DU Admission Racket. Delhi University Scam Fraud


Delhi University Admission Racket or Fraud

Delhi University has been the maker of headlines time and again. This is mainly because of the requirement of a very high percentage in order to get admission into Delhi University or in any college that is affiliated to the Delhi University. They have actually had high requirements such as 99% and also a full and perfect 100% in the past. Though it may seem unrealistic to a number of students, it cannot be overlooked that it has actually been achieved by several who have obtained admission through merit and only ethical means.
Showing Delhi University Building
Delhi University
Now, its sure that you are able to figure out what it means to be in Delhi University. It is a matter of prestige and that is exactly where frauds get their chance to play with the system. 
The Delhi University admission racket was one of the worst scams that anyone in the nation could have thought of, ever. 
In fact, it not only showed the minds of criminals, but it also showed how education has been turned into business in this country and that it is high time marks stopped being the deciding factor regarding the future and career of young minds.

DU Admissions Conmen modus operandi

There was a group of 4 who would operate from with the university. What they did was that they used to target those pupils who had been unable to achieve high scores in their examinations. 
It goes without saying that no matter what your marks are, you always have an aspiration to get into a reputed college. The same thing happened here. These 4 made promises to students that they would get admission in Delhi University. In order to make this a reality, this group would actually come up with forged documents and then submit them to the university at the time of the admission. In fact, it has been noted that this group would mainly associated with the Bihar and UP board.
Queue for admission in Delhi University
Seeking Admission

Usually, universities do an online cross check in order to be sure about the students and their marks. Well, this group has a crack for that as well. 
What they did was that they made fake websites and entered the details of their associated students and scores. This way, even if Delhi University checked their records online, they would get a clean chit and the university would have no grounds on which they could be rejected at all.

The racket was busted when they were on their way to a college to get an admission cleared. In fact, it was also found out that they had successfully been able to get admission in Delhi University for 10 students and had more such cases lined up. 
Since they had been in this profession for some years, they had gained experience and knew exactly how to get the work done. This is the reason why they charged around 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs INR per student.

This is not the first time that such an instance has been reported in the country. What is sad is that when such a top ranked university gets fooled, no wonder what happens to the others. 

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