What is May Day Virus Outbreak Disaster?


The Outbreak of the May Day Virus Disaster

One day in the future, humans discovered the first unknown suspected virus infection. The patient's immunity gradually lost, his body deformed, his muscles ulcerated, and he died within 3 months for no apparent reason. Cases are unprecedented, and experts in various fields are constantly researching, and they are not sure what causes it. Similar infections later appeared one after another. Human medicine is helpless with this case, with a mortality rate of 100%, and is known as the worst plague ever. Because the statistical results of the cases show that the average age of the patients is 41 years, the minimum age of the infected people is 39 years and three months, and the highest age is 43 years and 7 months. It's a 41 virus.

The virus has a fixed incubation period

Serious results have appeared. It seems that humans have already carried the virus. The virus has a fixed incubation period. All people will get sick once they reach that age. There is no exception. The world has entered a panic. 

However, after several years of research, human medicine still hasn't found anything about the cause of the disease, even how the virus spreads and whether it can be transmitted. Some people have suggested that it may be a virus in outer space, or that the virus is below the atomic level, far beyond the scope of human discovery and cognition. Others have put forward more mysterious points, but none can be finalized.

The May Day Virus Outbreak Disaster

Over the next few years, humans accepted the reality of 41-year-old infection with the 41 virus, and many people planned their lives to 41. One industry has prospered because of this, and that is the rapid freezing of the human body. Many people choose to freeze and refrigerate the body before the onset of 41 years old, and look forward to the wake of the 41 virus. 

Virus Death as Act of God

Others believe that human beings have been punished by God, and have begun to believe in religion, and religion has become unprecedentedly prosperous. Others accepted death and chose to be euthanized after the onset of illness. Since then, human thought, outlook on life, and values ​​have changed tremendously, and the human world has gradually declined due to this.

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