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No matter what kind of mobile phone, be careful in 4 cases, it is likely to be monitored

Mobile phones are now an indispensable item in our lives. If the following four conditions occur on your mobile phone, then you have to be careful. 

Maybe your mobile phone is being monitored by others, so what exactly happens?

I. Check the phone address book

Now mobile phone monitoring is achieved through viruses. Open the phone address book and carefully check if there are strange numbers. If you have to be careful, it may be that some software viruses are hidden in our mobile phones and want to monitor us. 
In your Mobile phone if you see a strange number, delete it in time. 
If a stranger calls you, you will not speak after you have received it, or if you keep talking, you must hang up immediately. 
There may be criminals who will call you through you. During this time, do a little work that hinders your interests.
Phone monitoring

II. Unfamiliar spam

If you find a phone number you don’t understand in your mobile phone, send you a lot of waste junk SMS and verification codes, you must pay attention to it. This may be a criminal, who monitors various messages on your mobile phone through the software. 

We should delete these strange and unfamiliar messages regularly. If we see a few verification codes, we have never used them. We should change the passwords of WatsApp and PayFit

III. Check the mobile phone bill

It's best to check the phone bills on time every month. Are there any additional deductions?
In case the monthly bills are much higher than usual, but you never remember why you spent so much. 
In this case, in addition to excessive traffic and long calls, it is likely that a virus invaded your mobile phone and was monitored by someone, which automatically opened a few items that you did not understand, resulting in serious monthly deductions.

IV. Browse unknown web pages

If you click to download the software, the virus will invade our mobile phone. Usually you should delete some junk software and use the mobile phone housekeeper to kill, so as to avoid the virus from invading our mobile phone.

Now everyone knows that these four kinds of environments appear on the mobile phone, it is very likely to be monitored, and quickly tell the people around you.

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