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Top 11 Best Webinar Software in 2021 (comparison table)

Do you start a blog or do business? Perhaps the webinar is one of the most influential ways to influence your audience. Webinars allow you to personally connect with your audience and inspire them about a product or they may be interested in.

Webinars allow you to personally connect with your audience and inspire them about a product or specific topics that may interest them. Therefore, help you build your brand!

In addition, companies can use webinar software to form interactions within the team to guide or train them.

Want to know which webinar software is right for you?

In this article, we will look at the top 11 best webinar software of 2020. This will meet most of your needs.
Live Webinar Software

Comparison of top webinar software

Following are the Webinar services which we are going to discuss here:

  1.    vvfit.com
  2.    Livestorm
  3.     EverWebinar
  4.     GoToMeeting
  5.     Zoho Meeting
  6.     ClickMeeting
  7.     WebinarJam
  8.     Demio
  9.     Webex
  10.     Ready Talk
  11.    WebinarNinja

Which are the top Webinar Software Services?

1.  Livestorm

 livestorm.co is a feature-rich webinar software designed to meet all your presentation needs. Whether you want to pre-record sessions, schedule regular webinars, stream live video, or let attendees watch videos or more at any time, all of which can be done through LiveStorm.

In addition, embeddable forms help attract traffic, and the built-in analysis provides insights about who attends your webinar, where they learn about your conversation (recommended source) and ways to attract more potential customers.

In addition, LiveStorm is a perfect webinar software, suitable for analysis-oriented marketers.

Livestorm-Webinar Software

What are the The Main Functions of livestorm.co?

    The biggest benefit of livestorm.co is its built-in advanced post-seminar post-analysis tool, which provides a detailed understanding of your online seminar and audience, so you can trigger new business opportunities.

    Create registration and sales pages in minutes with livestorm. In addition, visitors can easily join your webinar by creating an amazing login page, registration form, email, and sharing related content.

    Works intuitively on any browser, whether you are joining from the desktop or mobile device.

    LiveStorm provides the best user experience because you can host webinars in minutes. The host or participant does not have to download anything.

    Live HD live video streaming-Share your webcam, media and screen without leaving the window during the webinar.

    Through voting, chat boxes and Q & A, interact easily during live event streaming.

    Instant Replay-Video replay is compiled in seconds.

    Easy to integrate with customer relationship management systems and other marketing tools.

Important Points:
    Intelligent analysis tools allow you to track the attendance rate per minute, the recommended source, the number of visits to the registration page, etc.

    User experience is easy to understand

    Email automation reduces manual operations

    You can create beautiful landing pages to convert visitors

Defects:    expensive
     The top package has a limit of 1,000 people-this may not be enough for large companies.

Pricing: This free version includes a webinar for up to 10 registrants and a 20-minute time limit.

The pricing of the premium plan varies according to the number of attendees on site. Starting at $ 99 per month, there is a 100-person limit and 1,000 people increase to $ 308 per month.

LiveStorm is an ideal webinar software, suitable for enterprises seeking full automation. From recordings, automatic email reminders to login pages-everything is readily available.

2. EverWebinar https://www.everwebinar.com/

Business automation has become a highlight of every webinar. It allows you to host live broadcast and on-demand webinars. Moreover, you can organize your past and future course streams in the form of systematic online courses.

The configuration process includes emails, landing page templates, and registration forms, making it a feature-rich, affordable software package, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Everwebinar-Webinar Software
Main features of each webinar:

    Automated webinar: Schedule replays on scheduled occasions-daily, weekly, or monthly, and simulate the look and feel of live events.

    Time Zone Auto-Detection: Configure the webinar for a specific time. Moreover, each webinar will automatically allow viewers to attend your webinar at a convenient time, even if they are from different time zones.

    Just-In-Time Webinars: Notify customers of webinars that begin within minutes of registration. Allow them to watch on-demand webinars after registration.

    When you don’t want to start a webinar, block out specific dates or holidays.

    Analysis and tracking tools provide insights on the implementation of the webinar.

    Quickly integrate with automatic subscribers, such as GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, and other email promotion platforms.

    The pre-designed login page targets your audience and urges them to register.

    Built-in autoresponders facilitate interaction before and after the webinar.

    Live chat simulator Hybrid webinar

Main Functions of EverWebinar

What are the Main Functions of EverWebinar?

 Password-protected secure network meeting room

    Intelligent analysis and tracking tools

    Allow real-time, hybrid and automated webinars

Defects:    Missing customization options

Pricing: $ 597 one-time fee. You may often get bonuses.

Everwebinar is designed for companies that want to replay on-demand webinars while chatting with participants and simulate the appearance of the original webcast. Small and medium-sized enterprises will benefit greatly from the automatically pre-recorded webinar because they can set up replays for new participants. 
In addition, Everwebinar will also provide automatic email reminders, room count simulations, pop-up reminders and live chat simulations.

3. GoToMeeting https://www.gotomeeting.com/en-in

gotomeeting is an easy-to-use video conferencing software that allows seamless collaboration.

Through a simple user interface, GoToMeeting allows you to start an HDFaces video conference, which can store up to 25 high-definition videos. Therefore, you can start a meeting and then provide participants with a custom URL so that they can enter the online seminar room.

With support for international toll-free phone numbers, gotomeeting is ideal for holding meetings with international participants. Pin-based entries make the conversation more secure.

GoToMeeting provides real-time training, live chat, training videos and PDF guides as its support channels.

GotoMeeting-Webinar Software

What are the Main Functions of Gotomeeting?

    Broadcast desktop views and share specific applications

    Drawing tools allow you to direct the audience's attention during screen sharing.

    Hand-over control

    Inspire participants with virtual whiteboard

    Start or join a meeting from a desktop or mobile device

    Support toll-free numbers for multiple countries

    Use pin-based entries for secure webinars

    Just answer the phone and join the meeting. N0 coding, no password required

    VoIP and toll-based options

    Toll-free conferencin G becomes easier

    Guarantee to record uptime

    Reliable customer support

    Password-based security entrance

    One-click recording

    Free option, built-in audio

Defects:    The functionality of the startup package is very limited

Pricing: Free 14-day Trial: 50 people limit

Starter Package: $ 19 / month billed annually, 10 attendees limit

Professional package: pay $ 29 / month charged annually, 150 people limit

Plus Package: $ 49 / month billed annually, 250 attendees limit

Gotomeeting is a very good collaboration solution for companies that need heavy webinar software. In addition, its user-friendly interface and flexibility allow you to start from any device or attend a webinar anytime, anywhere.

4. Zoho Meeting https://www.zoho.com/meeting/webinar-software.htm

Zoho Meeting is a powerful webinar software that can manage all conference events from meetings to large webinars.

This browser-based solution does not require participants to download any applications to participate in the webinar.

In addition, zoho meeting is a feature-rich video conference service, including screen sharing, video playback, real-time answering inquiries and initiating voting. From now on, record and share your webinar with customers online. In addition, you can analyze reports to identify potential leads and convert them to customers.

What are the Main Functions of Zoho Meeting-Webinar Software?

    Host webinars from a browser without downloading any applications

    Prepare webinars in advance, including calendar events, webinar registration, reminder emails, etc.

    Embed a registration form on your website or insert a registration link to promote your webinar

    The rsvp schedule lets you know who plans to attend your webinar

    Use google and zoho calendar settings to track your scheduled webinars

    Set up automatic email reminders to encourage attendees to attend your webinar

    Screen / app sharing for better presentation

    Support audio conference-can choose from phone or VoIP.

    Provide free phone numbers to attendees so they can attend webinars for free

    Real-time interaction with the audience through live chat, live voting and live Q & A.

    Switch presenters at any time during the webinar

    Record webinars and share with customers

    Analyze and report to measure the impact of your webinar-know attendees, registrants, vote to participate, review events and export reports.

Features:    Reasonably priced webinar solutions

    The registration form, live voting, live Q & A all have a simple user interface

    Excellent customer support

    Support international participation and provide free dial-up numbers

    Limited attendees

    Analysis tools are not advanced

    Lack of automation

25 Webinar – $ 8.24 per month billed annually

50 Webinar – $ 12.57 per month billed annually

100 Webinar – pay $ 16.91 per month billed annually

250 Webinar – $ 34.24 per month billed annually

Zoho Meeting includes screen / application sharing and audio / video meeting options. Therefore, Zoho is ideal for small businesses with tight budgets or few online seminar participants.

5. ClickMeeting https://clickmeeting.com

Create custom invitations, add signature colors or brand logos to your webinar room, provide information about presenters or topics that will be discussed in your webinar-all through the "waiting room with agenda" Features.

In addition, ClickMeeting is a platform suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out on-board / enterprise training, sales and marketing.

What are The Main Functions of ClickMeeting-Webinar Software?

    ‘Waiting Room with Agenda’ feature- Introduce the presenter, let the audience know the topics that will be discussed, share files and information, add your logo to rename your waiting room-all of this was done before the webinar. 

Functions of Click Meeting Webinar Service

What are the Functions of Click Meeting?

    Create multi-user accounts so that colleagues can log in to ClickMeeting and save money on multiple accounts.

    Create sub-accounts for trainers, external consultants, and colleagues, and control their roles from the main account.

    Paid webinar integration with PayPal

    Webinar Address Book Manage and organize the entire contact list

    Create a registration page to gather information about attendees

    Display the document as a slide for better understanding

    The whiteboard has drawing tools, boxes, shapes, and text to collaborate effectively with participants during the webinar

    Different audio modes for better control of participants and presenters.

    Screen sharing with audio or video webinar

    Vote and survey Get immediate feedback

    Simultaneous chat translation-fast Google translate your chat conversation

    Analysis Track the performance of the webinar

    One-Click recordings

Features:    The "Waiting Room with Agenda" feature allows you to customize the waiting room to your liking

    The installation process is very simple

    Chat messages can be translated

Defect:    Unable to schedule recorded webinar


MyWebinars ™ Plan: $ 25 / month paid annually, 25 attendees

The Pro Plan: $ 35 / month paid annually, 50 attendees

For large companies that want to organize large-scale webinars, customized pricing can also be provided.

ClickMeeting provides the best tool for hosting webinars. It allows you to fully customize your waiting room, webinar room, email notification with brand logo and signature colors.

6. WebinarJam https://www.webinarjam.com

WebinarJam is one of the leading webinar solutions. Its ideal construction is to sell products and chat with participants during the webinar. It is good for businesses of all sizes.

This web-based platform can intuitively work on any device or browser, providing high-quality real-time streaming. Webinars can be used for product marketing, Q & A, live chat with participants, etc. Once, 6 co-speakers can host a webinar with a webinar-this makes it ideal for holding open debates or round tables.

Automatically record high-definition video of network broadcasting, and further use it with Everwebinar to obtain consistent playback. The pop-up window during the online seminar allows you to sell the product / service immediately.

Main Functions of WebinarJam-Webinar Software

What are the Main Functions of WebinarJam-Webinar Software?

    Invite up to 6 co-hosts or speak individually.

    Web chat allows many-to-many conversations, private messages to moderators and even public announcements.

    Participant Spotlight-Make any of your webinar participants a presenter.

    Audio / video webinar with screen sharing and webcam broadcasting

    Built on rtmp, hls, webrtc and flash technologies, so you can live broadcast your event to a large number of webinar participants through various platforms (including youtube live). Alternatively, you can use a secure, private online seminar.

    ExpressJam uses smart preferences to help you go online as quickly as possible-in just 30 seconds.

    Universal compatibility-supports all browsers, operating systems and devices.

    Voting, surveys and pre-recorded webinars

    The video engine allows you to preload multiple videos and broadcast them to attendees during the webinar.

    Import presentation files from pdf, keynote or powerpoint and use webinarjam to run in hd.

    The virtual whiteboard allows you to highlight or write notes in the webinar.

     Stream to youtube live, facebook live or webinarjam live itself

    Custom brand page

    Better interact with live voting, chat, survey, virtual whiteboard

    Allows you to add pre-recorded videos to webinars

    Password-protected network meeting room

    Webinar performance analysis and report

Defects:    Lack of automation

Pricing: Starting at $ 39.99 per month, paid annually.

For companies that want to sell products or services through webinars, webinars are the best solution. The pop-up CTA allows participants to purchase your products / services immediately during the webinar.

7. Demio https://demio.com

Demio is another intelligent webinar software with powerful analysis tools. You can add tracking, re-targeting or switching pixels on the web conference room, registration page and even thank you page.

In addition, demio is a great platform for beginners or people who do not like complex interfaces. However, its comprehensive automation tools also make it an ideal choice for professional marketers.
Main Functions of Demio Webinar Software

What are the Main Functions of Demio?

    The "Keep Registration" series allows participants to register only once to participate in a series of ongoing webinars.

    Private chat allows you to send private messages to the event manager or public messages visible to everyone.

    The initial setup takes a few minutes, and the repeated webinar takes less time.

    Screen sharing function

    'Like live playback' can automate webinar replays to build your email list

    Hand over the role of presenter to up to 6 co-presenters

    Add videos and slideshows directly to your webinar

    Embeddable registration pages, custom brands, follow-up emails, and automatic reminders for participants

    Join a webinar via mobile or desktop browser

    Live chat and voting in order to better attract the audience

    Invite participants to become speakers

    Analysis Learn more about the performance of the webinar

    14-day free trial

    Starter Plan: $ 34 / month billed annually, 50 attendees

    Growth plan: pay $ 69 / month per year, 150 people

    Business Plan: $ 163 / month billed annually, 500 attendees

Demio is ideal for marketers who want a simple, dedicated webinar software, live events, and automatic playback.

8. Webex https://www.webex.com/webinar.html

Cisco WebEx is a powerful webinar system dedicated to hosting large-scale webinars for 3000 participants and providing live broadcasts for nearly 40,000 participants. Engage with partners, customers and potential customers around the world and effectively market your products / services.

From planning webinars to publishing webinars analysis, WebEx provides you with all the services you need to increase attendance and increase sales leads. Cisco Webex is a highly secure and scalable platform for launching products and branded businesses.
Main Functions of Webex-Webinar Software

What are the Main Functions of Webex-Webinar Software?

    Interactive features such as video conferencing, Q & A, screen sharing, real-time voting and real-time chat.

    High-quality audio / video conference

    Multiple presenters in an audio conference using audio control tools

    Mark your registration page and invitation letter with customizable fields / questions to score, qualify, and follow up on clues.

    Registration tracking

    Record events with one click and create an evergreen webinar

    Webcast that can accommodate up to 40,000 participants

Pricing: Starting at $ 13.50 / month, up to 50 participants.

Therefore, WebEx is designed for companies that want high-end, powerful webinar systems to host large-scale events without much marketing capabilities.

9. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk is now considered a GlobalMeet webinar. It is a brand new, real-time streaming media webinar platform with an excellent user experience.

In addition, use GlobalMeet webinars to activate leads, deliver relevant information, and collaborate with your team—all through real-time video events. Also, share the url link with your audience and let them join your live event.

GlobalMeet webinars also include time-sensitive analysis to build better communication strategies.
Main Functions of ReadyTalk (GlobalMeet)

What are the Main Functions of ReadyTalk (GlobalMeet) webinar software?

    Potential customer development makes live broadcasting and on-demand activities easier.

    Just share a url link to hold a webinar with business partners

    Collaborate with team members through group chats, Q & A, voting and online presentations.

    Webcam streaming or audio broadcasting

    Support HTML5 and iOS streaming

    Upload a slide or share a screen

    Online chat, online seminar voting and post-webinar survey

    Schedule 100% web-based webinars in minutes without downloading

    Customized registration form and email invitation

    Share pre-recorded videos in webinars

    Advanced reports track the use and performance of webinars, including survey response, viewing duration, registrant data, Q & A, conversion rate, etc.

Startup plan: $ 99 per user, up to 150 participants

Advanced plan: Pay $ 249 per user Up to 500, 1000, 2000 participants

ReadyTalk provides a simple and easy-to-use webinar solution that can be easily used in your pocket. This is the ideal company to find the highest level of engagement with social sharing, calendar scheduling, and follow-up email tools.

10. WebinarNinja https://www.readytalk.com/products-services/webinars

Webinar Ninja can create a webinar in 10 seconds without going through any lengthy procedures! What makes it stand out is its built-in marketing tools to attract more attendees.

The webinar finder will include your webinar in its search engine, so attendees only need to search your webinar category or keywords to find you. Or they can find you through Google search.

Thanks to all these features, it is a perfect webinar platform for anyone who wants to run live webinars, automated webinars, hybrid and series webinars-all through a single interface.

Main Functions of WebinarNinja Webinar Software

What are the Main Functions of WebinarNinja Webinar Software?

    The "Start Now" feature on the homepage allows you to capture the last minute of registration.

    Upload PowerPoint slides and documents directly to your webinar

    Run live webinars, series and summit webinars, automated webinars, and hybrid webinars through Webinarnija's single platform.

    Automatic recording makes your webinars last forever. Therefore, please keep the webinar record in your account.

    Paid webinars through simple strip integration

    The latest WebRTC broadcast technology for HD video and audio streaming

    Built-in registration and thanks page

    Integrated and built-in marketing tools

    Fast customer support

    Send automatic confirmation and reminder emails to registrants

    Invite a co-host to join their microphone and camera.

Pricing: Starting from $ 39 / month, 100 live viewers are charged annually

If you need software with various integration options, built-in marketing tools and advanced broadcasting technology, you will love webinars.


Therefore, all of the above webinar platforms are planned to meet specific needs. In addition, we believe that EverWebinar and WebinarJam are very powerful webinar software and effective marketing tools.

Moreover, it actually depends on your specific needs, business size and budget. Check out the demo link to decide which brand is best for you!


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