What is Commonwealth Games Fraud?


Commonwealth Games Scam

Commonwealth Games is an international meet of sports in which a number of events are held. Initially, it was known as the British Empire Games but later the name was changed and it is held in every 4 years. 
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British Commonwealth Games
This means that the next Commonwealth Games will be held in 2022. Athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations can participate in it. In the year 2010, it was held in India and though the nation was able to put up a spectacular show before the globe, it definitely held its head in shame internally because of the scam that followed the grand affair.
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Commonwealth Games shook everyone

 The President that time was Pratibha Patil while Congress was the ruling party. It is no secret that there have been a number of scams when the Congress was ruling the nation, however, the massive amount involved in the Commonwealth Games shook everyone. It totally changed the thought that India is a poor country.

It is reported that the expenditure to organize the magnificent show at Delhi was nothing less than INR 70,000 crores. There were a number of people involved behind the success and months of planning had been put in. but, here is exactly where the catch it.
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Representing Commonwealth Games Scam
It is said that it is absolutely not true that the government actually spent so much. It is said that the officials of the government actually lied and created fake documents. There are accusations that a number of people in high posts and positions misused their power and actually presented tampered records of the expenditure done. They filled their pockets at the cost of the public. The bills and prices shown were definitely inflated. In fact, it has been investigated and actually found that just 50% of the stated amount was actually spent.

Coomonwealth Nations Games and Nation's Money Gone

The nation then wishes to know that what happened to their hard-earned money. This is because it is the taxes paid by the common man that was spent on just pomp and show. 
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The nation still demands to know that if so much can be spent on games and just to maintain the reputation of a nation on an international scale, then why can the government not take any necessary steps and utilize this money to provide education to the masses and start industries on their own so that the mass scale problem of unemployment in India can be fought back without any issues.

The CommonWealth Scam of India

In fact, this is not it. The Commonwealth scam of India has also received international news space. This was because though the officials had been careful enough to spend on the fireworks and the lights, they had miserably failed in providing adequate facilities to the sports persons.


In fact, the same has been the complain of India players and sportsmen who are in a field other than cricket. Since news is timely, media soon moved their focus on to other news that came up. However, the masses have not forgotten this betrayal and are not likely to let go of it either. On the contrary, Suresh Kalmadi, one of the chief suspects for the scam, was appointed as the life president of Indian Olympic Association in 2016.

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