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What kind of office is the Governor of Canada? What is the difference from the Prime Minister?

What kind of office is the Governor of Canada? What is the difference from the Prime Minister? In various news media, perhaps we have all heard of the post of Governor in Canada. According to reports, the Governor of Canada is the representative of the British monarch, and actually has no real power.

What is the Governor of Canada, Governor of Canada?

In various news media, maybe we have all heard of the post of Governor of Canada. So, what is the post of Governor of Canada? How is it different from the Prime Minister?

According to reports, the Governor of Canada is the representative of the British monarch. Since the Canadian monarch is also a British monarch and does not live in Canada, the British monarch will appoint a person to represent him / her. Although the British monarch has the power of appointment, the British monarch usually appoints candidates nominated by the Canadian Prime Minister.

 The Governor of Canada only has symbolic powers, such as serving as the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Services, but his duties have no real political power. Most of the political power belongs to the Canadian government and is led by the Prime Minister. Generally speaking, all decisions of the Governor of Canada are based on the Prime Minister's "proposal", which is the same as the British Westminster tradition.

Although the British monarch is the head of Canada, the British government does not have the power to interfere with Canada's internal affairs by making any "proposal" to the Governor of Canada.

The Governor's House is Rideau Hall (opposite the Canadian Prime Minister's House) in the capital, Ottawa. Since 1952, all Governors of Canada have been Canadian citizens.

What is the difference between the Governor of Canada and the Prime Minister?

By name, the Governor has all the executive powers and privileges of the Royal Family in Canada, but in reality, it is the Prime Minister and Cabinet members who exercise the highest executive power. The Queen of England is the nominal national leader, the Governor is the representative of the nominal leader, and the post of Governor is only symbolic. Prior to the 1950s, the Governors were all British, and since then they have generally been Canadians.
Canadian Governor's Office

Canada is a member of the Commonwealth and an independent sovereign state. But Canada nominally named the Queen of England as head of state. The Governor was condemned by the British and was nominally the representative of the Queen of England and the Government in Canada.

There is virtually no real power. The Prime Minister is elected by Canada, formally and reported to the Queen for approval. Actually Queen of England. Its government has no power to refuse or appoint or remove. The Prime Minister is the head of the Canadian elected government and the de facto leader of Canada.

The responsibilities of the Governor include: convening or dissolving the Parliament, presiding over the inauguration of the Prime Minister, the Supreme Justice, the Cabinet and the Privy Council, and commanding the three armies. In fact, the power of the Governor is greatly restricted by the Constitution. 
Governor Position in Canada
According to the Canadian Constitution, the Governor must convene or dissolve parliament at the proposal of the Prime Minister, and his duties must be performed in accordance with the recommendations of relevant ministers. Political scientists point out that the Governor's position is largely a media or public messenger role, and people with experience in this area are well qualified. In addition, the person holding the post of governor should also go beyond party affiliation, so having no political experience is an advantage, and there is no need to bear any burden.

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