What is Spiral Virus? Computer Viruses Removal Solution

 Spiral Virus Definition Meaning Description and Solution

Spiral virus, the network worm can be spread through the email OUTLOOK, modify the file Wsock32.dll in the Windows system in charge of email sending and receiving. 
It differs from other network worm programs in that it can continuously send the network worm program itself over the network continuously, and the name of the file sent changes.

Common name:    Spiral virus

Technical Name:      I-Worm / Hybris

Virus type:     Network worm

Danger level:      Medium
Impact platform: WIN95, WIN98, WINME

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Virus Infected object description

The virus is the world's first self-decomposing virus body into a number of program blocks (plug-ins) of variable size, which are hidden in different locations in the computer to avoid virus detection software.
The virus has aggregated these fragments into a complete virus, and then spread and destroyed.

The file names used by the network worm program to send attachments are: AAFIAAFI.EXE, AAMAAAMA.EXE, ADGAADGA.EXE, AIEAAIEA.EXE, AIGAAIGA.EXE, etc. 

Since the network worm program can be changed, there are many program block (plug-in) files of the network worm program in addition to the main worm program file. 

The length of the main file of the main worm program is 10000 bytes, and the length of the changed block (plug-in) file is 25088 bytes. The number of bytes of the file of its block (plug-in) is not fixed.
Viruses: Spiral Virus Representation

The virus modifies the value of run = in the [Windows] project in Win.ini, and points the value to the directory where the network worm program is located. 
The network program is placed in the Windows directory in the form of hidden files.

If the system is infected by this virus, when the system time is September 16 and 24, your computer’s screen will be covered by an image that is always on the top, the image is active, rotating, black and white Meet the spiral circular figure. 
Although the keyboard, mouse, etc. of your computer can be used at this time, because the pattern is always on the top of all graphical operation interfaces, it will have a great impact on users' use of the computer.

What is the solution against Spiral Virus?

For KV series users, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest KV2004 version, and open six monitoring programs, especially to open mail monitoring when receiving e-mail, which can effectively prevent viruses from carrying out computer systems. 
Users who have been infected with this virus can use KV to kill directly.

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