What are the Partying Trends in India from Traditional to Modern?


Indian Party Celebration Trends form Traditional to Modern

India has always been a land that has welcomed people. Atithi Devo Bhava or guest is the god when it comes to inviting and sharing happiness with them in the form of parties. But these days the trend is going a liberal way and people are partying with adult stuff like anatomy cakes e.g. boobs cake, male private organ cakes, as in bachelor parties which is now the latest trend in India.

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During the ruling time of India, the kings generally indulged in parties that were organized for the masses in case of general happiness or for the other rulers and the political space holders. As a fact, it was a private affair. In both the cases dancing, singing and eating have been an integral part of the party.


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India thrives on the conceptualization of musical parties and has always welcomed people who have talent related to music or are culturally rich in some way or the other. 

We love imbibing things from all parts of the world. This led to a revolution in the existing party trends and changed the way parties were organized in India.

 The various occasions include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other such incidences like festivals that should be celebrated with the neighbors and peers.


Following are the 5 top Indian party trends, sector wise:

1. The gender wise setup

Rajasthan is an area that is known to be culturally rich and wedding celebrated in those areas since the very beginning is kind of party sessions organized for friends and family for at least 5 to 6 days. However, the party was divided into two halves.

 Since the women of India were into the purdah system at that time, they celebrated these occasions in a secluded area of the host destination. 

No men were allowed in these areas. 

The celebration went on for both the parties in a dignified and carefree manner.


2. The festivals Partying

India loves celebrating the important days for every religion. It is a known fact that there are people from every religion who reside in the country and each one of them has their way of organizing a festivity. 

Most of the government offices and schools observe a holiday on these occasions to give the masses the freedom to celebrate. 

From Holi to Id-ul-Fitr every chance calls for a celebration by the masses.


3. The dignified Party Celebrations

The British ruled India for over 200 years. It had quite an effect on the change of lifestyle, and things were organized in India. 

Previously birthday parties were held in the expanse of the house wherein sweets were made by the women of the house and distributed amidst everyone. 

Now the birthday parties are more built around the idea of cake cutting and celebrations after that. In festivals also we started using cakes like deepavali festival cake on the occasion.


4. The essence of being an Indian

The essence of nationality lies in the idea of food and drinks in India. No matter how many influencers have crossed our path, the concept of celebration has always rolled in the direction of the happiness that is celebrated with almost everyone with whom you may be remotely acquainted. 

The weddings in India are the perfect place and occasion for people to gather and reminisce about the cherished memories of the past.

 The gathering is mostly decided by the people you know and not the just the close friends.

5. Pre-wedding Parties of Youth

Youth of modern times celebrate these parties which are very popular now in developed towns of India. Youngsters call these bachelorette parties and bachelor parties.


Party trends keep on changing and people adapt to the modern fashion always in all things and parties are no exception. The parties take place on events occasions and festivals. We need to have best design and quality material to make party memorable. We also use party gifts like cakes on festivals as Christmas, New year, wedding gift items and so on.

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