RailGate Scam. Indian Railways Fraud of 2013

 2013 Rail-gate, Scam

We do not listen about Railways scam in 2022 but we should refer to these scams to understand the scam prevalent ecosystem. The Indian Railway Minister at that time was Pawan Kumar Bansal. His nephew, Vijay Singla was arrested. This arrest took place in Chandigarh. The date when this happened was 3rd May, 2013. If you are wondering who had the power to arrest someone so powerful in a country like this where status and power have been able to buy law and justice, the answer is that it was none other than the CBI. CBI stands for Central Bureau of Investigation. If reports and findings are to be trusted, then it was discovered that Vijay Singla had accepted a bribe of nothing less than INR 9 million.

The one who paid this whopping sum of money as bribe was Narayana Rao Manjunath. He had made this payment on behalf of Mahesh Kumar. Mahesh Kumar was a member of the Indian Railway Board. The motive behind this hefty bribe was that Mahesh Kumar wished to be able to enjoy the privileges of a higher ranking position on the Railway Board. Though there were other officials in line before him, he wished to make his way ahead of them and the best way that he could think of, in order to achieve his dreams and aspirations, was to pay bribe to those in power.

People involved in the 2013 Rail-gate scam:

·         Vijay Singla
·         Mahesh Kumar
·         Sandeep Goyal (Singla's Friend)
·         Narayana Rao Manjunath 
·         Rahul Yadav: Associate of Manjunath
·         Samir Sandhir
·         Sushil Daga
·         Murali
·         Venugopal

After effects of the 2013 Rail-gate scam:

It goes without saying that the nation was taken aback. Also, the parties in the government other than the ruling parties had got a golden opportunity to create havoc and bring down the leaders. The same happened in case of the 2013 Rail-gate scam. There was an immediate demand for the resignation of railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal. In fact, this demand came from a number of sources. As fate would have it, a long meeting went on with the Prime Minister at his house. On 10th May, 2013, Pawan Kumar Bansal gave in his resignation letter due to the pressure that had been built on him. It was however because of his actions. This was also the day when Ashwani Kumar, the then minister of law and order had to give in his resignation too because of accusations that he had viewed CBI’s report on the Coal Scam, even after the Supreme Court had prohibited it. 
Showing Hammer on Anvil at Judicial Court
Court's Stance

Now, you must be wondering that why was the minister sacked and had to bear the brunt of the situation when actually his nephew was the one who had been playing wrong. The answer to your query is that Singla had a number of business means. These included real estate, cement, packaging, infrastructure and steel manufacturing. He had initially been able to establish his name due to his relation with the minister, who was his uncle. In fact, even when his uncle was elected in 1991, his business seemed to experience good days and started flourishing. 

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