Does Now US Accept Coronavirus Came from USA nor China?


The US CDC recognizes that the new coronavirus comes from the US, is it true? Is the United States finally telling the truth?

In the past two days, many friends saw a picture on the Internet, which said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that the first case of coronavirus came from the United States. is this real?


This is a fake news, which is a translation error. Everyone carefully read the English in the picture. The text reads: "CDC confirms the first US coronavirus case of "unknown" origin". The true meaning of this sentence is: CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) confirmed that the first case of new coronary pneumonia in the United States whose source cannot be determined. It is not that the new coronavirus comes from the United States.


In fact, what this news is saying is that the United States has found a patient whose source of infection could not be found. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a patient with new coronavirus diagnosed on February 26, local time, has not left the United States recently, and has not been in contact with any confirmed cases.

It is planned to be the first patient with new coronavirus whose cause cannot be determined in the United States. 

According to an official from the center, the patient is from northern California, and officials are currently tracking all the people who have been in contact with the patient.


Therefore, this is a complete translation error. I don't know if someone deliberately or accidentally.

Where did coronavirus originate?

Academician Zhong Nanshan said that the virus may not originate from China.


On February 27, Zhong Nanshan, an expert of the Chinese Health Commission, said at an official press conference in Guangzhou, “There are some situations abroad. This epidemic first appeared in China, not necessarily in China.”


Zhang Wenhong, head of the Shanghai Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Clinical Group and Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, said recently that he did not agree with the argument that the new coronavirus came from a foreign country.

On February 28th, Zhang Wenhong said in an interview that Wuhan was the first city in China where this new infectious disease appeared. If it is spread from abroad to China, it should be the disease at the same time in several cities, not one after another. .


Regarding the origin of the virus, regarding patient zero, we need to rely on evidence to speak


If you want to know where the virus comes from and where it originated, you can judge from two aspects:


First of all, we can investigate when and where the virus first appeared, and which place appeared first, then this place is the origin of the virus.


Of course, in the vast crowd, patient zero may be difficult to find. If you can't find it, there are other ways.


We can also use genetic analysis to find the evolution of the virus to find out where the virus is from the ancestors and where the virus is from the grandfather, son, or grandson, so that we can also find the origin of the virus.


Taiwan expert: According to a paper, it can be concluded that the source of the new coronavirus is the United States?

A few days ago, in a Taiwanese TV program, some experts pointed out that according to genetic analysis, the new crown virus was divided into 5 families, and it was found that there were 5 in the United States and only 1 in China. Because the virus in the United States is more comprehensive, "the United States is the source."


In fact, Taiwanese experts derive it based on a document from the mainland, but this document does not reach such a conclusion. Taiwanese experts are over-interpretation.

Researchers have collected the genome data of 93 novel coronavirus samples from 12 countries on four continents shared in the GISAID EpiFluTM database (as of February 12) in various fields around the world, and traced the source of infection through the analysis of the whole genome data. Diffusion path.


The study found that the 93 samples received contained 58 haplotypes, which can be summarized into five groups, including 3 ancient super-spreader haplotypes (H1, H3 and H13) and 2 new super-spreader haplotypes (H56 and mv2).

Based on this, the virus in Guangdong may have three sources, and the virus in Chongqing and Taiwan have two sources. Australia, France, Japan and the United States, which have a large number of samples, have at least two sources of patient infection, especially the United States includes five sources.

Coronavirus from USA

The traceability of the virus samples of the "old" haplotypes H13 and H38 was a patient from Shenzhen (the first case in Guangdong) and a patient from Washington State (the first case in the United States). 

Their travel records indicate that they were all infected during their visit to relatives in Wuhan from the end of December 2019 to the beginning of January 2020.

The H13 and H38 haplotypes were not detected in the existing Wuhan samples, possibly because the existing samples were mainly collected from several designated hospitals, and the sample collection time was limited to December 24, 2019 and January 5, 2020.


The conclusion of this paper is this: the new coronavirus in the South China Seafood Market was introduced from other places and spread rapidly in the market and spread outside the market.


In other words, through genetic analysis of the virus, scientists found that the first patients in Shenzhen and the United States had an earlier virus origin, earlier than the patients in the South China Seafood Market. That is to say, the South China Seafood Market is not viral. 

The birthplace, but it cannot be said that the United States is the birthplace of the new coronavirus.


Therefore, at present, we have not found the origin of the new coronavirus. We still need more evidence. We hope that scientists can do more research and find the origin of the virus as soon as possible. This will help to study and understand the virus. The mode of transmission of the virus, the intermediate host, the law of transmission, etc., are more helpful for disease prevention and control.


Complicated issues need to try to correlate the dynamic and complex multi-domain factual evidence, discern and construct [complete facts] in order to approach the essence. However, all the abnormal facts that have subverted cognition now point to the United States without any surprise. Give one or two:


The 2001 American anthrax mail incident (Dr. Bruce Ivans, the highest honorary award of the Department of Defense, died before he was arrested) successfully led to the birth of the first biodefense law in the United States on June 12, 2002. 

Since then, the three presidents have continuously issued numerous Legal documents and financial allocations vigorously promote the construction of biological defense, in the name of "defense", continue to increase investment in research and development of second-generation biological weapon technology;


The United States is actively deploying biological laboratories around the world, especially in non-biological weapons contracting states.

 December 6, 19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 

"In the past 20 years, the United States has exclusively blocked the verification mechanism of the Biological Weapons Convention".

June 11, 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The U.S. and Georgian authorities deliberately conceal the real activities and direction of the U.S. Army agencies, that is, research on high-risk infectious diseases;


CBS on July 16, 19: "The U.S. House of Representatives requires investigations into whether Lyme disease, which infects 400,000 Americans each year, is caused by the leakage of biological weapons"; the only laboratory in the world that holds live samples of variola virus "U.S. Germany" "Fort Tricker" had an emergency shutdown accident on August 6, 2019.


On October 3, 19, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: "The cumulative number of cases of severe lung disease ("white lung disease") of unknown etiology reached 1,080, spread across 48 U.S. states and one overseas territory, which was 805 more than the cumulative number as of last week. The number of cases has increased significantly; the total number of deaths has increased to 18."

The United States has a rare influenza outbreak in history, and some cases have similar clinical features to the new coronavirus.


On October 18, 19, the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the largest medical center in the United States, hosted an anti-coronavirus rehearsal named "EVENT 201" in New York. Participants included Avril Haynes, the former deputy director of the CIA. .


CCTV News on August 30, 19: "NGOs such as the National Foundation for Democracy funded by the U.S. government are inciting color revolutions around the world".

It can be seen that the U.S. was fully anti-China at that time and had no choice but to do anything. Motivation conditions (for example, Ishii Shiro, Busat plan), criminal record (for example, Needham report).


05 are all important nodes of the Belt and Road Initiative

Iran is the bridgehead for the southern route of China’s One Belt One Road into the Middle East. The China-Shia Railway from China through Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea is the main route of the southern route of China’s One Belt One Road, and Qom is the only place where this railway line must pass. Italy Lombardy and Milan are the only places where the southern route of the Belt and Road radiates across Europe. 

It can be said that Italy is the hub for the Belt and Road Initiative to enter southern Europe. Japan is the end point of the eastern route of China's Belt and Road Maritime Silk Road


06 are closely related to oil and gas pipelines

On the oil pipeline, both Italy and Iran stepped on petrodollars valves and pipelines. 

The Shiite forces supported by Iran and Russia cooperated to trap the United States in the core area of ​​the Middle East, leading to the collapse of the Sunni pipeline that the United States planned from Qatar through Syria into Europe. Since then, 

Italy has rejected the Poseidon pipeline planned by the United States and Israel, and became the first country in the Western G7 to join the “Belt and Road” initiative. "--"Blood Drink. Gazed at Eurasia with bloody eyes, the teacher of justice fought against the demons on earth.

Source: Chinese Media

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