What is VYAPAM Scam Fraud of MP?


Vyapam Scam in Madhya Pradesh India

India is a nation where there is a very huge population. In fact, if considered in world perspective, then it is one of the leaders in terms of not only economy but also population, unemployment and scams. The same happened in case of the Vyapam scam. Vyapam had the responsibility of conducting competitive exams and tests. There were supposed to be conducted and held on a very large scale to accommodate a number of aspiring candidates. However, do not mistaken that these exams were for admission into any educational institute.
These were tests that would help to establish if someone was worthy of being given a government job. India is a nation where government jobs are highly sought after and that is what led to this shocking scam in the world’s largest democracy. 
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VYAPAM Results were Tampered with

The Vyapam scam has been reported a scam where the tests were held just fine. But, the results were tampered with. This means that the end scores provided to the applicants were not fair at all. It was unjust and that is why the lives of a number were affected. Reportedly, there was collusion among the exam participants, the government officials and other middlemen who had a role to play. The applicants who did not deserve high marks, were awarded so in return for kickbacks. This was definitely a large sum of money that was taken as bribe. When the scam came to light, the following tricks were identified as the ones put to use.
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Impersonation in VYAPAM

This is not something new or shocking. What happened was the very good and bright students or those people who had been practising for years, were paid to take the exams instead of the actual candidates. Thus, they used their expert knowledge to impersonate others and write the papers on their behalf. 
If you and wondering how it is possible with the use of proper identity cards, then you must know that the board members were also involved. 
The photographs on the card were changed after the exam was over.

Copying in VYAPAM

It is obvious that there was mass scale cheating and copying. There was no check on the use of unfair means. 
Reportedly, the candidates who did not deserve to be there at all, bribed the board officials to be seated next to a brilliant and impersonated candidate. This was done through the help of a number of middlemen and the strategic seating was obviously a very well planned move. 
In fact, the extent of this was such that they were also seen exchanging their answer scripts at the end of the examination.
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Manipulation of records and answer sheets

Most of these exams were taken on OMR sheets so that it would same time. However, this is exactly what was used to manipulate the results. They would leave blank spaces and answer only what they were sure of. Then, they would randomly be awarded a very high percentage. 
In order to make it look more genuine, they would file for an RTI and then fill in the answers according to the high percentage that they received as a result of paying bribes.

Leaking the answer key

Last but not the least, it is also said that some of the board officials, who were corrupt, were the ones who leaked the answer key to some particular applicants. 
No matter what, people have their eyes on the court of law. 

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