What is the True Face of Joseph Biden?


Biden's "true face"

Biden's seemingly glamorous back is also covered with scars and feathers. Looking at it this way, he probably experienced the worst things in life: his wife and young daughter died in a car accident, plagiarism was reported, repeated presidential election failures, he was hospitalized with brain tumors, white-haired people sent black-haired people, unconscious His second son married his eldest son's wife who died young... Many people say that Biden looks like a gentle and friendly old man.

These days, the whole world is paying attention to the same thing: the US presidential election


According to today’s news, Biden revised the Twitter certification: the United States was elected president.


If the votes are valid, Biden has won more than 270 electoral votes.


In other words, Biden won.

Speaking of the United States, one has to talk about the famous "White House Elderly Group"-Hillary, Biden, Trump.


Biden and Nalia

It is said that Jiang is still hot. These three "elderly people" with an average age of over 70 years old, fighting for the position of president, they are no worse than the young ones.


In the United States, Biden has an unpleasant nickname called "President of the Basement".


Many young Americans look down on him, thinking that his campaign strategy is to hide in the basement, wait for Trump to make a mistake, and then automatically become president when the time comes.


Some people say that he is like an old man sweeping the floor, and his stuttering has prevented him from being as clever as Trump, and his poor physical condition makes him look weak.


Many people even say that he has dementia.


So who is Biden? Why can he run for president?

1. Biden was born in 1942 and is called the "silent generation" according to the American generational division.


The parents of this generation suffered from the Great Depression and World War II successively, and their desire to bear children was very low. This also makes the "silent generation" extremely small.


There are very few whites, and Biden is one of them.


In 1952, the Bidens moved from their hometown of Pennsylvania to Delaware in order to make a living.


My father got a job in car repair, and my mother took care of the children and performed housework, barely making ends meet.


Biden, who was only ten years old, began to feel the deep malice in this world since then.


Because of his severe stuttering, he was constantly ridiculed by the new classmates around him.


He ran home and asked his father, why did he do this?


Dad just replied: "You talk too much, just grow up."

At that time, Biden, in order to get rid of the stuttering problem, began to frantically learn to recite poetry.


After graduating from university, he developed a strong interest in law and joined the local Delaware Bar Association.


At that time, young Americans had a crazy love and curiosity about politics, and Biden was no exception.


After graduating from his Ph.D., he got married and had children. He was unwilling to be just a small local lawyer. His ambitions began to show gradually.


In 1972, Biden, who was less than 30 years old, announced that he would run for the post of Senator from Delaware.

In the eyes of everyone at the time, it was simply a dream.


Want to have no age, have no experience, have no background, and have no connections.


Why was Biden elected?

He thought of a trick, using all the relationships he knew at the university, begging them to help him distribute flyers and shout slogans.


Then, through the step of "opposing the Vietnam War," we can have targeted in-depth conversations and communication with people who can help us to reach consensus.


He used his whole body cells to do his best to bring people from different positions to his own position.


Obviously, this "sincere flattering" approach works very well.


In November 1972, the senator election ended. Biden finally defeated his strong opponent Boggs by more than 3,000 votes, shocking everyone's jaws.


Biden's political career has officially begun.

2. But God seems to like to joke with Biden.

When he was immersed in the joy of a successful campaign, his wife drove his three children to the supermarket for shopping and had a serious car accident.


God took away the lives of his wife and young daughter Naomi. Although the other children survived by chance, they were also admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.


Biden, who was so busy taking care of his two sons in the hospital, was unwilling to give up everything he had worked so hard.


As a result, Biden takes a 1.5-hour train from Wilmington to Washington to work every day, and then rushes back to take care of his sons at night.


This kind of life will last for five years.


Until Biden and his current wife Jill entered the palace of marriage.


In June 1987, Biden, who had been in the Senate for 14 years, announced that he would participate in the US presidential election.


And confident that he can achieve a big victory.


But the reality is not as smooth as he imagined. After the scandal of Biden plagiarizing other people's works at the university was exposed, various acts of academic misconduct were also picked up.


Under pressure, he had to withdraw from the presidential election.


Misfortunes never come singly. At this time, his brain was found to have two tumors. The hospitalization for surgery lasted seven months.


The first presidential election failed completely under such embarrassing and helpless circumstances.


But how could Biden give up easily? This is not his style at all.

3. Since then, Biden has put away his arrogance and pride, and began to "cultivating oneself" in the Senate, which lasts for twenty years.


On the surface, he seems to be standing still and wanting, but in fact, every day, he is silently preparing for the future.


In January 2007, Biden regained his strength and formally announced his upcoming election for the 2008 US presidential election.

However, Biden failed again.


But Obama, who became president, was optimistic about Biden and offered to invite him to be the vice president of the United States to help him.


Naturally, Biden will not let go of such a good opportunity.


After all, this is the closest position to the president, not one of them.

But Biden's family seems to have a curse in it.


Whenever he was promoted, something big happened in the family.


When he was 73 years old, his most beloved eldest son Beau Biden, was diagnosed with brain cancer and unfortunately passed away.


Joseph Biden's son Beau Biden
Beau Biden

Biden was irritated again, he announced that he would no longer participate in the 2016 presidential race.

It just didn't happen for a while, and Biden's home made headlines again.


The reason is that his eldest son Beau Biden just died, Beau's wife fell in love with his other son Hunter.


My brother fell in love with his sister-in-law, and this kind of bloody plot at eight o'clock was actually staged at Biden's house.


Not only that, Hunter still takes drugs and alcohol all the year round, he takes the bar as his own, and all kinds of sex hunting cheats and scandals.


Biden personally sent him to a drug rehabilitation center twice, all of which ended in failure.


Beau, his most beloved and outstanding eldest son, passed away, leaving behind a Hunter who was in sharp contrast with Beau.


The difference between these two sons is one in the sky and the other underground.


There was a fire in the front yard and the back yard, and Biden couldn't tell.


4. But these are nothing to Biden.

After all, after living to this age and experiencing so many ups and downs, a strong heart cannot be possessed by ordinary people.


Since his sons are unreliable, Biden can only rely on himself.


A former colleague of Biden once described him: "Biden always seems to be very polite and friendly, and every day he is required to talk to an ordinary person on the phone.


He doesn't look down on anyone, and he likes to talk to anyone because he wants information that no one else has yet. "


In this way, we can see how careful his mind is.


When he was 75 years old, after working in the White House for eight years, Obama awarded him the "Presidential Medal of Freedom," which represents the highest national honor, and said that "Biden is the next President of the United States."


When Obama personally put the medal on him, he shed tears with excitement.


There are too many mixed emotions in these tears.


But among them, there must be a regret and unwillingness.


After many years, he once again remembered that when his son Beau died, he said to him: "Dad, you must become president."


This biggest wish has not been realized yet, so I dare not close my eyes easily. 


5. In April 2019, the 77-year-old Biden officially announced that he would once again participate in the US election.


Biden knew better than anyone that this would be the last time in his life running for president.


If you can't go up this time, there will be no chance in this life.


Some people say that no American politicians are "clean."


This is true.


People who are "clean" really can't get to this position.


Biden's seemingly glamorous back is also covered with scars and feathers.


Looking at it this way, he probably experienced the worst in life:


His wife and little daughter died in a car accident, plagiarism was reported, and they failed to run for president for many times. He was hospitalized with a brain tumor. The white-haired man sent the black-haired man to the hospital. 

The unconscious second son married his eldest son who died young.

Many people say that Biden looks like a gentle and friendly old man.


In fact, he is instead a ruthless character who has ambitions and wrists, who will never give up unless he achieves his goals.

It is not easy to be a president at 78 years old. Don't take his true colors lightly.

According to Biden's attitude towards China will he benefit China's development once he is elected president?

The United States is about to usher in the 59th presidential election. Biden and Trump are competing fiercely for the election. According to the current situation in the United States, Biden has the best chance of being elected the next president. 

After Biden is elected president, will he benefit Asia and China's development? 

What is Biden's attitude towards China now? Let's take a look at the real situation.

The United States is now facing the three major pressures of the new crown epidemic, riots, and economic recession. Whether Biden or Trump can be elected has become the topic of most concern to everyone, but everyone looks better at Biden. The reason why the United States has come to this step is because of Trump's inaction, so Biden's chances of being elected will be higher.


The United States has always regarded China as the number one "blocking stone" for hegemonism, and so many presidents have always been hostile to China. In addition, Biden often used China to make a fuss about China in the past. In fact, he wanted to gain American support by attacking China. 

It can be seen from this that Biden's attitude towards China is also relatively unfriendly, and there is also a development towards China. It is unfavorable, so China should be fully prepared to prevent the U.S. from making bad actions against China.

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