What are Cell Phone Virus Symptoms Precaution and Poisoning?

Cell Phone Poisoning. The Phone seems to have a Virus?

Suddenly, the mobile phone can receive more than 90 text messages with unknown verification codes within 1 minute at 9:30 pm,

The battery drains much faster than usual. Your phone can continue to be used for up to two days after being fully charged, but if you notice that the battery's battery is depleting faster than before, your phone may already have a virus, and the phone is carrying them in the dark. 

This is the reason why the battery is quickly depleted, inexplicably interrupted during the call. If your phone is often disconnected or you encounter strange interruptions in the conversation, you may have to pay attention.

Of course, you may just experience unstable signals, problems with my telecommunications provider, and bad weather may also affect your call quality.

However, if this situation is repeated again and again, he may be a virus. Many viruses will adversely affect the phone's call quality and make strange calls. 

If you have a phone call that you haven’t dialed before, you should be alert.

Some viruses specifically send messages and make phone calls, and this is how they replicate.

Step by step reading

We often hear about computer viruses. In fact, mobile phones also have viruses. In the Internet era, there are a lot of personal information on our mobile phones. Once the mobile phone is infected with viruses, it is easy to leak privacy.

So, how do we judge whether the phone is infected with virus? 

People who are poisoned will experience dizziness, vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms. The same is true for mobile phones, which will send us an "uncomfortable" signal. It is probably already infected with a virus.

Eight manifestations of viruses in mobile phones, prevention and solutions

Symptoms of cell phone poisoning

    1. Abnormal phone freeze

    When the network is normal, the phone suddenly becomes very stuck, and the running speed is obviously much slower than usual. It always takes a long time to open a page, and it even needs to be refreshed several times before it jumps out. Looking at the background data of the mobile phone, it is found that the storage space is significantly reduced, which may be that the operation of the mobile phone virus consumes a lot of storage space.

    2. Inexplicable deductions

    I don't know if you have paid attention to the deduction of your mobile phone. When the mobile phone is inexplicably deducted, the cost within a few days is several times the normal cost. It may be that the virus is playing ghosts. There are two possibilities. One is a malicious deduction virus.

 If you accidentally click on a link, the fee will be automatically deducted. 

Another possibility is that the virus runs in the background and consumes a lot of traffic, resulting in increased costs.

    3. Speed ​​up power consumption

    At the same frequency of use, mobile phones consume more power than usual. For example, the battery can be used continuously for a whole day before, but recently it can only be used for half a day. The mobile phone may already have a virus. The virus in the mobile phone is in the dark box operation, causing the battery The loss is faster.

    4. The call is inexplicably interrupted

    Inexplicable interruptions often occur when talking with others on mobile phones. We first check whether there is a problem with the mobile phone signal and the operator. If it is interrupted repeatedly afterwards, it is likely that there is a virus in the mobile phone, which will adversely affect the quality of the call.

    5. Inexplicable software appears on the phone

    There are some softwares of unknown origin and unheard of on the mobile phone desktop, and various kinds of messy advertisements pop up from time to time. This is probably because the mobile phone automatically downloads a wave of unwanted software when browsing irregular websites. These unwanted software often Carrying a virus.

    6. The phone automatically shuts down and restarts

    If you are playing a mobile game or chatting, the phone will shut down automatically after a black screen. Sometimes, while playing, the phone automatically restarts. If these situations occur frequently, it means that the phone has been infected with a virus.

    7. Phone fever is abnormal

    Malicious viruses will place a greater burden on the performance of mobile phones. If the mobile phone is running at a low speed or is not in use, the mobile phone is very hot and feels hot. It may be infected with the virus.

    8. Mobile phones often pop up ads

    When logging into the browser, the mobile phone often pops up advertisements, or often receives some advertisement text messages with links, and the possibility of the mobile phone being infected with viruses is very high.

    If the above symptoms appear on your mobile phone, it may be a virus in the mobile phone. If you want to further confirm whether it is poisoned, you can use a third-party antivirus software to detect it.

How to prevent cell phone viruses?

     1. Scan code carefully and connect to WiFi

    The mobile phone scan function is very convenient, but for QR codes of unknown origin, especially advertising QR codes, don't just scan them casually. 

Similarly, free WiFi in public places should not be connected casually. It is best to turn off the WiFi function in time to prevent the mobile phone from automatically connecting to the secret WiFi.

    2. Reject illegal connections, websites

    Do "three don'ts", don't browse informal websites, don't just click on the ad link that pops up on the website, and don't download unknown software on it. 
When you need to download software, it is best to download and install through the application store that comes with the phone or a regular third-party software website.

    3. Regular antivirus

    Install safe and reliable anti-virus software in the mobile phone, regularly clean up the mobile phone garbage, detect whether the mobile phone is infected with virus, and protect the mobile phone from virus attack in time. Once you find software or text messages of unknown origin, uninstall and delete them as soon as possible.

Mobile Phones Virus

3. How to deal with cell phone poisoning?

    1. Format the phone, or take factory reset, so that all the data in the phone is completely cleared, and the virus is also handled to a large extent.
    Eight manifestations of viruses in mobile phones, prevention and solutions

    2. If restoring the factory settings has not solved the problem, then only the flashing machine, it is best to go to the mobile phone professional after-sales service center to flash the machine. Of course, the trenches can choose to change their phones.


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