What is Mobile Phone ROM (Read Only Memory)?

Mobile Phone ROM Cell Phone Read Only Memory

ROM is composed of the first letter of English Read only Memory, which means read-only memory. 
As the name implies, this kind of memory can only be read, not like RAM can be read and written at any time. It only allows one write opportunity after production, once the data is written it cannot be changed. 

Another feature of it is that the data in the memory is not lost after power down, and can be stored for hundreds of thousands of years.

Mobile phone ROM refers to the memory that stores the firmware code of the mobile phone (often referred to as flashing refers to rebuilding the ROM you want), such as the operating system of the mobile phone and some applications such as games.

What is Mobile ROM?

Mobile phone ROM mainly refers to the space in the mobile phone that can store data, programs, and documents.
If there is a shortage, the external storage card such as SD card and mmd card can be used to solve the file storage requirements. 

The mobile phone RAM mainly refers to the memory of the mobile phone, mainly for the cache stack required for the operation of the mobile phone software. It generally has a direct impact on the running speed of the mobile phone.

Diagram Showing Mobile Phone ROM Read Only Memory

What is the role of mobile phone ROM?

Mobile phone RAM is a random access memory, which is characterized by being volatile, that is, loss of memory after power failure. 

Mobile phone ROM usually refers to solidified memory (write once, read repeatedly), its characteristics are opposite to mobile phone RAM. 
RAM is analogous to computer memory.

 ROM is analogous to one of the computer's hard drives, and the inserted card is analogous to the expansion hard drive (second block).

How the configuration register works?

For the question of what the meaning of mobile phone ROM is, ROM and RAM on mobile phone and ROM and RAM on computer mean the same, both are the name of the memory.
Among them, the full name of ROM in English is read only memory, and the Chinese name is called read-only memory.

In more general terms, ROM can be understood as the hard disk of a mobile phone, which allows us to store things in it.

However, the ROM on the mobile phone is different from the hard disk we generally understand. This is because although the ROM on the mobile phone can store things. In general, we can only read and not write, which is why it is called "Only”.

The reason for reading memory is that we can write to ROM only under certain professional conditions.

In view of this particularity of ROM, many mobile phone system files are stored in the ROM of the mobile phone, so that under normal circumstances we can not modify the system file of the mobile phone.
But currently through some special means, we can also achieve the ROM Writing things, this situation is actually what we often call flashing.

Cell Phone RAM Random Access Memory

What is Phone ROM?

A complete ROM root directory will have the following folders and files: data, META-IN, system, boot.img four folders.
(data) is the directory where the user installs the application program.
(META-IN) is the directory where the system-related information is located.
Generally, a ROM is customized to modify the system version information.
(system) is the directory where the system is located, which is equivalent to the Windows folder of the PC system.
 boot.img) is an image file, which is the so-called kernel core, which is usually used when transplanting ROM.

What is Flash Assistant ROM?

What is the meaning of mobile phone ROM? Mobile phone ROM is the place where the mobile phone operating system is stored.

Generally, it is not allowed to be erased for the safety of the mobile phone system. Therefore, the operating system stored in the ROM can only be read but not modified and erased.

However, in order to upgrade the system, you can modify the flash ROM through the program on the computer. The usual "brush machine" is the flash ROM.

Through this article, now possibly all netizens have a deeper understanding of mobile phone ROM. In addition, flashing and flashing ROM actually have the same meaning.
The ultimate goal is to upgrade the mobile phone system.

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