4 Reasons Analysis for Lung Nodules and how to Avoid it soon


How do lung nodules come about? The doctor analyzed 4 reasons and hoped to avoid it soon

Lung nodules, as the name suggests, grow in the lungs. In fact, there are many reasons for people to have lung nodules, and sometimes many people have various problems. They wonder, are lung nodules and lung cancer cancer? 

Many people don't know much about this. Because at this time, many people will panic because of lung diseases. This is because this year, lung diseases in my country have reached the highest level of concern in history.


Lung Nodules and Coronavirus Epidemic

This year, because of the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, it has indeed sounded the alarm for many people. Some people will find that they have nodules during a lung examination. 

Although they are only small shadows, they are panicked. Don't be afraid, the doctor will give you a specific analysis of what is a pulmonary nodule. 

There are 4 reasons for the appearance of pulmonary nodules. Avoid them as soon as possible.


Benign nodules will gradually disappear over time

In clinical practice, we call lung shadows less than 3 cm in diameter as pulmonary nodules. These nodules can be large or small. Nodules less than 1 cm are called small nodules. 

Nodules are also divided into benign and malignant. Benign nodules will gradually disappear over time, but malignant nodules will slowly develop into lung cancer. 

The probability of malignant transformation of lung nodules is also different. Solid nodules may have the lowest malignant transformation, and mixed ground-glass nodules may have the highest malignant transformation, which can reach 63%.


Detailed Lung Nodules Infographics
Lung Nodules Infographics

What Method is used for Lung Nodules detection?

When a patient is detected to have a nodule on the body, under normal circumstances, doctors will detect the nodule based on the nature of the nodule. Clinically, CT detection and biopsy are generally used. 

When the sister detected that the nodule was not correct, and there are still these 4 reasons, then it is very likely that it is lung cancer.


1. People who insist on smoking a pack of cigarettes a day are likely to grow lung nodules, leading to malignant transformation of the nodules and lung cancer. Smoking is harmful to health. 

Many people are talking about it, but many people still don't listen. Smoke contains a lot of carcinogens, which are adsorbed on the lungs. Causes nodules in the lungs.


2. Long-term survival in an air-polluted environment will cause lung damage and lung nodules. 

Because these dust materials contain a large amount of particulate matter, these particulate matter will adhere to the lungs over time and affect the normal operation of the lungs. 

Over time, it will lead to the appearance of lung nodules, so it is necessary to treat as soon as possible to ensure good health.


3. Patients who have experienced lung injury will also easily grow lung nodules. 

Because the lungs have been injured, it will cause blood stasis in the lungs in the blood vessels. Then in the following days, these positions Nodules will grow easily.


4. The formation of pulmonary nodules may also be caused by tumor metastasis in other parts of the body.

If there is a malignant tumor on the body, then the tumor metastasis will lead to the appearance of nodules in the lungs, and in severe cases, it will also induce malignant transformation of the nodules.


Is appearance and disappearance of nodules easy?

The appearance and disappearance of nodules are not very simple, and need to be adjusted and treated according to the doctor's opinion. First perform a body row to see if you have some other cancers, and treat it as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of nodules.

 Of course, you must also pay attention to certain bad habits. Quit smoking and drinking, go to the hospital for regular check-ups, and stop any bad factors in time. 

Remember to wear a mask when you are outdoors and eat more vegetables. , Fruit, exercise, then you can keep your body healthy, prevent nodules from growing in your lungs, and give your body a healthy guarantee.

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