Clitoris or Nuclei Problems Diseases and Treatment


Clitoris Locked or Nuclei Problems Diseases Treatment

Organized mainly by erections. It is comparable in appearance and organization to a man's penis. The clitoris is located behind the anterior commissure and contains a pair of clitoral sponges. The clitoral sponge is divided into three parts. The clitoris feet at the rear end are cylindrical, starting from the periosteum of the inferior pubis and inferior sciatic branches, inward and upward to the lower edge of the pubic symphysis, and the left and right clitoral cavernous bodies are located at the midline to form the clitoral body. Tissue septum, called comb septum. The clitoris body is folded at a right angle and turned to the front and bottom. The free end is called the clitoral head, which is a round nodule, protruding below the foreskin of the clitoris. There is often clitoral dirt in the clitoral groove between the clitoris and the clitoral foreskin. The clitoris is attached to the labia minora under the head. The clitoris is covered with a white membrane.
Name:    Clitoris
Other name:    Nuclei, Pea
Shape:    Cylindrical
Function:    Stimulate female sexuality and pleasure


The structure of the clitoral cavernous body is similar to that of the penile cavernous body, and it can also be congested and erect. The clitoral head is mainly composed of spongy erectile tissue. The clitoral mucosa and submucosal tissues are rich in blood vessels and nerve endings, and are sensitive to erections.
Clit or clitoris diagram in color with explanation
Clit- The Feminity

Clinical diseases Pertaining to Clit or Nuclei

1. Hypertrophy of the clitoris

Abnormal hypertrophy is caused by excessive use of exogenous androgen or excessive secretion of hormones in the body. It can be relieved after stopping the drug or treating the primary disease. Generally, it does not affect sexual response and does not cause pain. No special treatment is required. . However, some clitoral hypertrophies are abnormal endocrine organs, leading to virilization of women and affecting sexual life. In such women, a large amount of androgen secreted by the adrenal cortex enters the blood, and when the ovaries secrete relatively little estrogen, there may be symptoms of clitoral hypertrophy and loss of sexual desire. In the long run, the body will develop into masculinity in many places.

Showing Medical problem Hypertrophy of the clitoris

2. Clitoris very small

Because the clitoris is too small, the labia minora may be too tight. When the penis is inserted into the vagina, the clitoris cannot reach the clitoris, making it difficult to stimulate the clitoris and not feel the orgasm. In the long run, it will cause female apathy.

3. The clitoris foreskin is too long

Because the clitoris is completely covered by the long clitoris, the clitoris is not fully stimulated during sexual life, which may cause orgasm disorder and low sexual desire.

4. Deformity of the clitoris

Clitoral deformities are not common. This abnormal symptom is congenital and is caused by the internal and external environment of the mother during the embryonic development. If the mother is ill, taking the wrong medicine, X-ray irradiation, or inhaling toxic and harmful gas dust, etc., this clitoral deformity caused by abnormal embryo development may also have the possibility of gender deformity. You should go to the hospital for detailed examination and receive appropriate treatment.
Diagrammatic representation of deformity of clitoris

5. Clitoral pain

The lack of secretions from the clitoris and the foreskin often cause pain. When a woman reaches orgasm, the clitoral head will become very sensitive, and then strong stimulation will undoubtedly cause pain. The above two situations are completely normal physiological phenomena. The most common cause of pathological clitoral pain is infection, such as genital herpes spreading around the clitoris; gonococcal, moldy, trichomonas genital vaginitis spreads to the entire vulva; condyloma acuminata, vestibular gland cysts, etc. are also often intercourse or Clitoral pain occurs when stroking, and is often accompanied by other secondary infections such as mold and trichomoniasis; jock itch, scabies, parasite eggs, chemical fiber underwear, local excessive cleaning, cosmetics and other chemical stimulation can cause clitoral pain.
Problems related to clit in diagram revealing

6. Clitoral skin lesions

Some women found clitoral skin lesions after several sexual intercourses. In fact, some diseases can cause the same symptoms. For example, drug allergy can cause fixed drug eruption of female clitoris and male glans foreskin. drug and food allergies can cause severe foreskin edema. 2 to 3 days after sexual intercourse, clitoral foreskin or Clostridial infection can be caused by penile twitch, which can cause clitoral atrophy And symptoms such as skin lesions.

Feminity and feminine health issues


For any disease you must see a medical specialist and should not try to work on it yourself. It needs strict medical supervision else it may cause serious health problems that will nothing but repentence.

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