the time, and was only nominated for the next four years. And only a year later, Shah Rukh Khan won the throne of the actor


Who is known as King of Bollywood?

In India, the Indian Audience Award is a very golden award, but Shah Rukh Khan has won it ten times. It is really a veritable "King of Bollywood".


His representative works include "Bollywood Life and Death", "My Name is Khan", etc.


3. Salman Khan

His reputation is inferior to the first two, not because he is not good, but because he is too low-key, so low-key that he is too lazy to receive the prize.

However, his status is also very important in India. His father is a well-known playwright and has made more than 90 works since his debut.


His appeal in the Indian film industry is also very strong. Before he himself appeared on the screen, the people on the scene began to scream frantically.


Although his fame is very high in India, his works are not as widespread in entire Asia including Pakistan as the other two works.


But he is called the "Indian Jackie Chan" because many of his works are open-and-hanging dramas, such as "Fearless Police Officer" and "Operation Tiger".

His work "Little Lolita's Uncle Monkey God" is well-known, and the plot is very touching, especially the moment when the little girl spoke, I was moved to tears by a big man.


It seems this work is not inferior to Amir Khan's "Wrestling father"

Whether it's "Little Lori's Monkey God Uncle" or "Wrestling!" "Papa" or the earlier "Three Fools Havoc in Bollywood" and so on, we can see that the momentum of Indian movies is getting stronger and stronger, and they have formed their own style. 

I have to say that while these movies are delivering positive energy, they are also changing reality through movies.



In fact, although the three of them are all Indian national treasure-level actors, their acting styles are different. In general,

Amir Khan's films mainly talk about inspiration and exposing social reality, and they are more empathetic.

Shah Rukh Khan’s films are mostly about love and are more popular with audiences.

The main action of Salman Khan's movie is mainly based on the wonderful acting and plot to attract the audience. 

The works of the three actors are very good. If you like, you can find resources


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