Multinational Leaders congratulated Biden on his Election Win

Multinational leaders congratulate Biden on his election: Trump lost, but he refused to accept

Just now, Biden defeated Trump and became the 46th President of the United States! At 8 pm Eastern Time on the 7th (9 pm on the 8th Asian time), Biden addressed the nation in Wilmington, Delaware.

Just as Biden officially announced his victory in the 2020 general election, becoming the 46th president of the United States.

Kamala Harris became the 49th Vice President of the United States and the first black female Vice President of the United States.

The two revised their Twitter certifications: the President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States

The vigorous US election has finally come to an end. This is definitely the most unusual US election in a century.

1. Major American media, including CNN, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox, etc., have published relevant reports:


"USA Today": Biden won the presidential election


"New York Times": Biden beats Trump

The Washington Post: Biden defeats Trump


Associated Press: Biden defeated Trump and entered the White House, saying it was time to heal

CNN: Biden, win!

"Los Angeles Times": Biden is elected president, Harris will become the first female vice president.


The smile of the 77-year-old man lit up the entire United States today.

German Chancellor Merkel, Canadian Chancellor Trudeau, French Macron, Indian Prime Minister Modi.

Leaders of many countries tweeted congratulations and congratulated Biden on his election.

The spokesperson of German Chancellor Merkel, Stefan Sebe, tweeted a statement congratulating Biden on his victory.

"Congratulations! The American people have made their decision. Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States. I sincerely wish him luck and success."


Image of Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau congratulated Biden and Harris on Twitter.

"Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Our two countries are close friends, partners and allies. I really look forward to working with you and making progress in this regard."


British Prime Minister Johnson congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory on Twitter.

It is worth mentioning that Johnson, who seems to be Trump's closest major power head.

"Congratulations to Joe Biden for being elected President of the United States, and to Kamala Harris for his historic achievement."


Indian Prime Minister Modi tweeted to congratulate Biden on his victory.


French President Macron tweeted two tweets in English and French to celebrate Joe Biden's victory.


Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga issued a tweet congratulating the Democratic presidential candidate Biden for his "election as President of the United States."

"I sincerely congratulate Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris. I look forward to our joint efforts to strengthen the Japan-US alliance."





South Korean President Moon Jae-in tweeted to congratulate Biden. "Congratulations to Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. Our alliance is strong, and the bond between our two countries is rock solid. I look forward to our cooperation for common values."





After the election, Biden took the stage as the newly-elected president and addressed the nation.


Obama and Biden
Obama and Biden


Biden sighed in his speech: "They gave us a complete victory, a convincing victory."

"We won the most votes for president-elect in the history of this country. 74 million."

"I promise to become a president who seeks unity instead of division."


2. Faced with such a situation, Trump refused to admit that the election was far from over.

The White House stated that Trump is not currently preparing to make a defeat speech, nor does he have plans to invite Biden to the White House. However, Trump issued a statement saying that his campaign team will initiate a lawsuit next Monday.


 Dissatisfaction of Trump

Trump expressed dissatisfaction with three consecutive messages on social networks, announcing that he "won the election with a great advantage" and obtained 71 million "legal votes"

The Trump team claimed to have filed lawsuits against several key swing states.

Before the election, he bluntly stated that there is a possibility of cheating in mailing ballots and criticized the mailing ballot system. If the legal process is brought to the Supreme Court, the current 6:3 conservative judges' dominant proportion will be very beneficial to Trump.

At the same time, the involvement of the Supreme Court will make this election dispute last longer.

In theory, as long as the result has not been determined, Trump can continue to stay in the White House.

Some netizens joked that Trump can also be elected president in the following ways:  

Netizens left messages inn social media with emotion:

Trump: I will change my name to Biden now


If you are Li Hua, and your friend Donald Trump lost the election, please write to comfort him


 The 75-year-old model worker Trump begins a long road to appeal


 Your friend Trump launched a drop chip


Trump has lost the president, but we have lost the joyous comedians!


With the help of friends from Pinduoduo, I am still 270 votes short of the President of the United States. Help me cut!


I saw the newcomer laughing, but the old man crying.

Yesterday, Trump appeared at the White House for a press conference. In his speech, there were a lot of lack of facts, as well as all kinds of wild accusations.

In the end, I was cut off by the host. Except for Fox News and CNN, other major American media cut off the live broadcast.


Trump's lost back

Live speeches were pinched, and Twitter postings were hidden... Now Trump seems to have tasted the taste of failure.

On November 7, local time, Trump supporters began to hold protest demonstrations in the capitals of many states in the United States.

They called for so-called "peaceful protests" in the capitals and major cities of the 50 states in the United States.

Some law enforcement officials said that some Trump supporters who participated in the protests carried guns.


The madness of these supporters is not without reason.

Judging from the political stances of Biden and Trump, there is a high probability that Biden will overturn the decisions Trump made during his tenure.

Prior to this, Biden promised his supporters during the campaign:

I promise that I will "get the United States back on track" on the first day in office.

All Trump’s “wrong decisions” must be “returned to the right track”.

Biden has promised to return to the WHO on the first day he takes office.

In addition, it is possible to return to organizations such as the Paris Convention.

After four years of tossing, it is estimated that people all over the world will be tired.

However, this time-honored battle between the US president has also opened up the eyes of the people of the world.

It is foreseeable that Biden's road to office will never be smooth sailing.

What will happen in the future? Sister W is looking forward to it with 

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