Is Husband of Chinese Woman a House?


The Husband of a Chinese Woman is called House

   "Los Angeles Times" published an article entitled "China's housing boom brings problems for boyfriends" on June 21, focusing on Chinese housing prices. The article says that many women will not marry a man who does not have a house. With soaring real estate prices, a new generation of painful and helpless bachelors has emerged in China.


Can't afford a house in Beijing

   Mike Joe thinks that he is really a boyfriend. He knows how to order food in Italian restaurants. He can make delicious margaritas and is always actively carrying bags for his girlfriend. But embarrassingly, Mr. Joe, a 28-year-old tour guide and foreign language translator, was unable to buy an apartment in the hot real estate market in the Chinese capital. 

In order not to waste more time, his girlfriend who had been in love with him for 2 years categorically broke up with him.


   Mr. Joe’s misfortune is not an isolated phenomenon, this kind of thing is very common. Chen Kejun, a 25-year-old local resident in Beijing, said that he had spent 6 months looking for an affordable house, but there was no result, which directly led to his breakup with his girlfriend.


   In the past few years, with the influx of large numbers of families and investors into the real estate market, housing prices in major cities including Beijing and Shanghai have doubled.


   A typical example: a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of about 93 square meters is priced at US$274,000 in Beijing, which is 22 times the annual income of an average Beijinger.


  The unspoken rules of female dating: have a house and a car

   The current dating network is full of women’s rules, and promising people (men) must have a house and a car.


   There is a message on the Baidu website, which reads "I am 25 years old and looking for a boyfriend. I hope you have a house and a car. The house must be built after 2000, and the car must be better than a bun."


Infographics on Chinese husband being called a house

In the United States, young people often buy a house after they get married. Recently, in China, owning a house is the prerequisite for marriage. 

Some experts say that if a man owns his own house, it means that the man is successful, cares for the family, and able to withstand financial challenges. 

Simply put, in today's China, owning a house is the best embodiment of a successful man. Chen Xiaomin, director of the Women's Research Center of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, said, "If a man doesn't even have a house, he is not a man." "Marriage is becoming more and more materialized."


Subverting tradition: Housing becomes a necessity for marriage

   When the previous generations of Chinese were looking for objects, they did not have such high requirements for materials. At that time, most people were poor, and the house was allocated to the workplace. 

When China was an agricultural country, marriages were arranged by others, and the bride had to prepare a dowry, usually money, a bed or a sewing machine.


   In the past 30 years, China has begun economic reforms and large-scale urbanization development, subverting the previous traditional standards.

Since 1998, Chinese people can rely on government funding to buy houses. With the privatization of properties, a purely commercial real estate industry and developers and investors have also emerged. 

The young Chinese are in an era of wealth explosion and high material requirements.


   According to a survey conducted by a certain website last year, 73% of netizens said that housing is a necessity for marriage. Another same percentage of netizens said that it is difficult for them to buy a house.


Manuo: Synonymous with ruthless gold worshipers

   The helpless reality has given birth to a new generation of female images-women who worship gold. In China’s very popular "If You Are the One" reality TV show, a woman asked one of her suitors straightforwardly, "Are you rich?", and the man answered readily, "I am There are 3 suites in Shanghai."


   That ruthless unmarried woman, Mano, has also become China's most famous gold worshiper. Married because of love?

The material girl once said, “I would rather sit in a BMW and cry than laugh after sitting on a bicycle.” Mano's position on marriage and love may be extreme, but social pressure drives Chinese single women to do so. 

Although there are more and more professional women, China is still a traditional country. Men should support their families, and women should take care of their children at home.


Desperate bachelor: I hope his girlfriend loves him because of his charm

   Beijing real estate agent Wang Haijun believes that whether it is a desperate bachelor can tell at a glance. "These people are the most irrational buyers. They don't care about their meager income and want to have a house right away. 

They are willing to repay the mortgage with the longest term and the highest interest rate, but they have no choice. They must Get married. I feel sorry for them."


   Mr. Joe, mentioned before, wants to marry his girlfriend. Mr. Joe said, "I told her that I love her. If she doesn't mind that I don't have a house, I'm willing to marry her, but she said no." In December last year, Mr. Joe ended the relationship.


   Mr. Joe realized that he had to start saving money to buy a house, but he hated being thought by others that he was unable to buy a property. He prefers that a woman loves him because of his charm, not because of a house.


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