What is Virginity of Girls?

Understanding of Female Virginity

It is precisely because of society's emphasis on hymen that women are desperately trying to defend this last line of defense. However, now is the new millennium after all, and women can finally talk about their own problems calmly. Many people are so much concerned about female virginity while in the times when  themselves females hire male strippers and enjoy everything at bachelorette parties and some may even hire an escort then for women themselves it is becoming least of concern.


Infographics on Types of Hymen
Infographics on Types of Hymen

Women's Understanding and Defense of "Virgin Body"

   Men long for virginity, they think it is purity and loyalty to love. A virgin is the most secret, soft and beautiful pain in the depths of the soul to a woman. 

It may be that the concept of "commodity woman" is deeply ingrained. Most of the people who stand at the forefront of "moral positions" are shouting loudly.

In fact, this is a woman's own business, and it is women who have the most say.


Simulation of hymen

   Men's judgments of virgins are only physical. According to the old almanac, the wedding night does not fall into red, not to mention that the marriage cannot be maintained, or the right to survival seems to be a big problem. 

According to experts, there is no shame for such a woman not to seek death on her own. Thousands of years of tradition gradually formed the worship of the hymen? 

It is the most precious gift a woman gives to her husband.


   It is precisely because of the society's emphasis on hymen that women are desperately trying to defend this last line of defense. However, it is the new millennium after all. Women can finally talk about their own problems calmly. 

Take a look at the following descriptions of women themselves. Whether they are men or women, should they have a clearer understanding of this topic?


Q1. Must the highest state of love be expressed by sex?

Ans by Ms. A:   I don’t take the issue of virginity so serious. How can I say, this is my own business. 

As long as I am responsible for my actions, no one can accuse me. When the love between two people develops to a certain stage, only sex can be expressed. 

This may be one of the reasons why people choose to get married.


Q2. Should you never have sex before marriage?

Ans by Ms A:   Even if I love that person again, I will not have sex with him before marriage. 

If he breaks up with me, I won't regret it. I think that virginity is a guarantee for the long-term marriage. 

If I lose my virginity before marriage, I will lose face. My husband will love me even more because I was a virgin when I married him. 

It doesn’t really matter whether the person I marry is the one I love the most, as long as there is a stable family, where are there so many romantic things?


Q 3. Is it embarrassing to be a virgin? 

Ans by Ms. A:   If a woman is still a virgin in her twenties, I would feel embarrassed for her. This means that there are few people who love her or she is a little abnormal. 

If there is no sexual experience before marriage, unexpected problems may arise after marriage due to lack of sexual experience. It is even more ridiculous if a woman is proud to be a virgin in her thirties. 

Q4. That kind of life is too abnormal. Is it is a woman's right to enjoy sex?

Ans. by Ms. A: It depends on the situation.

People rarely succeed in a love once. It is impossible for a person to love only one person in his life. If the man who got my first love is not my husband, then it depends. 

If he doesn't care, that's the best thing, and he can live a life easily. If he cares, and I have to marry him, then, I'm sorry, what's the big deal with the technology now so advanced? 

Don't say I'm mean, it's to meet the needs of men. Besides, what should I use to prove him?


Q5. Is the chastity of the soul is better than the chastity of the body? 

Ans. by Mrs A:   If a woman loses her virginity, people have no right to blame her. Maybe it was accidental fault, maybe it was for true love. 

The purity of the soul is the most important thing, and men should not be stupid.

Q 6. What are the reasons to stay virgin until marriage?

Ans by Mrs A:
4 main reasons to stay a virgin before marriage:

  In this era, not only material conditions have been improved, but people’s minds have also been liberated. 

If a woman is still an unmarried virgin at the age of twenty-five, then her same-sex friends will think that she is out, and that she will not enjoy life. But cold feet still think it is better for a woman to remain a virgin before marriage.


   In my opinion, if you are not a virgin before marriage, this may bury four hidden dangers in a woman’s married life.


i. The husband will think that a woman is a frivolous woman

If it was given to a husband before marriage for the first time, he might think that a woman is inherently frivolous, and he would "strictly watch" a woman in his post-marriage life, and a woman would not be a traditional woman in a man's mind. 

The husband's speculation about a woman is very high. It may affect the quality of life after marriage.


ii. The marriage life is brought to an end.

Some males like Asian men are very traditional, no man would like to wear "broken shoes". Even if a woman undergoes hymen repair surgery, once the man knows the truth after marriage, it is difficult for a man to accept being deceived. 

Even without divorce, there will be no happiness in the married life.


iii. The husband’s passion for women is halved

   After marriage, the husband knows that the woman is no longer a virgin before the marriage, and may not choose to divorce for various reasons, but in the face of such a woman, the man’s enthusiasm will definitely be halved. This is beyond doubt. As a woman this is called self-inflict.


iv. He was blackmailed by his ex-boyfriend

   After marriage, the husband does not know whether a woman is a virgin, and life will definitely be harmonious. 

But if a boyfriend who has had sex with a woman gets into a mess to blackmail a woman money, it will be a numb thing for a woman's scalp.


   Anyway, in third world countries, no matter how open-minded people are, men always want to possess other people's women and enjoy their own wives. This is an eternal truth. 

This is the result of thousands of years of traditional culture. Therefore, the majority of female compatriots must not believe the man's sentence: "I don't care about your past." That is a lie. Therefore, it is very important for every female compatriot to remain a virgin before marriage.


Q 7. What is virgin complex?

Ans. by Ms A:  Anyone who is obsessed with love beliefs has a virgin complex, but those who have a virgin complex do not necessarily have love beliefs. Regarding love, we often say that you are my only and you are my other half. 

Obviously, this is not only on the level of consciousness, but also on the physical level. This is the "virgin and virgin" of both sides. 

Only the love that combines consciousness with reality and is rooted in life is true love and lasting.


Human beings have a virgin complex. Sexual relations in nature may have the following forms: 

  1. Polygamy
  2. Polyandry
  3. Promiscuity
  4. Monogamy

The virgin complex is an important emotional form of monogamy, and it is deeply buried in genes. 

Scientists have discovered through research that all races and tribes on the earth have love stories; and the protagonists of love stories are mostly virgins.


In the United States during the period of sexual liberation in the 1960s, scientists conducted a survey at that time, and the results showed that whether in Arabs, Americans, or other places, men with a virgin complex accounted for roughly the same proportion of the overall population. Around 60%. 

Today, through online surveys, we can still find that the proportion of Asian men who have a virgin complex is about 60%.


   In foreign countries, the virgin complex will not be attacked in any way. Traditionally, white wedding dresses can only be worn by virgins. The virgins are pure. No one will object to this, and no non-virgins will take the initiative to say that they are pure. 

Due to the influence of the church, the proportion of people who are virgins before marriage is actually much higher than some Asian people with ulterior motives expected. 

In western countries, people who attack the emotions of others are considered naive and immoral. A person loves innocent people, and his freedom to choose a spouse is fully guaranteed.


In Asia, the society is in a period of rapid development and changes. At this time, issues often become controversial. Many women (usually unmarried and unmarried) have published articles accusing the virgin complex as immoral and a manifestation of the remnants of feudalism. 

Men with virgin complexes are impotence, lack of self-confidence, etc., and spread rumors that "virgins can only be found in kindergartens."

These are actually related to the interests involved in marriage. 


Generally, Asian women are more dependent on men than Western women. They must rely on their bodies to obtain the security of their lives. This kind of attack has become an important means of obtaining benefits, especially when When she was no longer a virgin.


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